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Ferzy Review + 10$ Discount – The Best Keyword Difficulty Checker

written by Walter Ponce June 14, 2017

Being a Digital Marketer and Affiliate I always need to be updated and try new tools, its really important in order to optimize time and resources. Keyword research is the most important practice for SEO. A good keyword analysis can help you to increase your chances of good ranking. As you my know, after Google Keyword Planner Update it’s quite difficult to get good information even when you spend a lot of money in Adwords. I manage to find a new tool that checks keyword difficulty that is called Ferzy.

What is Ferzy?

Ferzy is a new keyword difficulty tool (Keyword Ranking Difficulty is the Competition between a number of blogs or sites ranking for a keyword. If competition is super high then you will need to work hard to rank that keyword), that helps you compiling an estimation of how difficult a keyword would be to rank on Google. I usually do a keyword reseach every time I write an article so it’s important to have a good a fast tool.

Ferzy is quite new but it has a lot of good features which I’m always looking for in a keyword research tool:

  • It helps you to rank better in SERP
  • It is very fast, really fast
  • Easy user interface.
  • It gives you a keyword difficulty rating for a selected keyword
  • You will get a lot of relevant Keywords
  • Ferzy analyzes all keyword data like Domain Authority, Keyword Difficulty, Page Authority, Monthly Searches in Google, CPC etc
  • A really cool feature: You can see the top ten domain ranked for a particular keyword
  • You can get information about the domain age (some of their competitors don’t have this info, this also gives an indication of keyword hardness)
  • The free version has 10 keywords search & 25 relevant keywords search per day (again some of their competitors don’t have this)


Ferzy Review: How it works?

The first thing you will see is the search box where you can type in a keyword or idea that I want to look up. The look and feel of the platform is really good and more important is that works pretty fast.

For this Ferzy review we will check the keyword analysis about the Keyword internet marketing that I need to consider in order to undertand how competitive is this keyword.

SEO Difficulty for Keyword internet marketing is 70 out of 100.

This value indicates that the Competition for this keyword is super hard. That Means if any other marketer tries to rank this keyword with his/her blog or site then needs the following factor to be considered:

  • Domain authority needs to be high (approx. 40 – 70)
  • Page authority should needs to be high.
  • The domain age should be at least 1 year old. A brand new domain can also be ranked if your content is good and have potential to be ranked.

Another relevant informatino provided by Ferzy is the sites that are already been ranked in Google for the first 10 results. You will be able to see a really valuable information for each domain:  DA, PA, Backlinks, Visits & Domain age etc.

These factors will help you to evaluate how difficult is the keyword and how much effort you will need in order to rank on Google.

Ferzy Keyword Analysis

Once we search for a keyword, we can instantly see long-tail keyword suggestions that are similar to our chosen keyword. We will have some valuable information like the CPC and searches per month.

If you look in the Google keyword planner tool for “internet marketing” (the keyword that we are using for this Ferzy review) it will throw back 49,500 searches. This is because it uses different variations and groups similar to the keyword together. I prefer to have the real volume of searches,  as I want the “exact” search volume for the keyword.

With this information we know that a lot of people are interested or looking for this keyword. Then we can start writing about it or deciding which affiliate product to sell.

You can filter keyword searches by country and change the language. You just need to click the three small dots in the upper right-hand side. Also you can sort by search volume or by CPC if you want to check which related keyword have more volume of searches or is less expensive.


SEO difficulty, domain age, PA and DA

If you take a look at the other part of the screen, as we mention before, this keyword has 68/100 of difficulty, which is very hard. Below you will find the scale of difficulty.

0 – 20: Very easy
20 – 30: Easy
30 – 40: Moderate
40 – 50: Moderate to hard
50 – 60: Hard
60 – 80: Very Hard
80 – 100: Almost impossible

Ferzy is able to analyze all the available information for that keyword in real time and tries to compute it into one single number. This allows you a fast and easy assessment of that keyword competition.

A cool feature is that you can “spy” the top 10 results on the  SERP data (top 10 results) and check that all the sites or blogs on the first page of Google. You will have the most information in order to understand better their ranking: The PA (Page Authority) and DA (Domain Authority). You will also be able to see the volume of backlinkgs and the age of the domain. Remember that is an important factor but not the most important.

Talking about backlinks, you will see a column called “domains”, here you will see the number of backlinks to the page, the number of unique links. Don’t forget to check “Links” and “Domains”, both the total number of links, is not the same to have 1.000 lins in 1.000 domains that 1.000 links in 2 domains…

Ferzy Pricing

Lets talk now about Ferzy costs. Don’t forget that this tool is really fast and provides all the most important information in order to you to rank better your sites. As I mentioned before, Google Keyword planner is not like it use to be and you need to have a lot of active campaigns on Adwords to have this information. In this moment that the Ferzy review have been done, these are the plans:

  • Free plan:  If you want to try the tool for free. You will have 10 searches per 24h + 25 related keywords per search + 10 KW difficulty eval. per 24 hours.
  • Starter plan: The price for this plan is 27$ (you can get 10$ discount).  You will have 100 searches per 24h + 250 related keywords per search + 100 KW difficulty eval. per 24 hours.
  • The Business plan: The price for this plan is 47$ (you can get 10$ discount).  You will have 500 searches per 24h + 800 related keywords per search + 500 KW difficulty eval. per 24 hours.


Conclusion Ferzy Review

In my opinion Ferzy is best keyword difficulty tool which allows you to get the whole imfomation for Keyword research. It provides you also the SEO difficulty. The price is really good as well, the competitors are charging much more for less features.

In think, keyword research tools are worth every single dollar. Otherwise, you could waste years trying to rank your websites or blogs for the wrong keywords.



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