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These Email Marketing Campaigns Will Blow Your Mind

written by Walter Ponce July 19, 2017

Email marketing is getting a little long in the tooth. As a result, companies are having to be increasingly creative in the way that they use email marketing. And that’s a good job too given how difficult it is to get people’s attention via regular email channels. With the rise of spam filters on email accounts actually getting your marketing material and front of your target audience is proving to be increasingly difficult.

Some companies, however, have managed to do the impossible and come up with email marketing campaigns that have been truly successful.


You might not think of BuzzFeed as a company that would need email marketing. After all, the company is one of the most popular news sites on the Internet. But that doesn’t mean that the firm doesn’t stand to benefit from email marketing.  BuzzFeed sends out regular emails to all of its subscribers that contain headlines and images that their company thinks their subscribers will like. Their approach is a little bit like that of Flipboard where stories are presented on a personalized basis depending on the type of content a person has shown interest in in the past. The reason BuzzFeed’s email Marketing is so successful is that it is able to immediately draw in its target audience with punchy headlines. Questions like “Are you a dog or a cat person?” immediately pique people’s interest and increase open rates.


Mom And Dad Money

If you use mortgage mailing lists, you want to know that the customers you are sending emails to are actually your target audience. But how do you know for sure? This is a problem that Mum and Dad Money faced. They kept on sending out emails providing information on various financial products but found that they weren’t getting the open rates that they expected. As a result, they decided to change their tactics. Instead of just having a massive one size fits all mailing list they opted to develop detailed buyer personas that would represent their clientele. Once they had collected information about the people receiving their emails, they began to personalize the content to make it more interesting. Over time they found that this method was extremely successful and their open rates increase substantially. By including information that customers found useful Mum and Dad Money turned themselves into a major source of information and made themselves invaluable to their clients.


Birchbox is a company that allows people to rent out clothes. But that’s not what sets the company apart. What sets the company apart is its email marketing strategy. Recently the company has started sending out emails to its customers claiming that it has forgotten to send them discount codes. The truth is that it hasn’t forgotten to send out the codes at all.  It’s just that the company has discovered that when it says it has forgotten to send out codes more people open its emails. Some might call strategies like this deceptive, but it works for Birchbox.

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