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Make Money From Selling Leads

written by Walter Ponce June 15, 2017

Among the many online revenue generating models there is one that perhaps escapes the greater part of entrepreneurs, is there anyone who does not know what Adsense is or how they generate revenue with affiliate marketing?

Surely not for the truth is that are excellent methods of monetization for both microniches and a more serious blog, but if everyone is fighting there will not be complicated to generate income?

Well, I think so, that’s why today as you might have deduced by the title of the message we are going to talk about the generation and sell leads.

What is a lead

It is interesting that in the first paragraph of the article defines what a lead is and why we want to achieve it, I know that among the many readers of Joseph there will be some who know what it is, but I want to make an article so that all the senses.

Let’s say that simply a lead is a buying interest, something like an acceptance of the product and the sale price; Although we will see later that there are different types of leads.

For me are pontential customers interested in a specific topic. So you can imagine how valuable they are.

Imagine a home design company, they will be more than happy to recieve leads interested in home design… And more if this leads are located on the same city or country…. and you will be more than happy to receive money by sell leads.

Advantages and disadvantages of leads

Let’s move on to listing the advantages I see for this monetization model:

  • Niches little fought and relatively simple of rank (nothing is easy in this life, you know)
  • Simple structure to maintain: I have a web with 30,000 monthly visits that only generate me 100 euros a month in Adsense
  • Revenue passive, we will not say that they are passive at all, but you do not need to be on the web all day
  • Internet every day can be used more and the market can only grow, in addition to your page can sell leads 24 hours.

Surely I also miss some advantages, but there is no belief that everything is good because there are also black spots in these types of blog:

  • In most cases, you will have to focus on local because you will have to offer it locally
  • If the keyword has advertisers it is possible that you only receive a visit because they will go all Google ads
  • Depend on the niche, can it be over saturated

Setting up the business

The first thing is to find a niche, for what is used Keywords Planner or other Keyword Competitor Tool.

Once you find the keyword and placed in the tool you will get the search volumes, we look for less than 200 searches per month plus their long tail.

Sure it sounds like a little bit but I assure you it works well for the reason I told you before, you do not need to sell leads to much to earn more than a niche with Adsense.

If you already have several candidates the next step is to review the serp to analyze the competition, are pages well made? Do they have good content? Is there a directory?

All this will help you to choose niche although until you get to work you will never know how complicated or simple it is, try and experience!

Looking for your customer

Now you have to look for “customers” but remember that we are looking for someone who wants to buy our leads. In order to sell leads, you will need a buyer.

Do not forget that here your client is the service provider, ie: the plumber, home designer, painter, electronic store … so the first thing would be to think if someone you know is dedicated to the guild of your niche.

In case you do not know anyone or that is in another city that is not yours what I would do is contact those who already invest money in advertising: Adwords.

You make a list of the 2-3 that will be and you send them an email, the important thing is to close a price for each sale or request of budget that you send them.

Obviously here will greatly influence your negotiating power and the niche you sell, if painting a flat costs 1,000 $ you will have to ask for a commission according right?

What I usually do is put a commission for every budget that passes, say 5 $ for example; But in case the budget is accepted or directly contracted from my website is much higher.

Blog creation

I know that among you there will be some that is dedicated to web design and be able to make amazing pages but no, this is not the time to show off.

Here what we are looking for is a simple web in which it is possible to offer an X service and in which there is information so that a visitor can call or send an email to contract the service.

You do not need the web to do magic or anything like that so if you are not a crack at the quiet design, you should do these points:

  • Decide how you will be contacted: Phone? Mail? Each has its advantages and disadvantages; But the important thing is that they can get in touch with you.
  • Decide if you trust your client and put your contact details directly and that he will notify you every time there is a sale or if instead you prefer to be on top and that all the interested ones happen for you.
  • Clear texts, the client has to be able to contract the service or at least go as hot as possible to the email so you can generate money. If your website is diffuse they will not contact you and consequently you will not sell.

And once you have all this … ready! It does not have much more … at the end it is quite simple to explain and to execute, what is more complicated is to hit the nail on the first but do not forget that there is no easy money, so do not despair!


We have ended today a short article in which I have explained to you above how I sell leads to generate income as an alternative to Adsense, affiliates and traditional methods in which competition is brutal.

I hope you liked it and that you can experience them yourself to find out if you like them and if they are simple to achieve, of course I will love to know what you thought the article and if you already use the leads.

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