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Are You Underestimating The Power Of Communication?

written by Walter Ponce June 28, 2017

When it comes to your marketing strategy, you may find that you’re prioritizing the latest trends or the kinds of efforts that make waves. And that’s understandable. As a business in today’s bustling markets, you’re going to want to make sure that you stay ahead of the curve and avoid as many mistakes as possible. One of the best ways that you can be sure to keep the latter on track, is to focus on your communication quality. Right now, where everyone wants to be seen and heard everywhere, it’s easy for quality to slip, but that can often mean that you’re not harnessing the true power of communication.

Public Relations

Although it might not be something that you know a lot about, public relations (PR) is definitely one form of marketing that allows you to both utilize and strengthen your communications. Not only can you choose the message that you send out there, but you can also often harness the right kind of audience by considering the press and media that you’re targeting. So, if you want to make sure that your communications are strong, you should work on a PR strategy – even if it’s small.


Social Media

You’ve also got access to a full range of different audiences with the option of using social media. Because your customers and potential customers are using so many different kinds of social media on a regular basis, you should be thinking about joining in with the conversation. Not only will social media communications allow you to share your promotions and products, but you can raise your brand awareness and work on controlling your brand image with your own voice.

Phone Conversations

Then there’s also the classic method of communication that we all know and love, speaking on the telephone. You may wonder just how that is relevant to your marketing, but it is actually a key method to utilize. Choosing to either cold call your prospects or use a pay per call market service that can generate warm calls for you, speaking on the telephone is a sure fire way to get directly to your customers. The telephone isn’t just for customer services.


Email Conversations

While we’re thinking about the connection between customer services and communication, let’s consider email conversations. A lot of these you may have as a part of your customer services efforts, but you can also utilize the power of email communication for marketing too. Not only can you send out email newsletter to your customers to communicate with them, but you can contact them when they sign up for different offers, or to notify them during the sales process. Email is definitely a powerful method to stick to.

Utilizing Feedback

Above all else, one of the ways that you need to harness the power of communication is by taking down feedback and utilizing it. Whether it’s during your PR or phone conversations, or any other interaction that you have with your audience, you need to be able to list to them. A huge part of communication is the messages you get back. Whether you use surveys or talk to your customers to hear what they think, communication really does allow you to make your marketing as strong as it can be.

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