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10 Website Upgrades to Increase Your Income Now

written by Walter Ponce July 17, 2017

Your website is like your business. You need to keep doing upgrades and modifications in order to make more money. Is not enough just to create content.

This is why I’m going to share with you 10 upgrades you must do in your website in order to increase your income. I have tested this upgrades on some of my affiliate pages and I have seen some increases of 1,500% on my income!

Below are 12 website upgrades that you must do (it will take you only 60 minutes or less) that have the strength to generate more sales and your more income.

1. Relocate AdSense Placements For More Views (& More Clicks)

Google’s guidelines claim that you can have up to EIGHT AdSense ad units on a single page.

I’m not suggesting that you must have 8 banners on your website! Don’t be spammy!

But the thing is, they give you an opportuniy to work with, so optimizing your AdSense earnings is possible.

There is an hypothesis from Darren Rowse (the blogger behind ProBlogger) that the upper left corner is in fact where most site readers get most of their attention.

I’ve investigated and many other bloggers have tried this. They claim that the results are awesome, they manage to increase your income a 40% in Adsense based earnings.

It takes really little effort to just move your ad to another position. And this minor change can provide you much more money than before.

In order to change the placement of your Adsense ad, all you need to do is to get your HTML  code from your Adsense account. Then place it into your website on the placement you want. Don’t forget to delete the old code with the other ad units.

You can do this with other kind of ads, you can do the same update for Amazon, ClickBank or Sharesale ad units.

2: Use Personalised CTA’s For More Conversions

Personalization is the key, you can ask Nike that sells sneakers where NikeID make $100,000,000 a year. As long as there have been customers, you will be able to personalize.

People love to be treated different and don’t like to buy always the same as others. When it comes to trying to get new customers to take action (like buying), it’s one of the most powerfull strategies in your hand.

PersonalisedCall To Actions can be the key here. CTA doesn’t mean you need a button that says, “Hey Carles, click here, you lovable, handsome and awesome”.

What it means is that you need to personalize the message depending on the page-article they are. Providing more than just a “Check it here” or “Buy here”.

3. Add a Call to Action to Show What They Need to Buy

Getting traffic to your website can be challenging, you must know how difficult and time consuming is doing SEO. This is why not having a clear call to action in your articles can be dangerous.

Having one large call-out box to each page that you want to add an affiliate link just after your post talking about the product.

Just having a link between the words is not enough. People are not looking for hyperlinked keywords, they are looking for your opinion on a product or service. If you add visual link later, you have more chances to get clicks and conversions.

Making the call to action obvious and easy to follow, you will get more clicks, and therefore make more sales on Amazon.


4. Add an Advertisement in Your Sidebar for others to Purchase

If you have a fair amount of regular traffic on your site, this is really interesting thing.

Having a placement on your website on sell can be a good opportunity for making money. You can have a sponsor that will pay monthly for placing his banner on your site. If you have a good amount of traffic, you can expect a few hundred dollars per month.

It will take you less than 30 minutes to do this, just place a banner and a new page on the menu explaining the opportunity.

Share some relevant traffic numbers about views, engagement, click through rates and other data. Then you can place your price and if there is any brand or webmaster interested they can contact you.

It will be super interesting for people in your niche so it will be good for both parties.

5. Learn a New Copywriting Trick And Start Making More Money Every Month

Let’s be clear here…. If you don’t learn to write great copy, you may as well end your blog or website now.

Because if you are not able to write copy that get convertions, you’re maybe loosing the opportunity to make hundreds or increase your income even more. Don’t worry, you don’t need to be a Best Sellers writer.

You must learn some simple tricks that will make readers devour your content, and you will get conversions from your sales pages. It can make a big difference in order to make people stay on your page. Don’t forget that the longer they’re reading your post, the more likely they are to buy.

Don’t miss Brian Dean copywriting hacks blog post talking about it.

For this small trick, all you must to do is learn one new technique. Do this once a month and improve your writting skulls. In less than one year you will be able to write like a pro.

6: Segment Your List and Get More Click-Throughs

Your email list is full of different people, no matter the niche. Some of the people just want to get advice, some just want to get discounts or just to be updated.

