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How Physical Marketing Fits In With Your Digital Campaign

written by Walter Ponce September 11, 2017

The assumption can be made that with the development of your online business, your marketing has predominantly, or completely, been digital. And this makes sense; everything is digital these days, our conversations, our shopping even our banking. So why would your online business need anything other than online marketing?

The answer to this is the same as a physical shop needing to utilize online marketing – reach. The only way you can communicate with all consumers is to use all advertising avenues open to you. The time will come with your business where you have to meet people and put a face to your online self. Whether this is in a meeting, interviews with employees or journalists, or if you’re attending a conference, these are all situations you can use to promote yourself and to put forward a professional front to your business.


Physical marketing, also known as traditional marketing, includes those time-worn ideas such as posters, leaflets, and printed adverts. Yet the reason they are still in effect today when the world runs on digital devices shows how they are still as relevant in your marketing strategy as your online marketing. To make the most out of both you need to make them work together – with the same tone of voice, same colors and same product, to ensure cohesiveness throughout your marketing campaign.

Magazines and Newspapers

A printed advert can be anything from a corner of a page, to a two-page spread. From a graphic-designed image to testimonials from clients. A digital advert aims to be simple and memorable to the person scrolling through their news-feed, but a printed advert has the opportunity to contain more information. Of course it still needs to be snappy and easily understandable, but people reading a newspaper are already geared towards taking in the information they are reading, and not ignoring the ads that are flying past. A printed advert can have mini-articles, some further explanation of the product or service, and can link to your online presence through QR codes, qr-code-generator.com is one of many sites that can make this possible for minimum cost.

Newspapers and Magazines also give you the opportunity for some good old-fashioned journalism. A good interview can only improve your business. Online, or on the radio, your voice is subjective to each individual and they make up their minds on who you are – which is directly related to who your business is. However, in a printed interview, you are being related by one person whose viewpoint the reader will trust implicitly. Although this may seem daunting, if you get it right, the benefit’s will be felt instantly. Impress one person, and the masses will agree.


Branding your business in a physical sense can help people remember you. It is a lot more likely that a person will remember you if they have a physical thing with your name on it than if they had heard it and then moved on.

Brand awareness is something that every business should work towards. The aim is to have a name or a logo that is synonymous with your company and can be recognized straight away – like the ‘D’ for ‘Disney,’ there is no one who doesn’t know what that cursive letter means. And an easy way to have your name infiltrate homes and minds is to have your branded merchandise sitting in their pen-pots or as their mouse-mats. You can pick merchandise that relates to your business like a window sticker from a car sticker company.

Merchandise can also bring unity to your workforce, whether they are in an office or dotted about the country, the sense of belonging to something, like your company, can boost their view of your company and will ensure their best work for you. Sites like dynamicgift.com.au have a wide range of items that can be used for all purposes and can be personalized with your company name and logo.

Leaflets and Flyers.

The benefits of implementing these are numerous. Firstly, it’s convenient. Flyers can fit just about anywhere and can be distributed around with ease. Places like nextdayflyers.com are a way to achieve a low cost, high quantity, and high-quality batch quickly. Posting them is a minimal job, with a price tag similar to circulating an online advert. Except these will make it into more homes, and be read by people who, digitally, don’t fit into your usual target bracket.

Online software ensures that people who search for things similar to your company are shown your advert – which is great and makes a lot of sense, but you are then cutting out huge groups of people that may be interested in your product or services, but don’t spend hours online searching for similar things. Flyers don’t have the limitation of internet software, or the intelligence for optimisation. However, you can target audiences by having your flyer contained within a certain magazine. If your product is vehicle stickers, then make a deal with a car magazine for example.

Billboards and Posters

We drive past these in their hundreds every day; they are usually high graphic and simple to the extreme. They need to make a good impact in seconds – much like an online ad – and need to recognizable from a distance; if it’s a car sticker poster, make sure there’s a stickered car front and center. Some of the most successful billboards are dramatic or humorous yet still stay true to the feel of the product. If you are an online architecture firm, a poster joking about the stability of a building may not be in your best interest.

Where you may think that people don’t have time to register a billboard, what you have to consider when thinking about buying one, is how many people will drive past it multiple times a day on their commute to work? How many people will get stuck in traffic on that stretch of road and look about to ease their boredom? There’s a reason that billboards aren’t positioned half-way down country roads, but crowd the sides of busy roads. The billboard company has positioned the board in the best place possible – you just have to take advantage of it.

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