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Build A Killer Brand Through Content Creation

written by Walter Ponce July 18, 2017

Content creation is necessary for making sales and increasing conversion. But there’s more to it than simply entertaining potential customers and getting them to part with their cash. Content creation is also an incredible tool to help your business build a brand.

But how do you build a brand through content creation? What do you have to do differently to most other companies?

Be Transparent And Authentic

Building a brand is all about building trust. And so it should come as no surprise that honesty and authenticity come top of the list of your priorities when it comes to your brand. Lots of businesses use videos and blogs to get their message across and boost their SEO. But comparatively few do it in a way that builds trust among their target audience.

To really excel in the content creation space and become a brand that people trust. That means providing honest, down to Earth advice, reviews, and how-tos that they can really use in their own lives. After reading your content, the reader should feel transformed in some way, empowered to live their life differently.

Sidestep The Ad-Blockers

According to research, more than half of millennials use adblockers. And since they’re now the biggest component of the workforce, they’ve got a lot of money to spend. For advertisers, that’s bad news, especially for those who want to build a brand. In the past, building a brand was all about getting as much exposure as possible. But since the introduction of ad blockers, getting your brand in front of potential customers is getting more difficult.


Content creation appears to be the way to go, but how do you do this effectively? The answer seems to be in reaching out to people who can influence Millennials and get them to buy products. Take Dollar Shave Club, for instance. The company knew that reaching out to people through regular channels probably wasn’t going to work, and so it decided to try appealing to big channels on YouTube watched by people in their target demographic: young male millennials who are strapped for cash. Since going down that route, totally bypassing traditional ad blockers, Dollar Shave Club has gone on to receive multi-billion dollar valuations: impressive for a company that entered a market dominated by the two giants, Gillette and Wilkinson Sword.

Focus On Quality

Sometimes it can be tempting for companies to just churn out any old content to boost their SEO. But as any digital agency will tell you, users and search engines are becoming a lot more discerning. Simply pumping out articles with particular keywords is no longer a good strategy. The best, according to experts, is to do what Apple does and focus on quality.

The key to content isn’t always to provide lots of information to those consuming it: it’s to provoke a powerful emotional response. People tend not to remember the specific details so much as how they felt when they consumed your content. Much of the content out there on the internet is relatively void of information, yet it helps to build brands because of its emotional appeal.

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