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Advantages of Adwords Smart Display Campaigns

written by Walter Ponce September 22, 2017

Smart display campaigns are one of the latest Adwords bets to help you drive more conversions. They are a simple and effective solution to manage display advertising campaigns. Especially when dealing with complex variables that require a lot of time and work.

Tailoring every creativity and structuring offers can be a very costly process for brands that want to capitalize on Adwprds. That’s why Google has decided to launch the Adwords smart display campaigns, which provide a significant opportunity for businesses wanting to capture more leads and generate new conversions.

Optimizing ads to increase conversions

Regardless of what users are looking for it is vital that your ads reach them at the right time. And this includes each stage within the purchase cycle. Smart display campaigns focus on getting your ads to users right away when they’ve shown some interest in your brand or when they’re about to buy.

As you know, Google’s display network includes more than 3 million websites and applications. And while providing extensive control over the performance of campaigns to each advertiser, it can often be difficult to find the best way to manage them.

Smart display campaigns are meant to optimize your ads and make them easier to create. In fact, they allow you to target ads to audiences and locations that are most likely to convert, without having to set specific directions. All you have to do is select a CPA target, load the different elements of the ads and leave the rest in Google’s hands.

What are smart display campaigns?

Before looking at what smart display campaigns consist of, it is interesting to look at the following data: According to Google, advertisers who use these strategies achieve a 20% increase in conversions. Are you getting more attention?

Smart display campaigns combine the different elements that are part of any display ad as headlines or images to create image and text ads. They can even be transformed into native ads. That is, they have the ability to combine with different sources to integrate into any scenario.

These are automated ads. And this means that you can not manage or control as deeply as in traditional Adwords display campaigns. For example, there are some factors that you can not manage like offers or locations.

But this does not mean that your campaigns are half-way. It is Google that manages all these aspects by your brand. All you have to do is indicate which images, headlines, subtitles or descriptions you want to include. From there, Google will analyze the best combination to optimize your ads.

Smart display campaigns combine 3 technologies

1.- Automatic Bids

Based on the target CPA, smart display campaigns focus primarily on conversions. In fact, they optimize bids more aggressively as performance data detects that there is a high possibility of conversion. And, likewise, when this probability is lower, the bids are reduced.

Even so, do not think the results are immediate. As in everything, these campaigns require a prior period. After a time of two weeks or after having achieved about 50 conversions the operation of the intelligent display campaigns will already be optimal.

In short, smart campaigns are optimized to set your bids according to the likelihood of conversion in each ad auction.

2.- Automatic Segmentation

You already know how important it is to segment your audience and personalize your content. As a result, automatic segmenting of Adwords display campaigns uses performance data to generate more conversions.

And all this making use of two essential methods:

  • Automatic remarketing.
  • Automatic targeting.

Automatic remarketing is used to reach users who have already visited your website. However the segmentation works very well to find clients in the middle of the conversion funnel.

For example, imagine that you have a bicycle shop where you sell all kinds of bicycle-related products. You probably have not included “office stuff” as a keyword on which to create a targeting. But in case there was any kind of relationship between the two aspects, automatic segmentation would be responsible for providing you with conversions with that keyword.

In fact, even though only one keyword was treated in the example, intelligent display campaigns work with a large number of keywords.

You may be thinking that if you have already started a remarketing campaign combining it with this strategy can impact its operation. Do not worry. From Google ensure that smart display campaigns do not interfere with the acquisition of leads, unless you want to combine them. In case you launch campaigns with ads targeting the same target, the most relevant piece will always be used.

3.- Automated Ad Creation

Imagine that you want to launch a campaign but you are not clear about the images and texts that you are going to use in the ads. The best option is to choose to enter the title, description, images and logos and use them in one of the smart display campaigns.

The operation will be as follows:

  1. Adwords itself will coordinate all the pieces so that they automatically adapt to the standard size or the type of advertisement that corresponds. And then choose the optimal combination for each print.
  2. These pieces will be visible to a specific audience.
  3. When sufficient data is available, you’ll have access to different reports on your campaign’s performance. That as you can imagine will serve to detect what works best in your audience and what needs to be modified. In this way, you can improve your pieces by adjusting different types of images and texts.

What do smart display campaigns look like?

The ability to adapt ads created in smart display campaigns is brutal. The biggest point in favor of this type of advertising is that it doubles the scope. And without having to create dozens of pieces by testing each and every combination and size.

In fact, it’s impossible to preview all types of ads that can be created with a campaign of this type. However, according to Google, each piece is designed to fit any circumstance. Of course, as long as you include the images and logos that fit the specifications that go in relation to each piece.

In addition, another strength of smart display campaigns is that ads can be merged into publisher websites as if they were native ads. What will serve as a speaker to expand your coverage.

You can also use customizable ads for specific product remarketing. This way you can show them to users who have visited your web recently. You only need to attach a feed to your smart display campaign. So in each piece can be shown images of the products along with an advertising text.

Advantages of using these campaigns

In terms of digital marketing, smart display campaigns are a smart way to make your online business grow.

A smart marketing manager knows that it is not only important to reach potential customers when they are actively looking for a product. But it is also important to stay in your top of mind at every stage of the buying cycle.

In fact to think that a user is not looking for your products now does not mean that he can not be interested in them. Therefore, performing smart display campaigns that make you visible is an option you should consider.

3 reasons to use smart display campaigns

Google data on companies using smart display campaigns shows that conversions have been increased by 36%. Why? Here are some of the reasons:

  1. You can design effective campaigns in minutes. According to Google you only have to introduce the basic components of your ads: titles, descriptions, images, etc. From there you forget about all kinds of management. It will be the network of Adwords who is responsible for looking for customers based on your bids and budget.
  2. Simplicity and results go hand in hand. One of the issues that most complicates marketers is the time, resources available and, sometimes, the complicated processes that require the management of the campaigns. In this case the elements are automatically selected to optimize the results. Forgetting about these more enjoyable processes.
  3. You expose yourself to a potential audience. The main advantage of smart display campaigns is that they reach an audience with a greater likelihood of converting.

Once you have created your campaign it is important that you know that your work does not end here. You should always continue to optimize and incorporate new features.

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