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AmaSuite 5 Review + 100$ DISCOUNT: The Best Amazon Tool

written by Walter Ponce June 13, 2017

This powerful platform for Mac or Windows PC software is build to seek and analyze all the top 100 categories from the US and UK in Amazon!

Are you starting out and have no idea what to sell on Amazon? Or maybe you want to do your niche website and you don’t know in which products you should focus? Then you have to use Ama – Top Product Analyser. This tool will help take you from a good insight and narrow your possibilities down to a handful of options that you can research in more depth.

How AmaSuite 5 Works?

The tool works by helping you to start seeking various sub categories on Amazon in order to identify the best selling products, and just with a simple navigate dashboard.

Once you get the idea of which products you want to sell, you will need to use Ama Search Analyser to do a keyword searches and perform research for each individual product.

Its important to know, not just the most selling products, also is key to analyze the reviews of this products. Ama Review Analyser can help you to discover ways to improve your product and differentiate from the other sellers. If you analyze the reviews of best selling products you can easily determine what people like and dislike and use that opinions to improve your product or site.

Another good feature is the Keyword Generator, you can quickly find the most popular searched keywords from Amazon and other major retailers.

Get full access to all the Amasuite version 5  for just $297 .. $197 ( SAVE $100 )

Ali Inspector is really cool as well. It helps you search in Aliexpress to find potential products. You can source inexpensively to sell on Amazon. For my readers, you will remember I talked about the Best Aliexpress plugin in Amazon, you can take a look at it if you want to start selling Aliexpress products.

AmaSuite 5 can be for any marketer, affiliate or seller who need to sell products effectively. Even a newbie in affiliate marketing or in E-commerce can use this product due to the full support it bring and start making money right away.

Are you looking for products to sell on Amazon?

Then you need to use Ama Top Product Analyzer to discover the top performing products that are hidding so deep down into ANY sub-category!

Using the filters along with the good customizable opportunity score feature, you can easily uncover the exact products  that you should be doing affiliate or selling on Amazon that can provide you big money!

  • It can be used on Mac and Windows PC
  • Quickly find top selling products to sell or promote in affiliate marketing through the Amazon
  • You can see the data for the Best Sellers, Hot New Releases, Top Rated, Most Gifted, Movers & Shakers and Most Wished For!
  • You can use around 200-300 daily proxies
  • Export the reports to interactive HTML containing the affiliate link that you can sell
  • It contains Over 67,200 categories for Amazon US & UK combined

In this latest version AmaSuite 5, you get the overall rank and category for every single product!

This allows you to pin-point hidden niches with masterful precision!

AmaSuite 5 Review: The best features

Instant Category Search

Finding specific sub-categories with AmaSuite is very easy, with Ama Top Product Analyzer you can instantly seek over 37,000 built-in category for any product or keyword you are looking for!

In just seconds you can search sub categories that you didn’t even know existed. Stop wasting hours searching through sub-categories on Amazon and let the software do it for you with blazing speed!

You can dig down into any top 100 category as far as you want, there are NO category limits!

There are currently NO other software tools that have the ability to search all amazon category levels for all of the top 100 lists!

Get full access to all the Amasuite version 5  for just $297 .. $197 ( SAVE $100 )

Amazing FAST Filter Technology

AmaSuite is super easy to get the EXACT data you are looking for!

To easily get what you are seeking, use the blazing fast one-click filters that you will find at the top of every column, they have integrated a lot of pre-configured instant filters, so this will help you to uncover the good affiliate products you should be selling. You can also save all the filters using the “Data Filters” window.

With this option you can create your new filters and then keep using  making your research even FASTER!

Export to Interactive Reports in HTML

These reports can be exported and are contained within a single web file giving you the oportunity to view, sort and seek the data, directly inside the report file. This is super usefull.

Get Total Control Over Your Data

In this latest version they made it easier than ever for you to customize the software to get the data you need!

One of my favorite features is that you can export data files with your Amazon affiliate links! Then, you can sell or give away the exported data files with your affiliate link, giving you the opportunity to make money with this software.

Discover the Best Statistics in One Click

In this new versionAmaSuite 5, includes the new Ama Top Product Analyzer and the Ama Search Analyzer, you will be able now to select any kind of columns containing numbers, and instantly see the statistics of the chosen data.

This can be very useful when you are looking for an entire top best sellers category that contains profitable products, by waching the average best seller’s rank for the hole category.

Amazing Layout & Easy to Use

This software have a beautiful layout that allows you to simple control the interface. It’s so simple that you just need to  enter your keyword and clicking the “Start” button!

In order to find those gems, I recommend you to use the price range, product discount features and average customer rating.

