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An In-depth Look at Shared Hosting Plans, Perfect for Beginners

written by Walter Ponce April 13, 2017

One of the major facets web hosting is shared hosting. It is estimated that over 75% of all sites online employ this affordable and unique hosting approach. And as you would expect, there has been a number of myths and misconceptions in the past floating around and revolving around the subject. So it is imperative to shed some crucial light on this.

As the name might hint to you, shared hosting is a variant of web hosting in which a user shares the same physical resources with a dozen of other similar users in a bid to bring down the cost of leasing a dedicated server.

In short, you are entering into some sort of agreement to pool resources with several other clients and lease a server for a specified duration of time. Of course, the other co-users cannot access your site’s files or control panel, but you will be sharing vital resources such as the RAM and physical hard drives.

A shared hosting plan was the first port of call for most successful blogs, e-commerce stores, and websites we know today. Almost all of those million-dollar web resources—f not 100% of them—were once residing on a shared hosting platform. Everybody starts here. This is where you wedge your foot as you strategize on scaling the competitive webprenuership ladder. Thus, if you’re a beginner trying their hand in this world that pays allegiance to Google and worships Alexa, you would have a better chance starting here too.

Are There Any Unique Benefits of a Shared Hosting Plan?

Flexibility and Functionality

Apart from price, which is one of the most attractive things about this mode of hosting, a shared plan accords you better flexibility and customization. It offers you a number of useful tools, like a website builder. And bearing in mind that building a site yourself and hosting it in your own computer is both complex and expensive, a shared hosting plan is arguably the best way to achieve both value for money and great functionality.

Ease of Scalability

Secondly, it is relatively easy to upgrade to a higher or advanced hosting solution after adopting a shared hosting plan. If anything, leading hosting companies have compartmentalized this plan into escalating tiered plans that a beginner can use to scale their website as their traffic or audience grows. This is actually an excellent way of testing the waters before launching a full-fledged onslaught of your business/hobby idea. Instead of shelling out hundreds of unnecessary dollars paying for a dedicated server, without first testing the feasibility of your enterprise, a shared hosting plan allows doing this on the cheap.
Remember you can always upgrade as your business spreads its wings and attracts more leads.

Ease of Setting Up your First Site

You have just set your sails and dared to venture the vast, murky waters of the interwebs. Chances are, you don’t have much experience in the nitty gritty that makes mammoth sites such as Entreprenuer.com or Amazon.com tick. But you have to crawl before you can walk, then later fly. A shared hosting plan is the ideal entry point for you.

Your hosting plan service provider will not only avail a shared server but also install, update and upgrade all the necessary software needed to make your baby site stand a chance against more established giants. They will work behind the scenes and around the clock to ensure that your new website is always live, even as you strive to climb the rungs of Google’s SERP algorithm. Zero or no downtime for you. They will fix those little annoying security flaws that make websites vulnerable to hackers and then top it up by handing you an easy-to-navigate control panel. All of this at just a couple of dollars per year.

What About Dedicated Hosting?

Decicated hosting is different—it is the exact opposite of a shared hosting plan. However, in between our shared hosting plan – the least in superiority as far as operating resources go – and the dedicated servers, there are a number of intermediary hosting plans such as VPS and semi-dedicated hosting. Think of these as stepping stones to the ultimate pinnacle of running an online business.

But for now, a list of the best hosting companies with shared hosting plans tailored for beginners would be better placed. These are the likes of SiteGround, HostGator, InMotion Hosting, and DreamHost. I have personally used Hostgator, both their shared and dedicated plans, and I have been satisfied. A coupon for Hostgator can be found here: www.lodlois.com/hostgator-coupon/

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