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5 Top Tips For Choosing A Web Design Agency

written by Walter Ponce June 8, 2017

You should never take getting a new website lightly; your website is the face of your business and it will be judged accordingly. Therefore, choosing the right people to design your website is crucial and there are certain precautions which you should always take.

If you’re just starting out on your web design journey, or your site is in need of modernising, here are our 5 top tips for choosing a web design agency.

 1. Like what they do

It’s essential that you look at the web design agency’s website before you get in touch with them. Their website is where they will display their style and their best work, so if that doesn’t fall in line with your style and preferences then they may not be the web design agency for you.

The web design agency’s website should also feature a portfolio of websites which they have designed before. If you’re struggling to find a website that you like or any websites which have been designed for an industry similar to yours, that web design agency may not be the best fit for you.

 2. Cheap isn’t always best

Websites don’t come cheap and, because they’re at the forefront of your business, you can’t afford to cut costs on such an important aspect. If the web design agency you’re looking into offers cheap services, it’s likely that their services aren’t up to scratch.

You should view your new website as an investment and the lower the price, the less return on that investment you’ll get.

 3. Find out if they’re thinking mobile

In this day and age, you shouldn’t even have to ask if your new website is mobile phone friendly or if the agency uses responsive web design, but sadly you do. You should bring this up in the initial stages of contacting the web design agency.

You will need a website which can easily adapt to devices such as smartphones, tablets, and televisions and if the web design agency offers anything less then they’re not worth your time.

 4. Know how they manage projects

You should always ask a web design agency how they plan to manage your project. How many people will be working on it? Who will you be dealing with? Who is your main contact? What will happen if they go on holiday or fall ill?

London Web Design agency, Liquid Bubble said: “They should be able to give you a definitive timeline of what you can expect from them and when. They should also be able to give you clear guidance about what they expect from you. If they can’t do that, or the information seems a bit ambiguous, move on to another agency.”

5. Look at their references

Web design agencies should always offer you at least three references but it’s always best to ask for more, particularly from people who work in the same industry as you do.

It’s important to read between the lines when it comes to references and you can often expect a mixed bag, but essentially you’re looking for comments on the agency’s employees and services. Think about what’s important to you and read the references accordingly.

If the agency won’t offer you more than three references, it may be time to seek out a different agency. If you’re unsure about why you need references, read this article on why references are important.

Seeking out a web design agency can be a stressful time, but hopefully these tips can take a bit of the pressure off.

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