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Your Business Identity: The Worthwhile Struggle

written by Walter Ponce June 23, 2017

The concept of identity is something that we all need to grapple with when it comes to marketing our businesses. The reality of the situation means that with people relying on you to pay their checks and to keep the business ticking over every month, things like identity can slowly make their way to the bottom of the priority list. But identity, as unimportant it may seem when you compare it to the more pressing daily tasks, is something that will equate to big sales and effective marketing. If you’re a startup, you can be guilty of not putting in as much effort into your identity, and larger businesses can fall afoul of not making the most of their resources to assess if their identity is still relevant to their customer base. So why is identity so important?

Identity = Brand

Simply put, your business identity links into everything, or at least, it should. The identity is peppered all over everything, from your marketing to your product, to your employees. The best brands are reliable, trustworthy, and expected to deliver the goods each and every time. In order to establish your identity, you have to go back to the business plan and examine what it is that has gotten away from you. We make subtle accommodations to our product or our services as time goes on, but does this mean that you have strayed too far from what made your business unique? You may have been blindsided by profit and made too many compromises. It doesn’t matter what type of business you run, from a farmers market to a real estate company, you should make the efforts to keep your identity intact from the start.

Identity = Marketing Simplicity

Marketing your company through every social networking channel, on every TV, every streaming service can be an effective way of getting the word out there. This is great if you have the money to pay for an effective marketing campaign, but for those that need to concentrate their efforts, their identity will be the thing to get people hooked, rather than catchy gimmicks and showy commercials. This is why your website is still the best way to put across your whole ethos. If you look at this article about real estate marketing mistakes, the article explains about the importance of owning your own website and that you have control over your brand and identity. Once you have your website fighting fit, this will be your main weapon in achieving your identity and maintaining control over your output. Once your identity has been carved out, the ability to decide how to market becomes a simpler, more concentrated effort.

Identity = Custom

The end product of every marketing campaign is more customers. Once you have established your identity, you have figured out your company ethos, your caliber of employees, your whole setup, and everything falls into place easier. Your customers want to know that they can trust you, so you have two options. You can build up an identity using smokescreens and detailed marketing strategies which cost time and money, or you can be transparent. Transparency is something a lot of businesses are focusing on internally to implement a more holistic running of companies, but transparency lends itself well to things like vlogs and online content because people will see the true personality of your company. People will always like to buy products because they like the people there, and yes, the product has something to do with it too! But people want to see who they’re buying from, which taps into the most important thing across the branding, the running of the business, and the products themselves, trust! If there is no trust in place, you won’t have any custom. Make the identity one that can be trusted and the rest will almost fix itself. And it’s easy to say that this needs to be done, implementing it is not so easy. It takes time and effort to work on bringing people around to the fact that they can trust you over your rival, and it needs to be done in an organic and grassroots manner.

It’s something that we all struggle with, but finding your business’ identity is a worthwhile struggle. It’s like finding your voice, and once you have managed to crack open that nut, it makes everything so much easier, from the marketing to the internal processes. It can be a long journey, but as time goes on, you learn, and you implement new ideas, and that perfect image gets nearer and in reach.

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