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10 Things NOT-To-Do With Amazon’s Affiliate Program

written by Walter Ponce July 5, 2017

After many years working on affiliate marketing and run different successful niche sites selling quite a lot of products I have detected which are the best practices to make money online.

Every time you have too keep yourself updated so you need to research and research. This is why after visited and inspected many Amazon affiliate websites I discovered that most of them repeat the same mistakes over and over again.

What you will discover

  • The most common mistakes that Amazon affiliates do
  • How not to be banned from Amazon Associates program
  • The best tips for writing content and prepare the call to actions for affiliate marketing
  • Do branding in order to appeal more credible and trustworthy

NOT-To-Do List for Amazon Affiliates

1. Only Having Reviews

If your site looks like a sales page instead of a resource for readers, most people are going to leave immediately.

Ensure you’ve educational content about your niche, this is really important. Even with this educational content you can still make money with affiliate links.

If you have a review site and you talk about computer screens, write about how to buy or how to do the maintance of the computer screens.

Talk about it as much as you can and in the end you can promote a computer screen tutorial through Clickbank.

This will ensure that your site look like a good resource for readers, shows Google that you’re an authority site  and not just selling point and it’s a good opportunity to generate more traffic in your niche.

Mayve these visitors will not have buyer intent,but  a lot of them will end up reading your other articles and getting your Amazon cookie.

2. Posting Too Short Content

I remember that in 2012, affiliate marketing was quite easy. Just ordering a 500 word article for $5, add some photo and your affiliate link and with a little bit of work, you could be ranking for your longtail keyword.

In 2017 this is not working anymore, but many people are still doing it.

Why are huge articles as homepages so popular? Because it works?

Just look at NichHacks, likely one of the biggest Niche Affiliate websites. Every single article and they have is upwards of 4,000 words, sometimes even over 90,000.

Put your longtail keywords and write one big 3,000 word article on the subject and do some link-building. Your will see how traffic will increase substantially.

No post should be under 1,000 words.

3. Keyword Stuffing

Yes, this strategy is from the 80′ but its still relevant. It’s good for SEO to have your pages named with keywords and it’s even better to have them in the menu with keywords as internal links.

Sure you may get a better rankings from this little “strategy” but it will kill the user experience of the site in most cases and you site will look spammy for the reader.

Stick to the basics and use categories like “Make Money” “Price Ranges” “Brands” “Reviews” “How-To” “Tech” and so on and so forth.

It’s getting more difficult to get visitors on the site, so please don’t make your site look like spamming. You will regret and loose quite a lot of traffic later.

4. Don’t use Listing Prices

This is a big common mistake and also you can get banned from Amazon Associates. Basically they made a rule on the conditions that mention you are not allowed to state the exact prices on your content.

They change their prices quite often and a lot of affiliates don’t update the old posts on their niche sites….so products can get misrepresented…

I know that this can be tempting because they offer crazy discounts…but its not worth the risk.

Also, something important is that you place the price on your website the readers will maybe have not the interest to go the Amazon because they already know the price, so you will loose the click.

Most of my Amazon Affiliate clicks come from review posts and I never place the prices because I know that if they are interested on the product, they will click and go to Amazon.

If you mention the price, they will loose the reason to click to Amazon and you’ve lost a potential 24-hour cookie that might lead to a sale.

5. Get an Affiliate Disclosure

Every single site that promotes even one product from Amazon needs the affiliate disclosure.

This is another way to get your Amazon Affiliate account banned. I usually add it to the footer of my sites in a small font, but it’s also okay to create a separate “disclosure” page.

Here’s the text you have to add:

“[Insert your name] is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to [insert the applicable site name (amazon.com)].”

6. Don’t Forget Link to Amazon

I know it sounds stupid but needs to be mentioned.

For sure you have your content well writen and you have spent time generating this content. Every time you mention a product, every time you have a picture and every time you’ve said something good about it – include a call to action and a link to Amazon.

I ahve seen many affiliates having good content and amazing blogs but later they forget to link to amazon…It sounds stupid but it’s true. Don’t be afraid, you will not get penalized for having many affiliate links, this is not the kind of problems that you should worry about.

The only thing that you need to be careful is tagging the links as nofollow. I usually have 1 link to amazon for each 150 words. So do your numbers…

7. No Social Activity

Social activity is really important for readers and potential customers.

When you’ve a Facebook fan page for your niche website and have 10 likes on it then please don’t add it to the sidebar of your site.

It’s basically telling to the reader that they’re the first people to ever visiting you and it makes them insecure.

Getting comments on niche sites is pretty hard until you’ve hit the top position for your main keywords.

There’s an easy way to solve this: Go to your WordPress comments feature, click edit on any spam comment, change the comment, add a new name and write your own comment!

Try to add at least 2-5 fake comments and people will not only trust your website a little more, they’ll also be more likely to leave a comment.

8. Investing In Design

Create a new online business it can be something cheap, but this does not mean that you don’t need to spend anything.

Amazon Affiliates has become really popular for affiliates since more than 8 years ago, there are many many sites on the internet, and trust me, average person is starting to recognize them.

Please….don’t use Html websites like in the 90’…. and stop using the default WordPress Themes or the pre-installed. This looks not professional and average people knows that it can be an affiliate site. Also spend some time in your content and how it looks on the site.

Whether this means investing in a great, premium theme or hiring a designer is up to you, but something needs to change.

Having a good-looking affiliate site will help you:

  • Get more conversion
  • Attract more backlinks

9. Exact Match Domain Instead of Brand

EMD names still work in 2017, there’s no doubt about that.

Even after Google devalued the name on domains, when you look at the top results on Google for low competition keywords, the benefits are still huge.

But there is a problem when you do Affiliate Marketing and limits the potential of your site.

An EMD locks you down in one niche and there’s not much you can do about it.

Get a brand name and once you’ve dominated your niche, you’ve got authority and plenty of room to tackle other markets.

For example, if your initial niche is power banks, don’t start with “powerbanks.com” but go for something like “Techypower.com”

10. Don’t Leave Dates On your Articles

You might be thinking…this must be a joke…. BUT You MUST hide the dates on all of your reviews and articles.

Most of the reviews and content you’ll post on the website or blog is new, but that’s not the way the reader will see it.

If you’re looking to buy a new computer and read a glowing review from 2014, that’s not going to convince him to buy anything.

Please Delete the dates and you will increase conversions for sure. It is a long time strategy.


Is not worth it to take the risk breaking this 10 rules. You can get your associates account closed and this would be bad.

I know a lot of people receiving the email from Amazon with the start of:  “We regret to inform you…”.

These 10 tips are quite easy to follow and you can integrate them little by little in your day by day. Just learn from your mistakes and be a better affiliate marketer every day.

Leave your questions, comments and tell us if you are already doing this 10 rules.

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