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ClickZ Live Jakarta 2016 Digital Marketing Conference – Review

written by Walter Ponce July 22, 2016
My experience on Clickz Live Jakarta 2016

This is the first time I attended a Clickz Live conference (actually it was my first time in Jakarta as well).

Every time I attend this kind of conference, I try to grab the best insights and meet the big players in the Region. Definitely this event has not been different.

Taking part of a conference helps you to understand the internet marketing movement in the world, strategies to boost your business directly from the experts, also helps to understand the flow of various different businesses.

Networking at Clickz Live Jakarta 2016I want to share with you various learning that I picked up in Clickz Live Jakarta, so let’s go to the flow!

This event was organized in Pullman hotel, which is situated at most centric place in Jakarta. If you have never visited Jakarta, it is located on the northwest coast of the world’s most populous island of Java. Jakarta is the country’s economic, cultural and political center of Indonesia.

The Hotel is located where you can feel the city and enjoy many good places around.

This event was targeted for business owners and CMOs. We enjoyed listening to experts sharing insights about different domains in the industry and talk about how the digital world will dominate Indonesia and the Region.

I took part in to the 1st day of the event, we had an intensive hands-on one day bootcamp on the top digital marketing trend of 2016 – content marketing run by Ron Vining (he was the main speaker of Clickz Live Jakarta) I had the pleasure to meet him and build a great relationship with him.

Really interesting masterclass, learning about techniques to write the compelling content that your targeted audience wants; Branded content – How to create the voice and essence of a brand but without directly discussing the brand’s offerings…. Definitely, Ron has a big passion for branding, content marketing and he demonstrated it when he talked about it.

How to Master Linkedin

I attended a good Linkedin marketing session which was hosted by Chris J Reed.

Linkedin at Clickz Live Jakarta 2016

Here we learned some strategies to be more effective and professional on Linkedin. Personal branding is very important and following Chris’ recommendations makes it easier. Some of the tips were how to use the right profile picture to get more prospects, how to write an effective experience information and how to become more engaging on this platform to get more benefits.

Clickz Live App

Something that I really want to highlight is that during the 2 days-event, Clickz Live Jakarta runs a really interesting game. They launched their new mobile app (which they encourage to download just when you registered on the event) and use it as a tool for getting multiple benefits. One of them (and for me the key of the success of this app) was the networking module. With this app you were able to connect with every single person on the event having their Linkedin or Twitter accounts.

They did it well, they encouraged to use the app offering a prize at the end of the event for the people who had more friends, more sharings or who posted more on the app. At the end, they used gamification in order to promote their app. Well done!

Mobile App Clickz Live Jakarta 2016As you can see, these were the final results of the game. I managed to be on the top 5 and won some chocolates 😉

I got so much information from Clickz Live Jakarta and talked with so many Marketers that I decided to attend more events. This kind of knowledge is very useful and easy to apply on the day by day.

I hope to see you soon one day at one of these events 😉


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Jim November 21, 2016 at 9:53 pm

I couldn’t refrain from commenting. Exceptionally well written!

Walter Ponce November 27, 2016 at 7:28 pm

Thanks Jim!


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