New Features for the Columns

Now you have more control over what columns you want to analyze, easily select which column you want to hide or show using the easy “columns” button. Also, now you can move columns to where you want. If you want to see the opportunity score or the category rank first, its not a problem, simply drag-n-drop columns.

Get Product History Data!

In both the Ama Top Product Analyzer and Ama Search Analyzer software, you can now view complete product history for nearly every product on Amazon!

Simply right-click any product row and select “Product History” to magically see even more awesome data such as product rank & price history over the past several months!

New Proxy Features

For the “ninja” users, in Amasuite 5, you have the new feature to use internet proxies when you extract data points from Amazon.

You also will get DAILY new fresh proxies updated directly into the tool. So you can download fresh new proxies delivered from the Amasuite servers.

Also, you can get thousand free proxies from different online sources built for the software. You don’t need to use other proxy software, with simply point and click you get 4,000+ proxies instantly!

Get full access to all the Amasuite version 5  for just $297 .. $197 ( SAVE $100 )

Powerful Statistics with ONE Click

With the Ama Top Product Analyzer,  you can use the built-in statistics feature allowing you to get the sum, average, max, and min information of selected cells in any column containing numerical information.

This is SUPER powerful in the Ama Search Analyzer. Let’s say you are trying to seek out what keywords to add in your product listings, so that your product will show on the first page of search results on amazon for your main keyword.

Its easy, enter the keyword into the Ama Search Analyzer, choose only 1 page to extract, and then check at the average Main Rank for all the Amazon products on the first page. If the average rank is not to high, then you should have a chance to put YOUR product on the first page of the results, so you can get a massive number of daily sales to your products.

Get Keyword Insights

You must simply double-click in any keyword and the corresponding Google insights data will appear in a built-in browser for quick check. They also integrated the option to enter multiple keywords so you can build larger targeted keyword lists much easier.

Also, they added a new “Instant Search” option allowing you to filter the results as you type in real-time, thats really cool!

Therefore, you can easily search your keyword lists by rank and discover the BEST keyword opportunities on Amazon.

Keyword Rank Score

You can see the top performing searched keywords organized by the keyword rank score. This gives you a scale of how popular are the keywords based on the average keyword position that appears in a given eCommerce search.

This information cannot be found anywhere else on the web, not even Google!

Endless HOT Product Ideas!

This brand new powerful tool allows you to uncover the BEST product for private label as an Amazon seller. This powerful software can be used to extract product reviews and check the benefits and inconvinients of the products, giving you the opportunity to come up with 100’s of  the best private label products to sell on amazon.

Sophisticated Word Anlayzer Tool

You can quickly analyze repeating keyword combinations that appear through-out thousands of the reviews. You will see what people “hate” or “love” about any product in Amazon. Then use that data to private label other products that FIX those problems.

Using the Word Analyzer allows you to save hundreds of hours checking through hundreds of reviews for several products. You will NEVER get another sophisticated tool that can analyze a lot of reviews in just seconds like this anywhere else.

Integrated “Stop Words” List!

This option reduces the “useless” keyword combinations that don’t mean anything. This feature deletes the useless junk giving you only the good stuff you really want.

The tool comes with 185 predefined stop keywords by default, giving you the results you are looking for.

Also, you can enter your own stop words and save it to a text file for easy access.

Get full access to all the Amasuite version 5  for just $297 .. $197 ( SAVE $100 )

Instant Preview Feature!

You can preview all the reviews that have the corresponding word combination. This allows you to save around 100’s of hours manually seeking through hundreds of opinions trying to find the information you need.

You can see each and every rating containing the keyword combo generated by the “Word Analyzer” tool. The ratings are shown in your web browser giving you access to your web browser’s find option.

You can choose a range of 1 to 10 of words that contain each word combination. Choosing a higher number of keywords can reveal some very word combinations.

This software does all the hard work allowing you to save hundreds of hours seeking through thousands of product opinions.

NEW Blazing Fast Search & Filters!

With the “instant search” option you can seek what you are looking for as you are typing in real time. No more fumbling through hundreds of products seeking for specific keywords. Now you will instantly get the results as you type.

Also, you can use the built-in column quick filters to get down the search results based on reviews, number of comments, and helpful ratings.

Download AliExpress Products

They updated this and made it easier, you can put the products you want into your eCommerce store. Use the “Download Assets” feature to download the product images, product description and text description HTML content onto your pc with just one-click.

You get all the details regarding the product as well as the HTML information of the product provided in good easy-to-access files that will be saved to your folder.

Use this content file to update the product listing details on your eCommerce store. Also, you can use the HTML content to post the description into your product description.

