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The Worst Conversion Rate Mistakes Small Businesses Make

written by Walter Ponce June 21, 2017

If your online sales are consistently falling behind the targets you’re setting yourself, then it’s time to look at your approach to conversions. Most small businesses could be doing a better job at finalizing their deals, thanks largely to the number of different factors that can affect a customer’s decision making. Here, we’ll go over some of the most damaging conversion rate mistakes you could be making, and some advice on fixing them.

Forgetting About Site Speed

The speed of the website you use for selling matters for a couple of reasons. First of all, Google has been using loading speed as a ranking factor for some time. If you want your site to climb those SERPs, it’s essential that your visitors can view it as fast as possible after clicking the title tag. Two seconds or under is usually a good rule of thumb. When conversions are the priority, however, you’ve got one more reason to try and create a site that loads in a flash. Just one second of delay can lose around 7% of your conversions. The modern consumer, as it seems, is very impatient! It may not be the most exciting part of running an online business, but there’s no denying that it’s one of the most important.

Forgetting Core Marketing Principles

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Obviously, digital marketing is different to more traditional forms of marketing. We’re now able to track customer behavior, draw patterns from it, and use this to target segments of the market more effectively. Click here for more information on these facets of modern marketing. However, it’s still marketing, and the core principles have to make it into your CRO strategy. A lot of small business owners tend to put too much emphasis on the modern, strictly digital elements of a website, and not enough on the various basic principles that should always guide any act of marketing. Make this mistake, and it’s certain to cost you sales. This issue is usually the most visible in brands’ content marketing strategies. Make a point to read up on the approaches to content marketing that work for different niches, and check out some websites that are applying these more traditionally-aligned tactics. Soon enough, you’ll begin to pick out distinct patterns that you can apply to your own campaigns.

Cutting Prices to Increase Sales

One of the most common misconceptions tied to modern marketing is that offering discounts is always a good way to bump up sales. In reality, there are countless better ways to bolster your online conversions. When you cut your prices in an effort to increase sales, you can start a price war with your close competitors. This is more trouble than it’s worth, especially for small businesses. Secondly, offering discounts will never succeed in building valuable relationships and attracting a lot of long-term customers. In trying to increase your conversion rates in the long run, all you’ll really do is bring in a short spurt of customers, most of whom are just looking to save a few bucks.

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