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AliPlugin Review, Aliexpress Affiliate Plugin: Earn Money with AliExpress

written by Walter Ponce January 5, 2019

AliExpress one of the top eCommerce in the world. For affiliate marketers it is very the best platform to start and huge opportunity to make good money.

But AliExpress affiliate platform is not easy add on your affiliate pages. I’ve tested many different affiliate plugins but in my opinion, Aliplugin is the best.

How to Create an Aliexpress Online Affiliate Shop

If you are reading this is because you probably want to know how to make money online. Well, one of the methods that best result is giving me is to build an online store of Aliexpress affiliates.

Surely right now you will be thinking that you do not know anything about how to create online stores and even less to replicate a gigantic store like Aliexpress. Well you can rest easy because there is a solution for that and it’s called Aliplugin.

One of the best methods of making money online is to create a virtual store. The eCommerce industry moves millions of euros around the world and today’s people love to shop online for how convenient and fast it is.

Building an online store prepared to sell products and send them to customers, is a rather complex and expensive task, and this is where affiliate marketing, combined with eCommerce offer an excellent solution to have your own online store without the need to invest just Money in it or to know anything about programming or web design.


AliPlugin is an Aliexpress Affiliate plugin that allows you to create an online Aliexpress affiliate store in minutes.

With AliPlugin you can have a virtual shop with professional appearance and elegant, full of products from Aliexpress, very easy to configure and manage and above all with the possibility of being very profitable.

Aliplugin Review, the best Key Features

Aliexpress is the marketplace for retailers of the giant Alibaba. Aliexpress brings together hundreds of thousands of merchants from China and many other parts of the world to offer millions of products with shipments to any country. All this, coupled with tight prices and non-existent shipping costs, has made Aliexpress the world’s largest volume of eCommerce, above even giants like Amazon or eBay.

Thanks to Aliplugin you can create an online Aliexpress affiliate  plugin store in WordPress and incorporate to your store the products of Aliexpress that you want. The products will look like they really belong to your online store, but the (affiliate) links will direct the customer to the Aliexpress website, which will be in charge of selling, shipping and customer service.

Installing Aliplugin will only take you 1 minute. Then you can configure it. Aliplugin will ask you for your Aliexpress (API key) credentials and you can start building your affiliate store.

+ Choose your Theme

Aliplugin incorporates several high quality WordPress themes, which will allow you to create an eCommerce with a look as professional as the Aliexpress website. It also allows you to customize the site to suit your tastes.

Aliplugin allows you to select from the wide range of products and categories in Aliexpress, so you can choose to offer products in general or create a niche online store focused on certain types of products. Whether you want to have an online store for mobile devices, women’s clothing or beauty products, you have lots of categories and millions of products to choose from.

You can also choose your products based on different parameters such as price, popularity or even a list of keywords of your choice.


With Aliplugin you can add thousands of products to your online affiliate store in a matter of minutes and thanks to its integrated translator you can take the business internationally. Your online store will be constantly updated automatically, as Aliplugin is responsible for updating the products selected at the time you choose from among those offered in the control menu.

+ Real time reports

Aliplugin also offers real-time statistics indicating how many products you have in the store, visits to your pages, products that are receiving more attention, etc.

Aliplugin has frequent updates to keep the software up to date, and they are carried out very easily with a couple of mouse clicks.

Aliplugin is a great alternative to other plugins also very popular like those that work with Amazon and eBay. The advantage of Aliexpress is that it is fairly new in terms of its affiliate program and that can give you some advantage if you start your affiliate eCommerce now. It also has many products that other merchants do not have, and that is always a plus.

Is it worth creating an Aliexpress affiliate store with Aliplugin?

It is clear that the aliexpress affiliate plugin looks great and is a great product to create an online store of Aliexpress affiliates with a look as professional as the original web itself.

The store is also updated completely automatically so the maintenance work is practically zero and you only have to update the plugin from time to time.

However, you should keep in mind that the Internet is a competitive world and although Aliplugin (and the themes that come with it included) are highly optimized for SEO, if you really want to stand out, you have to work on it, promoting the store or creating A lot of quality content talking about products, etc.

Getting enough web traffic is necessary to be successful with your business and for this you need to think very well what kind of products you are going to promote and what strategy you are going to follow to attract visitors to your online Aliexpress affiliate store.


In short, if you want Aliplugin to work for you and earn money seriously, you will have to do some extra work besides installing the plugin. You will have to promote your store through social networks, forums, using paid advertising like Google Adwords or Facebook Ads and get the maximum organic web traffic coming from Google searches by implementing SEO strategies.

The good thing is that with Aliplugin you do not necessarily have to limit yourself to a store, but you can create 2, 5 or whatever you want.

If you are willing to work, especially at the beginning, with Aliplugin you can create a very lucrative business that hardly requires your presence since it works on autopilot.

Conclusions Aliplugin review

Aliexpress is a very important online trading company, with thousands of sellers and millions of products for sale. You can now participate in your lucrative business by creating your own Aliexpress affiliate store and promoting their products.

The WordPress plugin Aliplugin is perfect for this, it works great and allows you to create an eCommerce in few minutes.

It also comes with a very professional templates so you do not have to do anything (except customize a bit with your logo, etc, if you want).

The result is not only an incredible online store but also the plugin is responsible for updating prices and product data.

Simply install the plugin, choose the products that you want to install in your store (whether isolated products or all of a specific category among the many there are) and promote your business to get as many visits as you can.

Many people are already making money with Aliexpress and you can be one of them thanks to this plugin. With Aliplugin everyone wins: Aliexpress, your customers and of course you …

Aliplugin is on sale now and only costs $ 47, a very reasonable price if we consider everything it is capable of doing. You will also have to sign up for the Aliexpress affiliate program to earn money with commissions. I think Aliplugin is one of the best aliexpress affiliate plugin on the market, just give it a try.



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Cassandra August 22, 2017 at 5:29 pm

Does this product work with drop shipping?

Walter Ponce August 22, 2017 at 6:29 pm

Hello Cassandra! Yes it works also with drop shipping.You can do everything you need to succeed and do a custom dropshipping store development.

Dev November 12, 2017 at 2:57 am

Does the plugin allow me to change the imported product description?


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