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Contentmart Review + 20$ BONUS: The Best Platform For Writers?

written by Walter Ponce May 26, 2017

Sometimes finding a good content writer becomes a challenge on these days. You might not will be able to find a writer that it fits for your job. If you manage to find a skilled content writer for your job, he/she will might charge a lot of money. So what to do in such a moment? Is there an option to find a quality content writer at affordable price? Well yes, ContentMart is the website you should look in order to find a skilled qualified content writer. Not only clients, also the writers can find big projects in order to make money right away. Let me do a Contentmart review in order to show you the benefits of this platform.

Content has become a super important part of the recent content marketing scenario and platforms like Contentmart, have always been on the good side. For each part (writer and marketer) got a positive surprise, the experience so far has been really good and they still working with the platform.

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Contentmart is an digital content marketplace where content writers meet clients and vice versa. It is a platform where you can offer each content-based need from both sides, by either being a content buyer or a content writer.

The company started with a vision to give the demand for high-quality and amazing content writing services, Contentmart connects 60,000+ freelance content writers with 25,000+ clients over a user-friendly platform.

With this content writing and translation services, Contentmart tries to offer the best quality content like, SEO-friendly articles, blogs, product descriptions, web page content, press releases, academic write-ups and a lot more.

Contentmart Review: How & Why Join?

Contentment provides good opportunities for the content writers to earn good money by leveraging its contemporary technology and setup. It is well platform user-friendly and it’s easy to lean the mechanism of getting an order or placing an order.

Don’t forget that contentmart review specializes in content writing services. Some of the main advantages of piking this platform is: Timely delivery, exceptional quality and affordable (with the most competitive price), over others.

Registration on Contentmart is totally free for writers as well as clients. You only need a valid email or Facebook account to get started. They have an inbuilt Grammar and Copyscape check, the platform ensures 100% genuine and quality content delivery. Also is important that its safe and it have a secure wallet management. It helps in executing easy transactions.

Writer’s Oportunities On Contentmart

Contentmart is one of the best online platforms as acclaimed by different writers from all over the world. Every new opportunity received on Contentmart comes with a lot of learning for the writers. Having a big pool of qualified and verified writers, this online content platform ensures excellent quality content delivery in all different languages.

It is a mandatory for a writer to maintain his/her writing portafolio on Contentmart. This helps them to show their profile, expertise and experience in various domains. This also helps the buyers in making a well-informed decision by reviewing the writers’ profiles.

How to start in ContentMart as a writer:

1. Register – Every freelance writer can register on Contentmart for free. The writer goes through different quality tests to get verified, like language or industry specific tests. Updating & maintaining a profile is the next step.

2. Get an order – When a buyer will place an order on Contentmart, the writer bids the desired price wants for multiple orders at a time.

3. Complete order – The writer needs to provide content in the given time frame.

4.Get paid – Upon the client’s approve the work, stated money is transferred in the writer’s Contentmart wallet.

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How to start in ContentMart as a buyer:

Contentmart is a one of the best platforms to get affordable content. One can outsource content from skilled writers registered with this online platform.

It is the perfect platform to meet the desired content developer, freelance or blogger from all over the world for specific content needs.

Anyone who is lookinf for content for their blog or startup, academic help or personal agenda.

How to start placing orders:

1. Create an order – Once you have registered, you can create a project with the requirements such as title, details, budget,  timeline, word count and submit.

2. Choose a writer – You can select the suitable writer from the proposals received and start working with them. Here is when the project begins!

3. Review the project– Once the content is delivered, every client has a opportunity to review it and then accept, reject or reassign the piece.

4. Payment – Payment is done only when the content is accepted by the buyer.

Help & Support

Contentmart’s support team is super friendly and helpful. It has been supporting round-the-clock since its inception to ensure good work flow for the participants (writers & buyers). The support team is globally awarded for easy and quick query solution to content buyers & content creators.

Why Content Buyers should choose ContentMart?

  • As a buyer, you don’t need to pay any commission for getting your project done at ContentMart unlike any other online content providing platform.
  • Good-Qualified content writers are available at ContentMart. You can receive a good number of bids on your order and get the best writer for the project.
  • It is easy to seek which writer to select as all the content writers are graded according to their English Grammar studies and are also rated by previous buyers.
  • You have complete freedom to reject the work if you don’t like it. You send back the project to the writer for any edit.

Why Writers should choose ContentMart?

  • Over 45.000 clients are right now with ContentMart. So, it allows you to get a great opportunity to find the good projects here.
  • The writers can get the payments to their bank account straigh away when the payment reaches to threshold.
  • It has a good and safe billing system. Once you are assigned to the project, the payment gets locked so that if the client cancels order in between or are unavailable at the time of payments, you get paid.
  • As different from most of the freelancing platforms, this content platform is solely dedicated to content writing.

Final Words: Contentmart Review

ContentMart works as one of the powerfull content providing platforms on the internet that are totally based on content writing. A buyer can find a good number of freelance content writers and hire the most suitable writer for the project. The writers can find a number of writing oportunities and start making a good income on a regular basis with ContentMart.

In WalterPonce.com we want to offer you $20 Free Joining Bonus at Contentmart.com USE CODE: JOIN20.

Get $20 Free Joining Bonus at Contentmart.com USE CODE: JOIN20


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