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Is The Chief Marketing Scientist The New Professional That Your Marketing Team Should Count on?

written by Walter Ponce October 13, 2017

It could be said that among those in charge of the companies there is a sort of race to find the next manager and professional that will function as a kind of hinge that will help to penetrate the needs of the new times. Companies have to change their strategies and adapt to the new times and, in that search for what will work best in these new scenarios, the incorporation of the most appropriate professional and who is better able to lead in this change has become one of the big concerns.

In the world of marketing and advertising, several moves have been made to try to position the companies in the most outstanding positions. In recent times, there has been a kind of career of signings and movements that tried to create the most appropriate team to respond to the demands that marked the market.

Thus, companies added many professionals in the field of social networks, creating various profiles that fit the different needs that could be had in that scenario. They also began to incorporate into their teams science workers, who suddenly became key personnel to bring the strategy to fruition. This is what happened with mathematicians, statisticians or data scientists, who became the most sought after for marketing and advertising teams.

But the changes and incorporations not only had (and have) to be carried out at the base, which has made it increasingly consider how and who should be responsible for the marketing strategy. The role of the CMO is changing and, many times, it is almost directly proposed to change it to that of another professional. This is what happens with the chief marketing scientist, the new professional title that has been thrown into the arena of professionals that companies will seek.

This is the Chief Marketing Scientist

The title has entered the debate on how the marketing teams should be recently. At a marketing and advertising event in New York, Samsung industry vice president Michelle Froah warned that the industry needs a chief marketing scientist, a professional who helps see how the changes and where they will go. “Sometimes I think we do not realize a perception unless we’re overtaken by a herd of elephants,” he points out, as collect The Wall Street Journal. In this context, this new professional is needed.

What would this Chief Marketing Scientist do?

Given that the name of the person who issued the name is a Samsung directive, you may need to see what they do to understand what you can expect from it. The Korean company has changed the name of its department of data and analysis by the performance marketing. The change of name had a final objective, that of clarifying the importance of being able to find visions, conclusions, reflections taken from those data. They discovered, for example, thanks to the data that their most loyal consumers would still be loyal despite the problems and scandals (in the middle of the scandal of the phones they exploited) if they felt that their loyalty was recognized. They bet on it.

The professional is, therefore, a mix of genius of the data that knows to have the vision to apply them to the marketing.

The fusion of technology and marketing

And this makes quite a lot of sense, since at the end of the day, more and more technological expectations are expected from marketing workers, from which they form the basis to decision makers. In fact, the CMO is beginning to change and there are those who are increasingly confident that the marketing chief always agonizes to make way for new profiles. This is what happens with the CMO hybrid , a top marketing manager who will have to have tech skills and knowledge to also take responsibility in areas such as sales or customer service.

For some companies the change has to go even further and have made their CMO disappear to put a CGO, a chief growth officer, a manager for the growth that will function as a macro-market in which the marketing will be also inside.

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