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Blogging, Is It As Vital For Digital Marketing As You Think?

written by Walter Ponce July 17, 2017

So, you have been told time and time again that when it comes to modern marketing, blogging is the key to success. In 2017, inbound marketing is king – there’s no arguing with that – but is blogging such a vital part of this marketing method as you think?

There’s no getting away from the fact that all of the world’s best marketing minds understand the power that blogging offers when it comes to marketing. Studies have revealed that over 60 percent of all businesses now have a blog attached to their website, with the aim being to improve their online presence and digital marketing success.

The fact that blogging has become a popular marketing platform, but not many business owners truly understand why that is, or appreciate the true value of blogging as a method of inbound marketing. The majority of business owners understand the benefit of SEO and search engine ranking that blogging creates, as well as the benefit of promoting user engagement, but that’s about as far as their knowledge of blogging as a digital marketing strategy goes. The fact is, blogging also plays an integral role in the higher levels of marketing for many businesses, making it even more beneficial.

With all that in mind, the question is, is blogging a truly vital part of digital marketing for businesses?

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Good content is key

Blogging can be a truly vital part of any company’s digital marketing strategy, but that’s only if certain rules are adhered to. To work effectively as a marketing method, content must be well researched and well written. It needs to be interesting and informative. There needs to be a unique tone of voice. It has to be eye-catching – a title that wows readers is also always a must. For a blog to act as a useful marketing tool, good content is key.

Planning is key

There’s a common misconception that blogging is simply putting pen to paper – or fingers to keyboard – and coming up with a piece of interesting content. However, when it comes to using blogging as a key marketing method, the key to success is planning and preparation. It’s not just about producing random posts, it’s about planning posts to fit around your products and services and will market what you are offering in a non-obvious way. It’s also vital to monitor your blog and SEO analytics to determine how successful your content is. If a piece of content isn’t getting the views it should have, then that signals that there is an issue that needs to be dealt with.

Demographic target is crucial

A blog can help a company to effectively target their demographic. The key to ensuring that a blog targets a certain demographic is making sure that the content shared is as niche as possible. It’s also vital that it is as authoritative as possible – authoritative content is a vital part of a successful marketing strategy based around blogging.

Blogging is vital for businesses; there’s no getting away from that – it is a key marketing method. However, it’s not a method that is guaranteed to be successful. To get the most out of blogging, it’s vital that it’s a marketing method that is taken seriously.

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