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7 Best SEO Tools for Webmasters

written by Walter Ponce April 8, 2017

We will discuss some of the most useful seo tools that every webmaster can use to improve a website.

1. Plagiarism Checker

As we all know copy pasted content is no longer accepted by google, we have to post a unique content to rank high in google. And not all of us write articles on their website by their own. Around 54% of webmasters hire a freelancer writer to publish articles to their websites. To make sure the content you received from a writer is ready to publish you must check its plagiarism ratio. If text is more than 75% unique you can add to your website without any risk. There is a lot of free and paid plagiarism software available online, e-g plagiarism checker by check-plagiarism.com. If you are using wordpress you can install some plagiarism checking plugin (plugins search).

2. Online Article Rewrite

It is hard for a webmaster to add posts to a website on regular basis, especially if you have 4-5 websites.  So only two options left, first you hire a freelancer article writer to add new posts to your website daily and this process is very expensive. Second option is that you can copy any article from the internet and re-write it. Well there are hundreds of free article rewriters available. According to us you should use article rewriter which also allows you to change words according to your need. Just like article rewriter by prepostseo.com. All you have to do is to copy and paste text in the input box and click on the rewrite button. That online tool will start rewriting your article and will show you a semi end product before you finalize it. You can choose words according to your need. Once you finished with editing you can then go for final step to copy and publish that rewritten article.

Please remember when you rewrite article using these tools, some grammatical errors also came. So use a grammar checker tool to correct to mistakes. Also never forget to check plagiarism of that new article.

3. Seo Score Checkers

I am talking about the seo score checkers that check mistakes in your webpage. Most of the webmasters ignore this on-page seo and only focus on backlinks. Well that’s not a good practice if you want to get some valuable position in search engines. There are many seo score checker available like seositecheckup.com, woorank.com, etc. you can use any of these seo mistakes checking tool to make your webpage 100% seo friendly for google and other search engines.

4. Ping Url Tool

This is also a very useful tool for websites, especially for new websites. As google and other search engines bots do not crawl new websites every day. So to make your webpage visible in the search engines quickly you have to ping your url to all those engines. It’s ture that you can submit a webpage directly from the google webmaster tool but problem comes when you have more than 2-3 urls and you want to ping those webpages to different 100+ search engines.

5. Website Authority Checker

After google stopped updating page rank, all backlinks that seo experts get are totally on website domain and page authority. Website authority is calculated by moz, and also they have a tool to check for website authority called Open Site Explorer. You can check DA and PA of any website from this tool. Only Problem with this tool is that it does not support multiple websites. You have to check authority of each website one by one. Well there are some bulk authority checker tools are available you can use those tools just like softo.org bulk authority checker tool.

6. Broken links Checker

Everyone knows broken links are red signal for a website ranking. And it is impossible to check each and every link in your webpage manually, if it is live or broken. So let those broken links checkers tools done this job for you. Just search online broken links checker tool in google and you will get many results for it.

7. XML sitemap Generator

Add each and every url to search engines OR let search engines to do this work, what you will prefer. I’m sure if you are not a silly person with 10 hours of spare time ever week, you will go for the second options. XML site maps help search engines to know how many new webpages created in your website, and when a specific webpage is updated last time. As there are some xml sitemap standards , so you have to follow them. Use some online xml sitemap generator tools to make that xml file for you and all you have to do is to submit that file in the google webmaster tool.


8. Ferzy – Keyword Difficulty Checker

Ferzy is a new keyword difficulty tool that helps you compiling an estimation of how difficult a keyword would be to rank on Google. I usually do a keyword reseach every time I write an article so it’s important to have a good a fast tool. In my opinion Ferzy is best keyword difficulty tool which allows you to get the whole imfomation for Keyword research. It provides you also the SEO difficulty. The price is really good as well, the competitors are charging much more for less features. You can read more on my Ferzy Review.

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