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Make Money Affiliate Program with pCloud Storage

written by Walter Ponce September 4, 2016

When it comes to make money online, the best way it’s promoting something of real substance and offers a great value. This is mainly true if you are in the niche of digital marketing or technology space and suggest services/products to your audience. With more users relying on smart phone devices for taking photos and data sharing, having a cloud storage is something that everyone needs.

If you are an affiliate marketer, this is where your chance comes in. For sure you heard about stories of celebrities being hacked and their personal information or photos being leaked online, now is more important than ever to have a cloud storage that simply isn’t going to cut it. Being an affiliate marketer, allows you to use such entertainment and technology news within your marketing campaigns is a great way to not only generate awareness to cloud storage services you might be promoting, it’s also a great way to generate more conversions in the process.

Today I am going to take a look at the cloud storage service pCloud.com. So far I can say that stands above the competition for not only include premium characteristics and encrypted security in place but also an really great affiliate program that give you 100% commission on referred sales as well! In this review I will to cover the different highlights and features of pCloud, while also I will test their affiliate program as well.

Why You Should Never Locate All of Your Data in One Place

  • You can lose all your information at once.
  • There is no backup if you do not have it in a second place.
  • You are compromising important and critical client information.
  • You can risk receiving legal action if someone’s identity is compromised.
  • You can lose control of what third entities could do with the information they steal.

All of these points are great reminders as why you definitely should have a backup plan for your critical data. Not only you are risking your data being stolen, you also risk your clients’ sensitive data arriving into the wrong hands. This can cost your credibility of your business and online reputation.

pCloud is the key

A good solution for your online backup needs is pCloud. With pCloud’s powerful online data storage solution in the cloud, you can have a lot of options at your fingertips that help you to safely and securely keep your information where you need.

The good thing about pCloud is that all your information is saved in the cloud so you can access to your critical files and data from virtually anywhere. You are no longer limited to have a storage device and connect it to your in order to retrieve what you need. Now, you can just connect into your pCloud account and easily access to all your files you need immediately.


Looking for Your Lost Files

One of the usual problems in saving data is in finding lost files. Sometimes you can misplace a file or folder even if you are very organized. The pCloud cloud based storage solution has its special search tool so that you can find temporarily any file in the cloud. They also have an friendly  platform in place for sorting, uploading and sharing content.

You can filter your files in a special way that you want, for example the format that you save them to. The files can be restored from a trash also for up to 180 days if you sign for the premium plan. I think this feature is well worth it if you discover you have deleted important files by mistake.

One of the things that I really like about pCloud is its ease-of-use. The interface is symple to use and practical as well. Just log into your system account from any web browser and access all of your files quickly and easily.

Cloud Multimedia

PCloud will not just save your files, it make them interactive. No matter which is the file format, you can interact with the files in the cloud. For example if you are accessing videos or pictures, there is an online media player that helps you to play the video or see the photos.

Download to your computer

If you are looking to work with specific files on your desktop, pCloud helps you to download a desktop app to work with your files on your computer. You can also install the mobile app for smartphone.

A cool thing is that when you are doing your backup, you can choose what you save and what you don’t. It’s not this kind of software that backup your entire hard drive. You  choose which files pCloud backs up for you. At the end, the control remains with you.

Let’s talk about security, there is a solution for that too. The pCloud protects your sensitive data by offering encrypted data. You can save your important data to your pCloud Crypto folder for extra security.


Costs of pCloud

You must be thinking right now…this service must be expensive…I have Good news for you! pCloud is free (for the 10GB version)! You even can gain more storage under the free plan. If you are an affiliate marketer looking to promote pCloud to your audience, this is a great incentive to get them interested. Users who need more complete plans, you can opt for the $3.99/month plan, which allows you the good 500GB of storage, as well as the ability to protect your share links and other options.

Then you have the Premium Plus Plan for $7.99/month that gives you a whole 1TB of space and live chat support.

For business, they have also a variety of other business plans that afford you even more options and access.


Make Money with the pCloud Affiliate Program

As I have mentioned earlier, the more legitimate and reliable offer or service is, the better options you should have in order to promote it. pCloud already have a solid platform and trusted network for cloud based storage, this should be an easy sell point for your audience — especially with the free initial signup offer.

Now let’s talk about money…Affiliates can earn a commissions up to 100% on every pCloud sale you refer to the affiliate program. You can also choose how you’re paid and how often. They have two options available:

  • 100% commission on the first month of each payment
  • Earn 20% recurring payment each month

If you really have high-quality traffic and are signing up for premium plans and looking around for more than just five months on average, the 20% recurring commission is a great deal for you. You can build up a nice side-income of commissions that keep coming in month after month.

Doesn’t’ matter if you are seeking join pCloud to use their storage and backup platform as a customer, or simply looking to join them as an affiliate marketer — you are in good hands both ways!

In order to success promoting pCloud, ensure to provide value in your content and marketing outreach. Every month you can see on the new reports personal attacks, iPhone breaches and cloud vulnerabilities. Use these information and stories to further push the priority of using a service like pCloud to maintain your important data safe.
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