Download Reviews for Shopify

They provide a video tutorial on how simple it is to do. Just enter the AliExpress product link and your Shopify product store link. ThenAli Inspector will generate a properly formatted document that you can import directly into your Shopify store.

You can choose to download all positive reviews or any other review you desire.

You must know that using real positive product reviews can increase your sales conversions a lot for your eCommerce!

Get full access to all the Amasuite version 5  for just $297 .. $197 ( SAVE $100 )

Exclusive Bonuses Of AmaSuite 5:

Bonus 1: Amazon Sellers Training Course

This bonus course allows you to learn quickly through the process of selling private label products (Amazon) from the begining to the end. You will have video content where you’ll see how you can take advantage of your AmaSuite in order to help you find products, get reviews or research the competitors.

If you prefere, you can download the videos on your computer or just watch each video online. These is the main content of the Bonus Course:

  • 1 – Introduction on Amazon: In this first module you’ll learn why you should sell physical products on Amazon before to start your ecommerce. You’ll also learn three important rules that you must follow for any kind of business in order to get freedom in your life. They’ll also explain how to create your own private label product.
  • 2 – How to choose the right product: In this second module you will see how to find the perfect product to sell on Amazon. It’s important that you try to differentiate yourself from the other competitors already available on Amazon using the feature Ama Review Analyzer. With the Ama Search Analyzer and  Ama Top Product Analyzer you’ll be able to do your search more faster in order to find the perfect product.
  • 3 – How to find a supplier: In this module you will see how to find a supplier using the Ali Inspector tool in order to shorten your time spent searching on AliExpress. They’ll also talk  about how to find suppliers to do bulk large orders using Google or Alibaba. You will be able to calculate your costs and something that they cover in this video while picking the right supplier.
  • 4 – How to sell on Amazon: In the fourth module you’ll see how to create the account with Amazon Seller Central so for your product listing. Also the central elements of creating a successful product listing, with you will get a great conversion rate. You’ll learn how you can use the ama Keyword Generator to get you keyword ideas for your listing and start using Amazon sponsored ad campaigns (very usefull).
  • 5 – How to get reviews on Amazon: In the fifth module they’ll show how to get usefull reviews for your product on Amazon with 3 core methots. Reviews are super important for conversions and the higher your listing converts the more keywords you will rank and more sales you’ll generate. (COOL! :))
  • 6 – How to scale your business: In the sixth video you will learn the high level strategies for reaching your business from one product to scaling to multiple products. You’ll also see why you need to stick to the same category when you start selling, why you must reinvest your revenue if you want to really grow your business and more cool strategies for long term success.

Bonus 2: Amazon Affiliate Training Course

AmaSuite 5 have recently created a new training course and content showing everything from how to research, to choose products, get traffic (paid or not), with powerful and effective content!

Again, as we mention in this AmaSuite review, if you prefer, you can download the videos on your computer or just watch each video online. These is the main content of the Bonus Course:

  • Video 1 – How To Seek An Amazon Niche: You’ll see about the most important topic of Amazon affiliate marketing which will talk about the groundwork that determines your success or failure with the affiliates. Even if you’re ninja marketer you should definitely watch this video.
  • Video 2 – How to START an Amazon website: You’ll see how to configure and set up your Amazon blogs or sites using WordPress. Also, you will learn how to setup these sites and get massive free traffic for earning the highest affiliate commissions.
  • Video 3 –Build your niche or authority sites: In this module you’ll learn the pros and cons of building a lot of smaller websites (that together can add up to a lot of bugs) or whether you must focus on building a handful of larger authority websites.
  • Video 4 – Why Amazon review websites are the best: Website traffic from google to product review related keywords must be treated like gold –these people want to buy what you’re selling (YES!). In this module you’ll see what it takes to do a good product review blog and why these style websites are the best.
  • Video 5 – How to generate content for your website: You’ll see how the different types of articles you must write for your Amazon focused blogs. The content is super important for your niche and this module reveals which content strategies use on your websites.
  • Video 6 – How to use AmaSync: Now you can use AmaSync to import the different products you are seeking using the AmaSuite platform to help you automatically create WordPress articles sfor each product with pre populated Amazon affiliate links.
  • Video 7 – How to make money with Amazon blogs: You’ll see the tested principals for making the a lot of money with Amazon. The tactics revealed in this module are based on information collected from selling over $1 million dollars worth from Amazon’s affiliate program.
  • Video 8 – How to get traffic to Amazon: You’ll learn the link building strategies shared in the module are given for both niche and authority style websites to allow you drive free traffic from Google.


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