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Sendpulse Review 2018: The Mailchimp Alternative?

written by Walter Ponce August 9, 2017

SendPulse is a very complete tool that will not only allow you to manage your marketing campaigns via email, but also presents other very complete functions that can be exploited to improve the appearance of your company and keep communicating with your customers around the world.

This tool has very attractive functions. The first and for what was initially devised, is to be a campaign manager via email. In this aspect Sendpulse is very complete and easy to use, very intuitive and pleasant. It allows you to use fairly simple email template editor, as it also has a good amount of responsive email templates that you can use to give a really attractive image to your emails.

Another function is your SMTP Server. This is very nice since it allows the integration of other systems and lets you send transactional type emails and even marketing by any of the integrated applications and allies. Web Push is another option that allows you to instantly send updates to your customers.

Sendpulse is also a subtraction tool for its SMS function. This feature – not present in all email marketing tools – allows sending SMS to your customers with any type of information: from offers and discounts to purchase and sale confirmations. This function makes Sendpulse a unique tool of its kind.

Sendpulse Review: Features

Mailing Manager

The managing of the email list is easy as available in the other top service providers. SendPulse offers a neat user interface to add or remove emails from the email lists.

With Sendpulse we will be able to import entire email list from CSV, XLS and XLSX file formats. The SendPulse mailing manager allows us to add email list from ecommerce platforms like WooCommerce, Bitrix 24 and Zapier. also you will be able to export the email lists from other mailing marketing services like MailChimp,UniSender or GetResponse.

Creating campaigns is easier

Making email campaigns is easier as we might see in the other top niche services.

You have to add the mailing roll in the address book followed by your email, your name and the subject line. This mailing campaign interface may not look the most correlative compared to the other mailing service providers but the samples are so persuasively good due to their catalogue on special days like Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Selecting the sample will bring us to the HTML editor that is way more interactive and easy to wortk with drag and drop tools. This email template editor is one of the best I have ever seen in email marketing tools.

New SMS campaigner

The SMS campaigner is the unusual feature that SendPulse has, with a free plan you will be limited to 10 free text messages. As you go on you will have to purchase the SMSs.

You can reach out your leads through the SMS promotions as registered in compliance of the law of the land.

The scheduling option is interesting but it would have been much better if any looping option is made available like wishing the festival greetings on the same date every year and reminding them about the renewal of subscription like that.

Clear reporting

The top feature of SendPulse it’s found at the reporting. Doing the SendPulse review, I have seen that the campaign reports are fresh, graphical, vibrant, and interactive. The reports collects the details like the number of sent emails, opened, clicked and spam classified. The summary also shows the information like the locations, country or city precisely of the recibers. It may help us to focus on the specific people of that place at a specific date and time. They also incorporate the device and software were they are opening the emails so that the sender can edit their technicalities next time for better results.

All those reporting perspectives are kind of normal in any email reporting tool but the representation of them is what matters at the end. As said, SendPulse create better reporting representation comparatively.

The special feature is that it reports the heat map of click on the email templates that we have used for the campaign so that the next campaign can be improved better with better positioning of the visual elements of the promotion.

Sendpulse Review: How much it costs to implement it in your site

Its price is one of its most striking aspects as you only pay for the service you are going to use and have a free plan that you can use for a month. Let’s go a little bit in the prices and what this tool offers for each plan.

If you need this tool is your email management service there are four plans:

-Free plan. With less than 2500 subscribers, you will be able to send up to 15000 emails per month.

-Monthly subscription. In this plan the price ranges from $9.85 with 2500 subscribers, to $108 with 25,000 subscribers.

  • 2500 subscribers– $9.85/month
  • 3000 subscribers– $29/month
  • 4000 subscribers– $32/month
  • 5000 subscribers– $35/month
  • 10000 subscribers– $53/month
  • 25000 subscribers– $108/month

-Pay as you go. For those people who do not send more than 10000 messages per month, they pay for each message about $0.032 per email.

-VIP plan. If your company handles a larger volume of subscribers you should contact the Sendpulse team and they will give you a special plan for you.


I was lucky to be able to do a SendPulse review, and I got to say that it is a great tool. For the free account that comes with automation and split testing, there’s absolutely nothing to complain!

They have a lot of interesting email templates even in the free account.

Why is SendPulse is an attractive Email Marketing / SMS platform? It offers full functionality and high rates of deliverability and opening of emails all at a moderate price.

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