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Google Keyword Planner Update, Keyword Data to Advertisers Only

written by Walter Ponce September 19, 2016

Topics and Keywords are the key to contextual relevance, been the first ranking factor for search engines. With the last Google Keyword Planner Update (the most relevant search research tool) many of the SEO experts are wondering where to look for their keyword and topical research.

Changes in Google Keyword Planner

For years Google has offered free the Keyword Planner tool for Adwords. Many marketers or SEOs used it for their data research even though they didn’t pay or used Google AdWords. Recently, however, the company decided to give only detailed data within the tool for customers with active accounts in Adwords. Marketers that don’t arrive to the unannounced minimum spend requirements, will instead see ranges of volumes of searches.

Google Keyword Planner is not any more useful…no only shows ranges instead of detailed keyword data for accounts that don’t meet minimum spend requirements.

Google keyword planner

In addition to this big problem, Google Keyword Planner Update has limits so you now you will have limited access to some detailed data.

Do you have any question? This are the most frequently asked questions around this changes.

  • Who will be affected? It is funny but, Google instead answers the question of who is not affected. “Most advertisers with active campaigns will not be affected by this change,” according to Google’s representative in the AdWords forums, Cassie Hartt. Users who have not been spending money in ad campaigns will now have to start spending money in ads in order to see detailed data.
  • Is this another “technical issue,” like in June? In June 2016, Google Keyword Planner for a short time showed similar values to all users, active and inactive, raising cries of protest from every quarter. Google called this a temporary technical issue and detailed data was reinstated for all users within a couple of days. But the interesting thing is that 13 days later this “technical issue” was made permanent, removing Keyword Planner data for inactive users.
  • Will access be reinstated for marketers with inactive accounts? “This will not be changed,” Hartt says. “If you do not have an active campaign, you will no longer be able to access search volume data from the Keyword Planner Tool.”

Looks like the technical glitch was just a test and  it was prematurely released.. So I guess now you will start spending some money in AdWords right? J

  • What are the minimum spent in order to use the tool? “I don’t have any specific spend requirements or data limit amounts that I can share, and there are no changes planned at this time,” according to Hartt. On forums, some have reported success with a monthly spend of $50, but others have issues seeing data with spends lower than $300 a month. We don’t know yet the success rate of gaining access to the tool; it will take some time to determinate it.
  • How soon can marketers start seeing real keyword data after activating an ad buy? If you arrive the unspecified minimum ad spend (that’s funny…), your access to detailed data on Keyword Planner should be activated within 24 hours.
  • Why is Google giving us all this problems and make the tool more expensive? Many comments in the AdWords forums and insights on the industry point to desire to make more money and to put more power the paid advertisers than the SEO professionals.

There are many logical reasons, one of them it can be that it costs money to provide data and to host and compute that data (Come on they are Google!). Also something interesting is that in addition to individual marketers accessing the Google Keyword Planner for their own SEO research needs, many third party keyword research tools use/scrape data from Google’s tool to provide their own data sets. Those software or tools demand a lot of information from the system rapidly. Instead of shutting down the scrapers, Google has shut down access to the detailed data for everyone who doesn’t pay for it.

Now that we know more about the problem, you can take a look at one of the alternatives to this long tail pro review.


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Charmin November 2, 2016 at 7:44 pm

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Ꭲhanks for sharing tһiѕ ߋne. Ꭺ muѕt
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Walter Ponce February 13, 2017 at 9:54 am

Thanks Charmin! I hope you enjoyed reading it!


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