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The 5 Key Factors That Make Your Website Your Best Marketing Tool

written by Walter Ponce July 30, 2017

When you’re in business, you can often feel like you know the main marketing methods like the back of your hand. But sometimes, that can often mean that you get a little used to them. Whether it’s advertising or PR, online methods or even direct marketing, when you use the same kind of strategies over and over again, you’ll find they get stale. And when things are stale, they’re less effective. Of all the marketing tools you have at your disposal, there’s one that should never get that lax – your website. Because your website has the potential to be the best of your tools altogether and here’s how to do it.

A Striking Design

To start off with, your design should always sell. It needs to be impressive and alluring, but still clear, concise and on-brand. In today’s day and age, there are no excuses for have a clunky or sloppy website. You’ve got access to tips online, cheap web design, and even the tools to do it yourself, so get to work. If you want your website to be a constant marketing tool, the design should always be flawless.


But the design isn’t all about looking good. It’s important that i’s user-friendly too. Have a stunning website design is pointless if the website itself is confusing, hard to navigate and generally hard to use. So, in your design, you need to focus on the key principles of website usability as that posts tells us. It should be accessible and clear and definitely relevant to both your business and your customers if you want it to sell itself.


Strong SEO

Next, you need to nail the SEO. Because if you want your website to be your strongest marketing tool, people need to find you. You need to leave nothing to chance. If your optimization is all off, your website will not be working to its potential. So, you have two choices. Either read up on all things SEO and get it up to scratch. Or find an SEO specialist that can make it happen for you.

Killer Content

One thing your website always needs to have is substance. Yes the SEO can get you the traffic, and your design can hook them, but it’s your content that will keep them there and keep them coming back. Writing better content is something that you should always focus on. You need to make sure that your website copy is relevant and interesting, and that you have a blog that will keep your audience entertained, educated, informed, or inspired.

Encouraging CTAs

Finally, if your website is going to be the best marketing tool at your disposal, it should definitely contain encouraging Call To Actions (CTAs). When you’ve got users on your website, you want them there for a reason. So, you should always aim to encourage them to take action. Your CTAs need to ensure that they hook your prospect and convert them into a customer. Without the right CTAs on site, you may struggle to make that happen.

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