Email segmentation is super effective, it’s one of the most overlooked strategies in email marketing.

How do you segment your lists?

Well, HubSpot has a list of 27 ways you can segment your list.

Combining that list with more MailChimp Data, these appear to be the most effective ways:

  • Interest Groups: This is by far the best way to segment your email list. But, it requires a lot of data of your customers. You can send to your list a small survey with the key questions. Like what are they interest, what they want to hear from you…etc.
  • Basic Field: This is the information that separates people in your database, like; Country, Job Type, Customer Type, Subscription Date.
  • Gender and Age: These have a different impact on how you write copy for your list. What works for a 20 year old man and a 45 year old woman are going to be super different. Take advantage and generate a copy that fits.

7. Get New Conversions Adding Links In Old Content

For sure you are having blog posts, on site pages, etc. – where a large chunk of your traffic is going to come from.

Actually, a few days ago I saw this article from HubSpot, they managed to boost their search traffic over 106% just optimising their old posts, increase your income is much easy with more traffic.

But in this case, you don’t need to uptimize the content just for increase your income. You must optimise the content in order to increase your income.

It’s very symple, you must add links to new products you recommended in to your old articles.

8: Use This Word To Improve Your Sales

People care more about whether the content will help them, not about the person who wrote it. (I’m sorry but it’s true!)

I read Neil Patel very often, but honestlty, I don’t care about him as a person. Basically because I’m interested in his thoughts and what he writes.

In the same way for sure you don’t really care about what I do outside of this blog (travel the world and drink mojitos).

Using the word because, can help you to increase conversions.

There was a psychological study  that showed people responded good to any request or command that had justification:

  • Can I use your car? Because I just need to go buy bread.
  • Can I take your brother on a date? Because I can’t go to this wedding on my own.

As odd as it sounds, justifications work in real life. Let’s apply this principle on blogging:

  • You need to use Facebook as a marketer for the simplicity of connecting with people
  • Try Followadder because you will get 1,000 followers tomorrow.

You can use this strategy in your articles to justify why people need to carry on reading your blog, or why  they should get a specific tool or software in order to make more money.

9: Get More Your Conversions By Letting People Say No

It may seem logical in sales to push people to saying yes, and giving them no option….. But what’s more powerful is giving them the option free to say no.

By using the phrase, “But you are free…”. you can get double conversions. An analysis at the Western Illinois University looked at 45 studies using this sentece, that covered around 22,000 people.

They found that when But you are free was used conversions doubled! I know…it sounds crazy…but you can try!

Here’s a few examples:

  • This software is only available for $50 for the next 22 hours, but you are free to wait and pay full price in 22h
  • Having our discount card will give you 20% off all products, but you are free to shop without it
  • We’d love you to sign up to our newsletter, but you are free to use the site without doing it

Try add this sentence into a page with CTA’s and watch your conversion rates grow and increase your income.

10: Animated Emoticons For More Email Opens

More and more brands have started to use emoticons on the newsletters. This can allow you to get more unique open rates and I have read some reports that you can increase evena 20% overnight.

The success of this strategy is the massification of mobiles and that the people opens the email on their phone.

Images are processed 60,000x faster than words, this make people make a decision op opening your email.

Include the emoticons in your subject lines to get more open rate and attract much more attention.


Ten ways to improve your affiliate site in less than 60 minutes and see overnight boosts increase your income.

Here they are again in short, to save you reading the article all over again:

  1. Relocate AdSense Placements For More Views (& More Clicks)
  2. Use Personalised CTA’s For More Conversions
  3. Add a Call to Action to Show What They Need to Buy
  4. Add an Advertisement in Your Sidebar for others to Purchase
  5. Learn a New Copywriting Trick And Start Making More Money Every Month
  6. Segment Your List and Get More Click-Throughs
  7. Get New Conversions Adding Links In Old Content
  8. Use This Word To Improve Your Sales
  9. Get More Your Conversions By Letting People Say No
  10. Animated Emoticons For More Email Opens

Which one are you going to use first to increase your income?

Let me know in the comments below.

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