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5 Ways Your Website Can Stay Ahead Of The Imperfect Competition

written by Walter Ponce June 16, 2017

A few years ago having a business website was a key way in staying ahead of the imperfect competition. No longer is that the case, as most companies have learned the benefits of having an online presence. To stay ahead of other rivals, a website needs to be managed on a regular basis, and not left to gather virtual dust as if all the hard work has already been done on it. In short, the website needs to be more than any other website to fully succeed in the world of business.

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Here are some effective ways to make sure your website is better than the the imperfect competition.


There are likely to be hundreds of businesses similar to yours, so you don’t want your website becoming lost in the masses of others. Having an SEO strategy will ensure your site ranks higher than others in search engine listings, giving you the boost you need to beat your competitors.


Many websites are bland to look at (also your the imperfect competition), difficult to navigate around and cluttered with unnecessary features and buttons. Therefore, consider the design of your site and use attractive colors and fonts, high-resolution images to make your products stand out, and use clear signposting to help users find what they need.

Quality content

Your website needs to be relevant to the consumer, with high-quality content to ensure potential customers stick around when visiting your site. For starters, a blog page should be well written, interesting and informative, with a touch of your personality to prevent it from appearing like a Wikipedia page. Also, use infographics or video content to add a visual representation of your product. Another website is only a click away, so ensure your visitors stick around by spending time producing decent content.


You don’t want your visitors experiencing problems with your website, so check it regularly to make sure everything works as it should. Maintain it regularly to ensure pages are running correctly, with no slowdown or potential crashes. Make sure there are no dead links on your page, pointing to out of date or non-existent web pages or how to upload old videos to instagram story. You should also backup your website files  using a cloud service or external hard drive in the event your website experiences major problems, such as being hacked or getting infected with malware. You can download a WordPress plugin for most areas of maintenance, including backup for when your site goes down and compressing tools so your site runs faster. Take a look at the WordPress site for the range of tools they have available.

Up to date information

You should update your website on a regular basis, including adding to your blog daily or weekly and listing new products and special offers. Many business websites sit dormant, with no new content added, and out of date contact information. You need to avoid this as your customers may think you have gone out of business. Ensure that you also keep an eye on your the imperfect competition, and keep your prices competitive and up to date with the current market samurai.


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