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Don’t Market To The Whole Web: Go Local

written by Walter Ponce July 3, 2017

When a new company starts up, the tendency is to try to take over the world – especially the online world. Startups spend thousands of dollars on advertising and marketing, trying to compete with the biggest companies on the web, only to discover that it’s money down the drain and that they should have gone local from the outset.

The great thing about going local is the fact that you can better target your customers and avoid the big national and international competition. People search for local businesses all the time, and so it’s your job to optimize your local marketing and stand out from the competition.

So what should you do?

Spend More Time On Meta Tags

There’s a rumor going around the world of SEO that meta tags aren’t really all that relevant anymore. But that doesn’t seem to be what Google thinks. As part of a patch earlier this year, the company increased the width of the meta description on web pages in search results, allowing websites to increase the number of words they use to describe pages. Google actually wants companies to spend more time describing content to users so that its users have a better experience of its service.


Try, where possible, to keep meta tags and description short. Remember, when it comes to meta tags, every character counts. You want to communicate your message as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Join Local Directories

According to this website, one of the best ways to get found if you’re a local business is to join a local business directory. The reasoning behind this is clear: when you first set up your business website, it’s unlikely that it will get found. Normally, it’ll get buried under all the other websites out there on the internet – at least to start off with. On the other hand, when people search for products and services in a directory, they’re usually looking for something very specific. That means that you’ve got a higher chance of being found. What’s more, companies that list in directories often have slightly better SEO than those that don’t.

Pester Your Customers For Reviews


Did you know that people trust the opinions of online reviewers just as much as their peers? Online reviews are a powerful tool for increasing interest in your company and getting to the top of search results. But it’s not something which happens automatically. You need to remind your customers to do it, either in-person or through email. There are plenty of rating platforms out there, but one of the best is Google’s own. Plus it’s free and the first thing people see when they search for your business in the search bar.

Join Google My Business

There are a lot of illegitimate businesses out there on the internet. That’s why Google wants local companies to join Google My Business, a service which allows them to confirm their location by sending a letter to their location containing a special code. Using Google My Business helps to improve your standing with Google, proving you’re a legitimate business ready to sell products to its users, boosting you up the ranks.

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