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Increase your conversion with a perfect product listing

written by Walter Ponce July 18, 2018

In all eCommerce we find different product listings. Well defined or not, they may like us more or less although the important thing is always the conversion.

To help you in this aspect, today’s post is focused on the product file, how to improve the conversion rate and increase the average basket. Here we go.


The price is the main element of a product’s record. Often it is the element of the product card that will decide the purchase or not of the item or service.

The price of the product must be seen very well, it must be highlighted on the product sheet and in the case of a B2C carry the VAT included, to avoid surprises in the basket.

We have to be totally transparent with the user and at no time can feel cheated.

“The price has to be always visible, large and with VAT included”


The price and shipping time can play for or against a product, so whenever we have good shipping conditions we have to highlight it in our product file.


One of the most common fears of the user is the return. “What will happen if the product does not work when it arrives? And if it is broken? If I’m small? ”

In order to transmit confidence to the final user, we have to refer to the returns in our product file, saying how much it will cost us to return the product or service and the term that we have to return it.

CTA visible

The call to action has to be visible. We have to put the purchase on a tray to the user, he has to find the buy button at first glance and for this the button has to stand out for size, color and / or design.

Payment facilities

When the products have higher prices the ideal is to facilitate the purchase to the user with financing.

When we choose the payment by Pay + later, the user completes a series of data in the web of these and makes the payment of his first term, the rest of payments will be paid month to month to Pay + Afternoon.

For the eCommerce the payment is integral, Paga + Tarde makes the full payment of the object or service to the online store and is in charge of the financing management.

Cross sale or cross-selling

One of the techniques to increase the average basket is called cross-selling or cross-selling. This technique consists of showing users related, complementary products or products that they have already seen in the same product file. Thanks to this, we often increase the average basket with an impulse purchase by the user.


Following the cross sale and the increase of the average basket, another technique used in the product file is the so-called pack.

What we do is propose packs of related products among them to users to boost their purchase and increase the value of the basket.


One of the most important parts of every product card is the text part.

The difference between a good product file and an “any” file is how the product is sold. You have to think about the client and not about us when writing the product file.

First of all, the content must be unique so as not to create duplicate content, so if your supplier “gives you” the product descriptions, you should redo them all.

On the other hand the user does not usually have the same knowledge as the seller in their products, so a list of features one after the other will not always help the user understand the use and benefits of the product.

To give an example, we sell a good quality camera:

Purely descriptive sheet: 25mpx camera, sony lens, 1: 0 focus, Sony brand.
User-focused description: With this Sony camera of 25 mpx you can photograph from your pet to the lawn of your garden without losing a bit of quality.

Buying bar anchored

The bar anchored on the screen when entering a product card and scrolling is a practice that is spreading due to the good results it brings.

Thanks to the bar that follows us no matter how much we move in the product file in both desktop and mobile version, to see the features, the description or others, we always have the option to buy in one click and always in sight. A CTA that does not go unnoticed.


We could not finish this list without one of the most important points of the product file. Amazon made it “fashionable”, Aliexpress joined in and since then many companies have joined this good practice.

Today many users look at the comments of the products before buying them. We all know that no company will speak ill of your product so the opinion of the same company on your product will always be 100% perfect but we know that the other buyers who have no interest in making false advertising or helping the sale in case of A product of poor quality or defective will explain your real opinion about the product.

The comments are a very important support in the product file and we have to have enabled a section in each product file so that buyers can comment on them and help us indirectly to sell.

For this the best choice is the comments and ratings of Trustedshops

If you apply all these guidelines or most of them in your product files, your average basket will go up, your conversion rate will increase and your customers will gain confidence in your online store.

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