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Putting The Fun Back Into Your Marketing Strategy

written by Walter Ponce September 11, 2017

Marketing plays a major role in the success of your brand, so promoting yourself to the right audience needs to be top of your priority list. However, many companies get stuck in the rut of producing the same marketing strategies year on year, which can result in the effectiveness of the plan becoming less impactful and a little stagnant. Therefore, it’s vital that you’re prepared to mix things up a bit and put some life back into the marketing side of your business in order to give it a boost. Taking the time and making an effort to put some thought into your promotion will breathe new life into your brand, and potentially draw in new customers. The following are some ideas on how to liven up your marketing and have some fun in the process.

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Events And Parties

Nothing gets people excited quite as much as a party or an event to go and enjoy; making these the perfect way to market your brand. If you feel that your promoting skills have died-down a little; it could be time to give yourself a relaunch and organise an event to let people know that you’re there with a new zest for your brand. The guest list will be one of the most important things to consider as you plan the get-together and the meeting of relevant business minds. Therefore, make your invites a priority and do your research regarding the people that will help to boost your business and will appreciate attending your event.

The location of your event needs to be accessed with ease; unless part of your charm and business identity is secrecy and hidden destinations, you’ll need to ensure that people won’t struggle to find the party. Take into account road access, parking, and public transport so that all invitees can come along stress-free regarding their journey. The last thing you’ll want is a group of people arriving annoyed and frazzled after a challenging trip; it will only put bad associations in their mind about your brand.

As soon as your guests arrive; they need to see your branding, logos, colour palette, tag lines, and be reminded at every opportunity why they’re there and who invited them. Themed events are fun, and they can stick in people’s heads longer than a generic get-together with food and nibbles. Check out sites like Whova to discover eight steps that will help you create a great marketing event and gain some inspiration. So, utilise your location, and consider a dress code, decorations, and any food and drink choices, so that they tie-in seamlessly together and paint the whole picture clearly.

Special guests, DJs, chefs, and influencers can also be a huge draw for those lucky enough to be invited, so do your best to secure someone who will boost the appeal of turning up. Make sure that the venue is filled with people who work for your brand and know all about the business and what’s happening in its future. Your team will be able to steer conversations towards your business and the changes that are happening so that those there will leave with a thorough knowledge of who you are and what you have to offer. As long as you plan and prepare your event carefully; there’s no reason it won’t be a party to remember, and perhaps a fun addition to your annual marketing calendar.

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Reminders And Keepsakes

Whether you chosen to head out to a networking event, planned your own relaunch party, or have booked a stall at a trade show or market; it’s always worth investing in things that you can hand out to potential customers and clients. As this article is based around putting a little more fun back into your marketing; the usual, and often crucial, business cards and pamphlets will only be mentioned here, as you probably already have those to utilise. Therefore, you can begin to think about where your branding would look the best and what you can hand out to people as you cross paths at events and in public.

Companies like The Pin Factory are a great place to start; if your marketing contains a strong log, or you come up with witty slogans and images, popping them on a badge or keepsake for people to wear is a fun alternative to a business card. Even if consumers and clients collect a pin for their kids or a friend; you brand will be worn by someone, which is physical marketing for your business and will do more than a card slotted into somebody’s wallet. Fridge magnets, mugs, stickers, and tote bags are all also useful items that people will utilise and display; making them the ideal surface to put your branding and memorable promotion techniques.

Edible items are always an appealing temptation to bring fresh aces over to you at events so that they can learn more about your business. Consider investing in cupcakes with your logo on or decorated in your company’s colours, or perhaps small bags of sweets; you’ll have an instant appeal with people and your brand will leave a sweet taste in their mouth, creating positive associations.

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Online Campaigns And Going Viral

Whether you invest in a marketing video, a series of memes, or any sort of thoughtful, social media based marketing; remember that humour and fun will stick in people’s minds and they’re likely to share it with their followers. Witty clips and joke-filled posts are far more likely to go viral than descriptive and humourless promotional tactics. Therefore, if fun and comedy can fit seamlessly with what you do as a business, or perhaps it’s so far removed from your brand that it makes it even more memorable; create something to brighten the day of your audience. If a post makes someone smile or laugh; they won’t hesitate to repost, retweet, or regram what you’ve put out there.

So much is predicted and expected from marketing, so if you’re putting effort into giving people something a little different; it will make more of an impact, and you’ll have fun in the process.

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