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4 Warning Signs That Prove You’re Not Ready To Start An Internet Business

written by Walter Ponce August 17, 2017

When you want to start a business on the Internet, I think you should be very clear that your attitude should be appropriate, because in the first moments you are facing a very big challenge.

You will be given a phase in which you are investing, money and be very clear – many hours of work. And at the beginning (let’s say the first 6 months as an initial average), the normal thing is that you do not yet see the fruits of this work.

To set up a business in solitary, can give the sensation that nothing advances to the suitable rate, that everything is complex, and veryyyyy slow.

The frustration of the lack of resources

If you worked before as an intermediary in a large company, the shock can be brutal and generate a lot of frustration for you. Before you had a team and a budget to undertake projects, everything went relatively fast, despite the bureaucracy always present in the big company.

Now alone in your own project, you will discover the reality of undertaking projects without means. The tempo is very different altogether. Not because of your lack of preparation, but because of lack of means.

Are you resilient and realistic?

So if you have to wait 6, or sometimes 12 or 18 months before seeing the results of this investment you have made, having a positive mindset – this entrepreneurial attitude so often quoted – is something that helps.

Just as it is essential to have realistic expectations from the start line, not to be disappointed by the reality of day to day, and throwing away all your motivation to see that each month do not achieve the objectives set.

Having helped a lot of people in recent years to develop their own projects, I have come across a series of symptoms or signs that trigger all the alarms in me because they usually show that this person is not yet mentally ready to jump into this great Adventure of entrepreneurship.

Are You Really Ready To Start An Internet Business?

Let’s identify 4 alarm signals. And if you plan to set up a micro business on the Internet, it is very important that you do not have any of them on these 4 parameters.

Alarm # 1: You want guarantees

Sorry to say that there is no such thing. When you undertake, there is no guarantee. There are a lot of parameters that make that, even following the same methodology of the same mentor, two people can have opposite results.

I believe that the ability to execute this methodology is key and depends on many things.

First, it depends on the niche where you decide to locate it, because there are many people who are wrong to position themselves in a niche because they think it is better to generate money, but they do not know anything about this subject or have any interest in it. This lack of motivation and experience in the subject is something that eventually “transpires,” and readers soon realize that the author does not have much to contribute.

It will also depend on the path of each person: both your training and your professional experiences help you react differently to the problems.

Knowledge workers generally have to use our “brain” to solve problems and overcome challenges, and you know that each person’s brain is totally different from other people’s. It will also depend on the ability to assimilate the concepts, the clarity of the messages, the art with which you can communicate with your audience.

I return to what I said before: what you do when you set up a business is to experiment, is to learn in one’s own way, is to have the ability to analyze what is happening at each moment and to redirect the business towards a more fruitful course for the future. This capability is called “pivoting”. You are advancing in unfamiliar territory, not knowing what awaits you. So prepare yourself to have no control.

When undertaking, the best thing you can do is walk on the road every day a little more, explore everything you can and forget about any kind of guarantees as soon as possible.

Alarm # 2: Do you need money in the short term?

I understand that there is a lot of pressure because of the crisis: maybe you are ending the unemployment, you do not find work and you launch a little to this to undertake, looking for an exit as self employment, rather than as a business project really Well designed and planned for some time.

You try to reinvent yourself, to invent your own job; But you must be very clear that there is no way (or at least I do not know any) to make money fast on the Internet.

There is no magic formula, it is not the work of a magician, nor is it a lottery.

If you decide to set up a blog, it will take at least 3 to 6 months before getting some visibility, and say at least 12 months to monetize the audience that you have managed to add around your proposal. More of the same, if you bet on an online store, even if you start selling props much earlier, developing a continuous stream of income over time on the Internet takes time.

So do not expect a path of roses in which you find yourself drinking mojitos on the beach without doing anything while the money automatically enters your bank account.

If you have this in mind, it is important that you think about your idea, even though I am not saying here that undertaking in the cloud is meaningless or not feasible. Obviously it is, but not in 3 months.

So please, have fair expectations and at the beginning.

When you start a Internet business from scratch, it is learning, learning and learning. You should not have the pressure to generate income for next week.

Alarm # 3: You are not willing to sacrifice anything

Be very clear that setting up a business requires sacrifice. Normally it costs you all your time and also some money.

This is the norm, but if we are comparing what an internet business can cost you versus what a traditional offline business can cost you, it is true that entry barriers have fallen through the floors. Now you’re going to spend the fifth, the tenth or the hundredth part of what you can spend, for example, in a traditional business that needs a local, its conditioning, buy merchandise stock, payment system, employees.

On the Internet you can set up a Internet business that will cost you about 100 $ per month, for example, but it will still consume all your time. And whatever you do will mean something else that you will not be able to do, with which there is a cost of opportunity here that is always going to be high.

Even if you do not invest a lot of money in your business, your level of commitment must be total and be clear that you will have to sacrifice some things; If you invest time, maybe you will have to give up certain leisure activities, like watching TV, or napping, etc.

And above all, it is important that you build your business with the support of your partner or your family, because it is also obvious that during the initial phases you will not have the same availability as when you were on vacation with them; Then it is important to talk about all this and not jeopardize the integrity of your family group.

Alarm # 4: You’re Allergic to Technology

Do you want to start a business on the Internet but are totally allergic to technology? I know. It seems crazy. Well you can not imagine the thousands and thousands of people who fall into this category. Or maybe it is that I enter all on the blog. I dont know.

In this case, you face a big problem, although it is true that more and more cloud-hosted solutions (SaaS type) make the learning curve shorter. Even so, online businesses require technical skills and also desire to learn everyday.

If you think of a tool as simple as a blog, it means that you will have to be able to manage and dominate the blogging platform (WordPress in this case), surely you will install Google Analytics to measure visits, you will have to learn to analyze what you Indicate the data provided by this tool. You will also have to upload your sitemap to Google Webmasters Tools to facilitate the indexing of your blog, seo, social media, etc.

It is true that if technology gives you fear and if you feel a lot of respect for these issues, the best thing you can do is to train yourself. But overcoming this scenic fear of technology can cost you a few formations and almost a year of your life.

So, if you really have the dream of establishing yourself in the cloud, you must be ready to take on this investment to overcome the technological fear before starting. I continue to learn every day at a technological level, since these platforms are being updated every day, they are changing little by little and it is something that never stops.

If you feel more comfortable relating to people face to face, talking to them, touching them, looking into their eyes, you should consider starting a traditional business where you can get more out of your skills and the things that fill you most.

Have you done the internet business test?

Do the internet business test right now to know if you’re ready to start a business on the Internet:

Do you have a short-term need for money ?: Yes / No
Do you want guarantees before you start ?: Yes / No
Are you not willing to sacrifice anything in your current life ?: Yes / No
Are you allergic to technology ?: Yes / No

From my point of view, if you are positive in any of these 4 criteria, I would recommend reconsidering your idea of ​​starting an Internet business right now, perhaps review your expectations and / or even postpone the time to start your business.

In the first 6 months of your project life, attitude – the famous entrepreneurial mindset – is everything. It is the one that will allow you to continue on your way despite the bad news, despite the doubts that assail you every week, despite the frustrations derived from the slowness to which everything goes (yes, when you do not have Resources everything goes very slow).

Finally, in difficult and tense moments, your resilience (resistance to pain / problems) is essential to overcome adversity. You will have to have optimism and some faith in you and your project.

I invite you to share with me the results of your internet business test: Are you ready to start an Internet business?

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