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Tactics For Great Personable Marketing At A Customer Conference

written by Walter Ponce August 3, 2017

Meeting your consumer base for the first time is a harrowing experience if you’re unprepared. These are the people you try to impress more than your counterparts and even your business partners or investors. When meeting your customers face-to-face, it’s imperative that you have a positive and understanding tone, and the behavior of all the relevant staff is cohesive to the company message. You want to solidify the relationship your customers have with your company and give them closure, which choosing you as their service provider and buyer of your products was the smart thing to do. Impressing them with high standards of your company culture and how you operate is one thing, but listening, talking and befriending customers on a human level is just as important; especially when meeting in person. Going to a conference and presenting yourself to customers is a group task, which requires guidance to fire on all cylinders.

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Face-to-face marketing

When your presentation is done, the importance of interaction with individual customers is both a symbolic gesture and a way to get instant feedback from the source market. It’s imperative that your staff are aware of all the updates to the products on your lineup. Marketing your business in person is more difficult than an online advertising campaign because customers will ask you questions about your business. If an employee is rude to a customer, it can be a devastating blow for the company as a whole. Use the services of HR consultants, Peninsula, who can coach you in disciplinary actions against disobeying staff members, while in-keeping with employment laws. Customers will spread the vibe they got from your staff from word of mouth. Listening is just as important as explaining, so train your staff to be mindful listeners and absorb concerns of individuals in real-time, logging the points of interest while in conversation.

Market your new products

Come to the conference prepared with the latest product that you have in your business. A great way to market these new products is to allow consumers to try them either during the presentation or at your stall during the business expo. Interview customers about the new products and inform them of any updates you made, based on their feedback. You should upload these interviews to your social media accounts and onto your website to showcase your customer relations attitude. Give the customers who are at the conference and chance to give you feedback with a questionnaire which they can either fill out or have your staff go around and talk to people in person. You may find greater success if you use the positive feedback you get, as an assurance quote in your online advertising campaign. You can also ask if you may use the photo and quote of particular customers in your social media campaigns so consumers may find the product more relatable to them.

Use the time you have at the conference to market your ideas to a wide audience of consumers. Speak to them in person with politeness and exude an attitude of attentive listeners who care about the feedback they’re getting. This means you need to keep your employees, somewhat on a leash, so customers aren’t rude toward when staff receive negative responses. Marketing face-to-face shouldn’t be treated as a gamble, but rather, a fantastic opportunity to meet and greet the people who spend their hard earned money on your business.

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