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Voice Search: what it is and why I think it is the future

written by Walter Ponce September 17, 2018

There are already many technology experts who use smartphones, tablets and computers. Just a few weeks ago, I published the article “Voice assistants in eCommerce: I bought the saying” in line with what I will comment today.

Attentive, because the revolution of the voice is already coming and all God is getting into the car very seriously. In fact, last week Apple announced that it has new features in Homepod in one of its famous keynotes. For something to be.

The new way of interacting with our devices

Voice search, or voice search, is coming with such force that nowadays anyone has access to it. We are already more than 60% of mobile users who use this type of searches.

We continue to prefer to make our inquiries in writing on the browser screen, both on the mobile and on the PC, but this way of using our devices is not unknown to anyone.

Voice search is already in third position, with 16% of Internet users considering it as another search method. In Android through Google voice search or in IOS through Siri (USA data, eye).

I have assumed that you know what voice search is; In case you still do not have it clear, I’ll tell you that the search by voice is the same as when you sit in front of your browser and write a query, but with this system you are asking it out loud to your browser.

Today I do not come to talk to you about the voice searches that you can do on your mobile device, or even on your PC. I want to talk to you about smart speakers, which through virtual assistants, allow you to make any query by voice without moving from your sofa and without moving a finger. Yesterday I had the baby in my arms and told the mobile to open Spotify and play one of the music lists that I have. I wanted to try to see if the dwarf fell asleep with the music. Unfortunately, he started to play Belphegor’s “Conjuring the dead” and the sleep did not work.

A few months ago the online shopping giant, Amazon, published a landing on its website announcing the arrival in Spain of Amazon Echo (the smart speaker) and its voice assistant, Alexa.

Everything indicates that Alexa will land in Spain next Christmas and hopes to achieve the impact it had on Christmas sales in 2017 in the United States.

I’ll explain how the move will go:

  • Amazon will do the “Landing of Normandy”: TV, radio, press, banners … talking about the device. It will be for Black Friday or Christmas
  • The price will be very dear, what they want is to place as many devices as possible and you will not lose money (you will not lose it)
  • When we are used to using them, we will end up buying there, having little chance of selecting which product will be the one that has the Buy Box
  • Guess what products the Buy Box will have. Exactly, those sold by Amazon

Smart speakers are booming: almost 50 million in the US

There are already more than 43 million devices in American homes, according to the latest report prepared by NPR and Edison Research, The Smart Audio Report. Other sources speak of 50 million.

It is very interesting to observe how the use of smart loudspeakers has evolved. The first users of this new device used it to ask for weather information, a song or control the lights and home automation.

However, new buyers of these devices are discovering other features of these roommates.

Something that is especially striking is that, for the first time, users who have a smart speaker at home use it more than their own smartphone.

In addition, 58% of customers of these smart devices are thinking of buying a second loudspeaker to put it in another room of their home. As you see, it is increasingly integrated into the homes of the United States. There are even memes of them:

Voice Shopping is the future

The trend of these smart loudspeakers goes far beyond the use we give them today. And it is very good to read the horoscope or put your favorite song; But, what would happen if you could make purchases online through Alexa or Google Assistant, for example?

This is already being realized by the main ecommerce players, and that is why there are mergers between the giants of online sales and the suppliers of smart speakers.

It is now possible to place an order with Walmart through Google Home. And is that both companies have reached an agreement so that a large number of ecommerce references can be available in Google Express through Google Home.

This way, any of us can buy at Walmart using only the voice.

Something similar happens with Amazon and Whole Foods. The internet shopping giant bought this healthy food company, and through Alexa you can place your order without typing anything.

It is even possible to place an order for a pizza with Alexa. The Domino’s Pizza and Pizza Hut companies allow you to place your food orders with your voice through Alexa.

What devices with voice assistance does the market offer us?

As I suppose you’ve been watching throughout this article, I’ve been talking about the two big brands that offer us smart speakers, Google Home and Amazon Echo.

But who is undoubtedly occupying the entire market is Amazon with his voice assistant Alexa. In the United States it has a clearly differentiating market share, with approximately 28 million devices sold, compared to the 10 million that Google Home has.

These two known classics are the celebrities of the voice assistants. More and more “virtual friends” are coming out that make our lives a little easier.

The best known are those that you are also thinking, Cortana for Microsoft, Siri for Apple, or the last to arrive, Bixby, Samsung’s most revolutionary assistant.

And as for smart speakers, look at this sales ranking:

As you can see, there are the three most anticipated, Amazon, Google and Apple. But two Chinese models have also been cast in this ranking.

The Alibaba, the Tmall Genie X1 broke all sales records in the last campaign on November 11, 2017. This Asian company put it on sale for $ 15 instead of the $ 79 it usually costs.

And the great Chinese technological manufacturer, Xiaomi, also appears among the five best sellers.

Amazon or Google: comparing skills

Before going into detail with the skills of these two smart speakers and their comparison, let me tell you about some apps that you can install to have a better experience with your new device.

In Google Drive you have at your disposal any app you can imagine for these speakers.

An app that you can not ignore is called Google Home; it will allow you to configure and control all the speakers of the assistant, Google Home, Chromecast, etc.

Listen to music, control house lights, watch movies or series, make the shopping list, everything is in Google Drive.

If you are still unclear which digital speaker to buy, here is a list of skills of both devices to liarte more in your decision to help you make the final decision:

  • Amazon Echo has 7 microphones and Google Home has 3 microphones.
  • Every time you want to block the microphone, Amazon Echo emits a short sound while Google Home tells you so “the microphone is muted”.

While keeping your device muted, Amazon Echo has a red light ring on top. And Google Home sends the message that I just put you every time it detects a loud noise, just in case you’re giving an order.

  • The sound quality differs a lot in both devices. The Amazon Echo has a speaker and Google Home has three speakers. Listening to your favorite song will like you much more in the loudspeaker of Google.
  • Finally, there is the quality of the translation. Amazon Echo is perfectly prepared to speak to you in Spanish, while Google Home presents some understanding problems and you have to talk a little more slowly.

Here I leave the debate on which is your favorite smart speaker. Will Amazon Echo ravage when it arrives in Spain ?, and Google Home? … do not forget that many people have our whole life in Google (Gmail, Drive, Photos, Calendar, Chrome, etc …), and this device is still a Complement more of the Google environment.

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