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Why you cannot wait any longer to launch your blog?

written by Walter Ponce January 19, 2018

These are the five reasons why you want to start your blog but you didn’t:

  • I go around and around, but I have not just started.
  • I do not know anything about this, I need help from scratch.
  • I do not give with a good idea for the blog.
  • I do not have time.
  • I do not have money.

So, if you belong to this group, you see that you are in good company, but beware: this is not an excuse to remedy the situation right now which is what I intend to do focusing today on the first point of the list and the most important of all: your attitude.

The best time was last year

If this title sounds to you, perhaps it is because it is a part of the famous appointment of Seth Godin, one of the most recognized marketing experts in the world:

“The best moment was last year, the second best moment is now”

I think it portrays very well that incredible ability we have to believe the excuses that prevent us from taking action to achieve our goals.

The main difference between people who live their dreams and those who continue to dream eternally, year after year, is that the former do not let themselves be stopped by excuses.

I could talk about the infinite benefits of having your blog as reasons to take action now:

  • Being able to help others
  • Having a good time
  • Learning to think better
  • Learn to write better
  • Learn to communicate better
  • Become someone with a recognized authority on your subject
  • Meet interesting new people who share your same interests
  • Achieve a new source of income

But those are not the real reasons why you can not wait any longer to launch your blog. That’s “just” the opportunities you’re missing by not doing so.

The real reason lies in the appointment of Seth Godin: if you admit excuses not to start right now, it is very likely that you will never start.

If this is happening to you, that is, if you are procrastinating, the first thing to remedy that I advise you is to recognize it with humility and sincerity.

The next thing is to mentalize yourself that it is hurting you, preventing you from achieving the most valuable goals for yourself and, therefore, you can not continue like this.

The phrase “I do not have time” is a good example. Yes, we are all just time, but also for this very reason it has become an authentic epidemic of our times that we take out in the first place as an easy excuse to justify anything.

On the other hand, think also positive to inspire you, in people who have not been willing to fall into this trap.

You need to go from “no” to “how”

But let’s talk about how to remedy this.

I read many biographies of people who have excelled. I was fascinated to find that “secret of success” that makes them achieve things that seemed unattainable.

And doing that has been one of the best things I’ve done in my life because it has made me understand that this secret is very simple: it is basically an attitude and mentality very different from most people.

That discovery motivated me a lot and gave me faith and confidence to face my projects that I did not have before, because it made me understand that it was something that could change in me.

You could write a book about this (in fact, there are a lot published …), but I think I do not exaggerate if I say that 80% is reduced to two very simple keys:

It is the first key and, surely, the most important, is to stop being someone who is stopped by doubts and insecurity and become someone who takes action.

Yes, I know that the phrase “to take action” is already very close, but it is true and most people still ignore it!

To help you  I’ll reveal a very simple and super-powerful trick. But for it to work, I need you to really commit to apply it. If you do, I guarantee it will work.

“Convert negative thoughts into positive questions”

Every time you think of things like “I can not”, “I do not have”, “I do not know”, etc. Train yourself so that a red alarm goes off in your head. Then, put that thought in a large trash can and replace it with your positive version.

That is, convert it into “how can I”, “what do I have to do for”, “what is the best way”, “how do I learn to”, etc.

Let’s make an example with the main reasons not to start with your blog:

  • “I go around and around, but I have not just started” goes to “What are the steps I’m going to follow to start already”, although in this particular case I would prefer something like “I’m going to stop dizzy with nonsense and put my batteries and of a holy time “🙂
  • “I do not know anything about this, I need help from scratch” goes to “How do I start from scratch”, “What is the best way to start from scratch” or “What is the fastest way to start from scratch”.
  • “I do not give a good idea for the blog” goes to “What are the steps to find a good idea for the blog” or “What methodologies are there to find ideas for a blog”.
  • “I do not have time” goes to “How to take better advantage of my time”, “How to be more efficient in my tasks” or “With what things I should stop wasting my time”.
  • “I do not have money” goes to “How can I start without money” or “What can I do to get a minimum income that will allow me to finance a phase II of my project”

Notice how treacherous this “no” psychology is: the moment you allow a “no” to enter your head, you have subconsciously surrendered because you have stopped looking for the solution before you start.

If the “no” is replaced by the “how” you have avoided that effect, you are mentally putting the focus on the solution and that positively conditions your way of acting. If you throw a bit of desire, you’ll probably find her.

As a complementary exercise to this (and entertainment), I strongly recommend looking for people with biographies that have been very successful, with stories that inspire you and with which you can identify. In my case, they were people like Arnold Schwarzenegger or Elon Musk, for example.

It is very easy to do it, YouTube is full of videos of 15-20 minutes with this kind of story that will reveal many of the keys.

If you really want, you will see the strength they have to inspire you and make you move your ass 🙂

Stop fearing failure

The second key is that we arrive at “I can not” almost always because of fear of failure.

A decade ago, I was the perfect example of this attitude. I was one of those who did not sleep the night before an important exam, before a job interview, to speak in public …

In the face of difficult challenges, I did not trust in my ability to overcome them and the scenario of the failure of my mind was not taken away from me. As you can imagine, this subtracts a lot of energy that should be dedicated to overcome the challenge and has hurt me many times. It has been a tremendous burden.

Therefore, one of the things that I feel most satisfied with in my personal development is having managed to stop fearing failure. And that has meant a 180% turn in my life.

How have I achieved it?

They were, above all, three things:

  • The first was to understand the truly profound absurdity that fears failure and to understand that it is nothing more than something necessary and inevitable on the road to any goal.
  • The second was discovering that all those brilliant people who had seen, without exception, had gone through years of failure and hardship before succeeding. But, unlike the others, they did not let themselves be stopped by it.
  • That “the impossible does not exist” is a truth like a cathedral. These success stories that I told you are full of challenges that would have been 100% impossible.

Realizing this helped me a lot to believe it, that is, it improved my confidence in myself a lot. Suddenly I understood that these people are human, they were not so different from me, just with another mentality to face the challenges and problems.

How I overcame the fear of failure and how it has affected my life

For me, discovering that this mentality was 80% or 90% of the secret of its success and not “luck” as a privileged genetics, the obstacles that it had to overcome and how it confronted them was a moment of total revelation. It had a profound impact on me and I change my mentality to better for the remains.

Also, notice that “genetics”, “intelligence” or “luck” are typical excuses that we use to justify not trying to achieve something similar.

This motivated me a lot to continue deepening it by studying many other biographies of extraordinary people, like Elon Musk, for example, and I discovered that these patterns of winning mentality were repeated again and again.

Therefore, do not fear failure.

Now my mentality in front of a new challenge is to always start from what is possible, I just do not even know what is the way, but to exist, exists. My job is to find it. Before, I was content to simply think that this path did not exist.

This change of mentality was also, ultimately, responsible for leaving my country and work in Singapore for 2 years, gave me the motivation and enough energy to believe in this adventure.

And now any challenge does not scare me, but it motivates and amuses me enormously 🙂

Action “back to school”

If you have been thinking about creating your blog for a while, stop doing it and take advantage of this “back to school” moment so appropriate to do so.

To help you, I will publish a small series of special contents in which I will reveal the keys to launch a successful blog in 2018, how to accelerate this process as much as possible and what to do if you have very little time.


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