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How to Breathe Life into a Boring Website

written by Walter Ponce April 6, 2017

These days, most firms have their own website. They know the importance of having an online presence. Without one, most firms know that they are missing out on around about 80% of people who could be interested in buying their product or using their service. This is because over 80% of consumers go online first when considering buying something.

However, there is still a tendency for firms to put together an excellent website and then simply leave it at that. We have all been there – looking for information about something and finding ourselves on boring, tired and, frankly, un-engaging websites. In most cases, our mind automatically computes the fact that this firm does not take what they do seriously. As a result, normally we simply click away and go to the next firm.

Check out these below 4 factors to bring back your website and business:

1. An Old-fashioned Site Loses You Business

Our modern consumer brains are hardwired to go for the shiny and interesting things and ignore the bland, boring things. We automatically switch off when we see something that seems old-fashioned. Of course, often we are missing out because of this habit, but people who run websites need to recognize that this is human nature. If they do not keep their sites up-to-date, looking crisp and modern, they will lose engagement, not just with the very young, but also with people from other age groups too.

2. Freshen up Your Website on a Regular Basis

The answer is to make sure that you update your site on a regular basis. Now, this is something most site owners avoid doing because they assume that it will be extremely expensive and time-consuming. They remember how difficult it was to put their original site together.

However, keeping a website fresh and current need not be at all like that. In many cases, there is nothing wrong with the content of the website if the copy is well written and engaging. In many cases, it is simply the overall look of the website that is not right. A good firm of website designers can simply change the theme and layout of the website to give it that wow factor. The copy does not necessarily need to be re-written.

However, whom you employ to do this is extremely important. You really need a firm, who is modern and forward-looking. A quick glance through some of the work they have done previously will show you if the firms’ team knows how to make a website jump off the screen and really engage the audience.

3. A Picture Really does Paint a Thousand Words

It is extremely important in this day and age to employ a website design team with strong graphics skills. In this day and age, without a shadow of a doubt graphics and video are important components of any website. You need a website design team that is capable of branding your company at the same time as designing your website. Remember that the graphics and branding you use on your site has to work in the offline world too. Any company that is serious about growing market share will have to use offline marketing techniques as well as promoting themselves through their website.

4. Minimalism in In

Just Keep it Simple in the new saying. In this time of information overload, minimalism has become a powerful movement among this generation. Consumers know what they want, with as little fluff as possible. Make sure you get straight to the point in the easiest manner. With wordpress, developers and designers are understanding this and are creating, straightforward and simple designs in the name of minimalism.

Although minimalism is the new push, there is a thin line between your site being minimalistic and entirely boring.

Too much white space can be great, but opt instead to fill it with patterns or colors. That could make better use of the empty white space – just enough to keep your audience interested without over doing it and cluttering your site.

Take the time to breathe new life into your website, and allow your business to once again thrive and grow.

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