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The Blackfriday of 2017 Will Be More Mobile Than Ever

written by Walter Ponce November 10, 2017

During the first half of 2017, a 18% more was sold in ecommerce and a 36% more through APPS.

According to data obtained from the Mobile Digital Transformation Observatory of the Spanish technological Bluumi, a 70% of users will make their purchases through a mobile application from their Smartphone. This is captured by a survey conducted by the company during the last two months.

The rise of ecommerce has its maximum exponent on the APPs. If purchases this year have grown close to 18% in electronic business, the result is doubled in purchases made through mobile applications, reaching an increase of 36% in purchases more than in 2016.

Blackfriday marks the start of the Christmas campaign for many businesses, but according to surveys, companies have been noticing the sales boom through APPs for a month now. This last Thursday of November will be the biggest sales day of the whole year through APPs .

To date, 8% of businesses already have their own mobile application. This figure will increase in 2018 to 12% according to data from the Observatory. According to these data, 3 out of 5 companies are already interested in the possibility of having an APP for their business.

“In the face of the Christmas campaign, we have noticed a very significant increase in applications for APPs focused on retail sales and reservations in hotels and restaurants.” Businessmen are becoming aware of the need to have their own channel. communication with their clients “

And is that according to the survey, 65% of users prefer purchases through their Smartphone with a proprietary APP. The main reason is the convenience of being able to have your payment information, direct access to offers or the possibility of receiving notifications when there is an offer.

“Without a doubt, we are approaching the time of the year when the most purchases are going to be made through different APPs. In fact, there are already specific applications for this date of the year, the Blackfriday”, explains the Founder of Bluumi.

Offer Shopping Discount Retail Sale Black Friday

More demand against the email

One of the realities with which the survey has been found is that consumers increasingly want to be informed of all possible offers for this Blackfriday and other campaigns. For this the system that is gaining more relevance is that of the APP over traditional others such as emails.

According to the data, 35% of users prefer to receive a notification on their mobile phone rather than an email. For these users it is easier to remove the application at the moment they are not interested but be informed at the moment and be able to access directly from the application.

“For this Blackfridays in particular, the creation of APPs has grown by 120% compared to the rest of the year, 65% of the new applications that we have created have been for product sales, while 20% have been for booking systems. of hotels as accommodation, as well as the number of PPPs for the internal use of companies”.

The company’s data also reveals that the sales strategy through APPs generates an increase in sales by 7% throughout the year. For Blackfriday this number can increase to more than 50% thanks to the offers and the increase in consumption.

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