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How to mark the goals in your blog for next year and reach them!

written by Walter Ponce April 8, 2019

Have you achieved the objectives that you have proposed for this year? Or maybe it is difficult for you to visualize what and how, and are you already seeing that next year will be more of the same? Do not know how to plan the strategy for your blog?

Today I will show you how I set the goals to be achieved for the next months and above all, achieve them.

Before absolutely nothing, I start with the plan for the next 3, 6 or 12 months, you decide the time period. If I do not know previously what I want to achieve, the work I do during the year translates only to cover holes.

Any planning that you do on a smaller scale, such as weekly or daily, should support and make real the quarterly, semi-annual or annual objectives that you have set for yourself.

That is, I do not create content in the blog because yes, I believe content because I have marked myself as a quarterly goal to increase my list of subscribers by 10%. This is just an example.

So those posts I post from that moment must be designed and optimized for me to achieve my goal.

But is it really necessary to create a plan?

Imagine that you want to go from Barcelona to Milano by car, could you get there without a map? Without GPS? Without signs on the road? Without asking anyone? Maybe yes … but probably you will take your life, you will spend a lot of gasoline and maybe even give up before you have achieved it.

Maps or road maps exist for a reason, they place us, they make us see what we have around, what separates us from where we are to where we want to go. They are needed.

Think that if you really want to make your blog work and also want to make money with it, your list of tasks to do each day will continue to increase and if you do not make a plan, you will always put out fires.

The excuse of “I do not have time” is not valid. Honestly, if you really do not have time to create your plan, I think it’s time you think if this is a good time to convert your blog into your business.

From the moment you create your plan, you will have very clear which is the focus for which you have to work and all that list of things to do, you will know what is a priority and what you can eliminate because it is not important.

And before explaining all the necessary steps, I would love to explain to me in the comments section if you usually plan on your blog or not, and how you do it.


First of all you have to define what your vision is for next year. How do you want your life to be? Which one would you like your schedule to be? How would you like your business to be? How much would you like to earn each month?

As you answer these questions you will begin to have the vision of your year and you will be able to find a word that defines it, for example “freedom”, “health”, “abundance”.


Secondly it is important to block your holidays in the calendar.

In my case my calendar always revolves around my trips.

If in your case, for example, your children have school vacations at Christmas, Easter and / or summer and you want to spend time with them, you will block those dates to be able to enjoy their company and not be overwhelmed by all the work you have that you are not doing.


Now, yes, the next step is to define your goal. And what is a goal? It is the final destination you want to reach with your blog.

A goal could perfectly be to increase the income of your blog from 100 USD to 300 USD per month.


Once we are clear about our final destination we want to reach, we must define the objectives that will help us reach our goal.

Several examples could be,

  • Increase the traffic of our website.
  • Increase the database of our subscriber list.
  • Improve the conversions of the web.
  • Improve the positioning of your website.
  • etc…

These are “raw” objectives, that is, they are not worked and need to be defined more and above all, they must be SMRRD.

A SMRRD goal is one that meets the following requirements.

S_ Is specific
M_ It is measurable
R_ It is reachable
R_ It’s relevant
D_ Has a deadline

For example, is increasing the database of our subscriber list a good objective?


On the other hand, it is “increase from 10 to 5000 the number of subscribers through my lead magnet in the next 6 months”

S_ It is specific, because we are defining what we want to achieve.
M_ It is measurable since we indicate that we want to go from 10 to 5000, therefore if the date of October 31 arrives we will be able to know if we have achieved it or not.
R_ It is a reasonable goal because from 10 to 5000 in 6 months it is feasible to achieve it. On the other hand, if I had targeted 0 to 100,000 in the same period of time … I probably would not.
R_ It is relevant because it is aligned with what we want to achieve and we know that the highest number of conversions (and therefore income) come from there.
T_ And finally, if you have a deadline, we know that we have from March 1 to October 31 to achieve it.

And how many goals should you have in mind?

If this is the first time you create a plan and you are going to execute it, I suggest that a maximum of 2 be for a period of 3 months. Once you feel comfortable and have more by hand, you can increase it to 3 or 4 … for example.

The ideal thing is to mark a number of objectives that we know we will be able to achieve, above all, we will have to dedicate time to obtain them.


Now it is the turn of your blog’s strategy, how could I make my goal of increasing my database a reality?

Through a promotion strategy.

A content marketing strategy.

And of course an email marketing strategy.

Keep in mind that an objective can have as many strategies as you want


And now, finally, the actions. In the actions we are going to break down what the strategies of your blog consist of.

For example, the promotion strategy, what actions are we going to carry out?

Advertising in Facebook Ads, since I am going to create an announcement of the lead magnet.

Another action would be to organize a contest on Facebook that has as a requisite to participate, the subscription to the newsletter.

The content marketing strategy, what actions could we carry out?

  • I could optimize the SEO of the content we already have published.
  • Or create new content to help me position myself.
  • Also create a new lead magnet.

You are already seeing what level of detail we are reaching, we know at all times what we have to do.

To finish we only need to transfer the actions that we must carry out to our calendar.

Let’s suppose that we are on March 1 and we know that we have set ourselves as the deadline to achieve our goal of October 31.

Remember that one of the actions we are going to carry out is to create an announcement on Facebook of our lead magnet.

So from March 1st to 8th that will be our mission.

  • Find an image for the ad.
  • Write the copy of the publication.
  • Prepare the landing page where those people who click on the ad will go to stop. There you will find an explanation of my lead magnet, how will it help you, the subscription form … etc.
  • Create the emails that will be sent from my email marketing tool.
  • And finally create my campaign from the Ads tool of Facebook Ads.
  • And here the post today! My mother, today we have sweated.

I would love to read in the comments section if you usually plan your blog’s strategy or not, and how you do it.

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