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How The Load Speed Influence a Digital Strategy

written by Walter Ponce November 15, 2018

The loading speed of a website must be one of the factors that we can not ignore within a digital strategy.

Controlling the loading speed of a website is essential to avoid having a high bounce rate, and more when our goal is that users end up converting.

The problem is that users have increasing expectations, and expect the webs to load in a second or less. Let’s see in what aspects of a digital strategy this can influence.

How it influences the conversion rate

The goals of your business depend on your ability to convert visits to customers. Caring for visual elements with calls to action, optimal navigation or the design of your website is good and will contribute to higher conversion rates.

But we will not have the same results if we forget the loading speed, since we run the risk that whoever visits us will leave the website even before seeing anything.

According to Kissmetrics:

1 second delay in loading time results in a 7% loss in conversion

But if we talk about web in mobile, the conversion rate increases 27% reducing the loading time in 1 second.

How it influence the ROI

The ROI or return on investment is not a buzzword, it is one of the key factors in the decision making of a company, it is the number that indicates whether a project is going to obtain benefits or not.

Let’s see some examples of how loading speed can affect a company’s ROI.


According to Fast Company:

Amazon estimates that 1sec of delay in loading would cost up to 1.6 billion dollars in annual sales.


Google has also found that slowing the loading speed by four tenths of a second would result in an 8 million decrease in search volume.

How it influences SEO

One more consideration when optimizing your website for search engines is the loading speed. Already in 2010, Google announced that this would impact the search rankings.

While site speed is not the main focus of SEO efforts, although it should be at least one of the most important, it can help position a website on the first page of results and increase organic traffic.

How it influences Mobile

The page load speed in the mobile is more important than ever. Consumer habits have changed and the user browsing on mobile devices searches more quickly and can not wait for images or text to load to decide whether to buy or not.

As expected, Google takes into account the loading time in mobile phones, and launches the AMP project (Accelerate Mobile Pages), which basically consists of a reduced HTML code optimized for mobile devices.

How to control the speed of your site

These tools will help you to detect if your page loads correctly, what are the errors and what is slowing it down.

Page Speed ​​Insights

The Google upload speed tool and one of the most complete. We can visualize how our website looks through the computer and the mobile phone. In addition, we are rated from zero to one hundred as we are doing. Very useful technical advice and key points to optimize. Do not neglect the elements to correct. Free.


If you want a diagnosis of the loading speed of your website with detailed information, this is your tool. Rate your page from A to F based on different factors (CSS, Java Script elements, image size …) and the competition. It is based on the technology of PageSpeed ​​and Yahoo! YSlow. Free.


Instantly analyze the loading speed of the elements that make up your page in different locations in the world, Europe, the United States and Asia. Free.


It shows a simple and intuitive interface. It allows you to perform an exhaustive analysis of your page with respect to the competition and provides a report with the main technical aspects, not only at the loading speed level. Also for mobile environments. Payment.


One of the best tools. Just indicate your URL you will have a report on the loading speed, the size of your page and a rating of zero to one hundred. Offering you data such as the size and loading time of your website. Payment.

As you can see, the loading speed of a web directly influences the user experience, which translates into a greater or lesser number of conversions. This makes it one of the key factors to succeed on the internet.

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