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Five Marketing Channels Every Startup Company Should Try

written by Walter Ponce September 11, 2017

When it comes to determining which marketing journey to take with your new business venture, you may be surprised to read that it can present you with murky water. Marketing isn’t always a one size fits all answer, and for many, you need to figure out exactly where you will make the most impact with your strategy, as well as how you feel most comfortable promoting your business. There are, of course, lots of options you could consider, and having a dedicated person to analyse the markets for you would be advantageous. But if you are planning on doing it yourself, then here are some of the marketing channels any startup should consider trying.


Pay per click

More commonly known as PPC, this is something that you can set up through Google Adwords and is a cost effective way of marketing your business. This is because you have control on how much you spend, and you only pay if a potential customer or client has physically clicked through to your website landing page. However, once you have the attention, you need to ensure that the website they land on is informative to turn that lead into a potential sale.

Social media

One of the most obvious marketing strategies is social media, but you may find that it still isn’t utilised to its full potential by entrepreneurs today. Whether the business is fully established or starting out, a decent social media campaign with engaging content and optimised publishing time can really help extend your reach with minimal investment. You can pay for advertising through social media platforms like Facebook that help you to expand your reach further.

Pitching in person

Pitching in person is something that has been seen as a thing in the past. With all of this digital paraphernalia why the need to stand in front of someone and pitch your business. The truth is, even in this digital age, the face to face contact you can give a potential customer or investor is still seen as important. Having the right advertising tools with you such as banner hangers for your presentation or posters of your brand, enough stock to either sell at trade shows or offer samples of your products, and you are good to go. You also need to think about how you present yourself as you will become the face of the business, not just within that pitch.

Email marketing

While it may seem like a wasted channel to try, email marketing is still very beneficial to a business. Of course, it requires time invested from yourself to build a list of email contacts, but once you have that it really might just be only the matter of creating an eye-catching and informative email to entice a customer in.

Your content

Finally, while content may not seem like a direct marketing approach, you would be a fool to bypass the importance of it. Content marketing goes hand in hand with any of the other forms of marketing you choose to pursue. The right content will surely enable you to get the customers and clients.

I hope that this has helped you become more aware of some of the marketing channels you should be trying with your startup.

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