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Is Your Marketing Campaign Actually Working?

written by Walter Ponce July 13, 2017


Most companies will sink a lot of resources into marketing. That’s why it’s crucial that you find out how effective a given marketing campaign is. Here are some of the things you need to do in order to gauge this success.

Requesting information

Have you ever signed up for something online and seen a question asking you where you’d heard about the service? That question isn’t there just because the company is curious! It’s because they want to know what marketing channels are working best for them. They want to know if that bulk SMS service increased sales, or if those emails they sent out achieved clickthroughs, or if those adverts they run in magazines help. They can collect all this data and see how many of their new customers came to them as a direct result of certain marketing techniques.


So let’s say that at the end of a given month the company brings together all the new customer information. They find that 60% of new customers came to them as a result of a YouTube advert. 20% joined after seeing a magazine advert. 15% heard of your through a friend. 5% of them saw a banner ad on a popular website. This gives you an idea of how popular a given campaign has been. Of course, if no-one joined as a result of click-throughs on external articles, then that’s a warning sign that that campaign needs to be changed!

Assessing locations

Of course, particular territories are going to be very important when it comes to marketing campaigns. You can’t just put something on the Internet and assume that the whole world will be able to see it! It’s important that you find out what locations are being affected by your marketing, and in what way. And I’m not just talking about foreign countries, here. You also need to assess different locations within the same country. This is especially important when you need to assess physical media marketing.


Unfortunately, it’s not always possible to tell where a particular user is originated. This, of course, depends entirely on how your company does business. If you deal largely in online purchases, then you’ll be able to see location information from your purchase histories. But there are always more things you can use in your business that will help you capture the data you need.

Remembering the goal

You have to be very careful when you’re checking the efficacy of a marketing campaign. A lot of business owners may be tempted to assess things using numbers only. But the usefulness of this tactic depends entirely on the aim of the marketing campaign. And, despite popular opinion, gaining more sales is rarely the sole aim of a marketing campaign.


Some marketing campaigns are launched to raise brand awareness. This does usually lead to more sales. But you can’t just measure the success of raising brand awareness by looking at sales numbers. You need opinion polls and much longer-term data. If your campaign was aimed to show a funnier side of your business, then you should be checking out reviews and popular opinion.

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