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Establish Your Online Presence To Secure All Important Leads

written by Walter Ponce August 17, 2017

Every company, large or small, needs an online presence. In the twenty-first-century, when email has replaced snail mail, and the video conference call can see you connecting with CEOs in every corner of the globe in an instant, speed is very much of the essence. There is no quicker way to develop a loyal customer base than to establish yourself online. This doesn’t mean setting up a static web page, sitting on your hands and waiting for the traffic to come. You need to be proactive, dynamic and drive potential customers towards your brand. By employing a well constructed and nuanced online campaign, you can generate leads, increase sales and become a leader in your industry sector.

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Social Media

The current kingpin of communication, platforms such as Twitter, Instagram and Facebook have made it easier than ever before for company and consumer to have a highly personalized relationship. You can establish links with your customer base, providing them with high-quality online content for them to peruse, talk about online and share. This technologically advanced word of mouth marketing is golden as it is unbiased and trustworthy.

By updating your social media channels daily, you are showing your customer base that you are dynamic. There is nothing worse than trying to tweet a company only to find that they haven’t logged on for the past six months.

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Company Blog

A blog is a useful tool to establish your company voice and to communicate with your clientele. The days of the ‘hard sell’ are long gone, and the more web savvy consumer wants to be exposed to high-quality online content. It’s vital that you discover your company’s tone and style early on. If you are a personal injury lawyer, your tone should be professional and informative. If you produce personalized baby clothes for young mums, your voice should be chatty and empathetic.

If your skills lie with business strategy and financial forecasting, it may be wise to outsource your content marketing requirements to a specialist company. They will discuss your requirements with you and manage an online marketing campaign that aims to drive more customers and business to you. They can manage your social media channels, keep your blog relevant and updated and develop a growth strategy that aligns with your business vision.

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One of the most crucial aspects of an online presence is a company’s website. It’s vital that you can sum up your brand, your ethos and your product in a nutshell on your home page. Your website should be aesthetically pleasing, visually dynamic and contain high-quality content. Easy navigation and intuitive menus will hold any visitor’s attention and keep them on your website for longer.

You could have an incredible website yet no one can find it. This is where the mysterious search engine optimization comes into play. By implementing sound SEO and keywording, you can strive to have your website appear early on in the Google search results generating more clicks, leads, and sales.

With a prominent online presence, you will be able to communicate more effectively with your customer base and secure those all important leads to drive your business forward.

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