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Digital Marketing Downfalls: 3 Things That Can Ruin Your Campaign

written by Walter Ponce August 29, 2017

Digital marketing is a tricky thing in that there are loads of little things that can bring about your downfall. More often than not, these things seem very insignificant and can go under the radar. However, they may cause a big impact that leads to your digital marketing campaign being way less successful than you hoped.

Speaking of which, here are some of the small things that can harm your campaign:

Weak Content

Content is king when it comes to digital marketing these days. This doesn’t just refer to your website content, it refers to your social media content too. If your content is weak, it will have a knock on effect that will damage your campaign. To start with, poor social media content won’t get anyone following you, which means you can’t direct lots of people to your site. Secondly, poor website content will be noticed by Google, and you’ll lose your ranking place because it’s so weak. Don’t take the easy way out and think you can just post or write any content to fill in some spaces. It has to be well thought out and written by someone that knows what they’re doing.

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Unreliable Web Hosting

Web hosting is not something you necessarily think of when you’re devising a digital marketing plan. Which is exactly why it can bring about your downfall by slipping under the radar. As you can see in this website hosting guide, there are loads of hosting services out there that offer various packages. If you have a premium host, you will probably feel safe that your servers will stay online and your website will run smoothly. But, with unreliable web hosting, your servers might not be monitored properly, and they could be offline from time to time. Every time the server your site is hosted on is offline, it means nobody can access your website. As such, you aren’t getting any traffic, and anything you do to try and draw in traffic is worthless. The more your site is down, the worse things will be. So make sure you purchase a reliable web hosting service that’s proven to have few problems and will keep your site up and running to draw in traffic.

Too Many Keywords

Everyone is obsessed with keywords in digital marketing. With keywords, you have a way to rank your website for certain search results. The problem is, a lot of companies get carried away and try and use as many keywords as possible. As a result, your website becomes diluted with too many keywords that it ends up ranking averagely for all of them. You should focus on a few specific keywords so you can implement them more often throughout your site and rank well for these specific searches. Less is better than more in this sense.

There you have it, three things you probably didn’t know could ruin your digital marketing campaign. Don’t let any of them be your downfall, make sure you give each thing extra attention when you’re marketing your business from now on.

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