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How to Find Expired and High Page Rank Domains

written by Walter Ponce May 15, 2018

One of the most important things in our SEO strategy is to have a good Link Building campaign that will help my Web Project to go up positions in Google bit by bit. For this there are many techniques, but in most of them you need to have blogs with strength, authority and high Page Rank so that the links that happen to our project are strong and trustworthy.

I am going to teach my method to get domains with enough strength and with a high Page Rank. This will save us months of work, since we will not need to get strength to these domains, because they already have it. As our friends of Winnipeg SEO usually say, having a strong backlink strategy is the key. It is about acquiring domains that have been worked for years by former owners, but for whatever reason they have abandoned it. What we have to do is to detect those domains abandoned by their owners, to see if they really have a high DA & PA and the minimum necessary force and buy them immediately before they take us out of hand.

Tools we are going to use

Before starting to work on the search for expired domains with high PR, it is important to highlight the tools that we will use throughout the process, so that you take them into account and you become familiar with them:

  • Http://expireddomains.net: This is the main tool, on which the whole guide is based. With this tool we will find the domains we want with high Page Rank. It also allows us to apply a myriad of filters, such as the minimum age of the web, the minimum Page Rank that the web must have, the days that its former owner left the web, etc.
  • Http://calcularpagerank.net: This web will allow us to know the actual Page Rank of a web at the present time.
  • Http://opensiteexplorer.org: This online tool is one of the most well-known tools in the world of SEO (Of course, it is Moz). With this tool we will see the Domain Authority and the Authority of Page of the web in question that we are analyzing.
  • Http://archive.org: This website (a well-known website), will allow us to visualize what content and how it was that web years ago, we can choose for days, months, etc. That is to say, we will see that it was and to which this web was dedicated before being abandoned.
  • Http://godaddy.com: This website is, in my opinion, the best place to hire our Hosting (like all other places of Hosting, this also offers you to hire a domain at a good price). Throughout the process we must have open this website to quickly hire the chosen domain before we remove it.

These are the 4 tools that we will use in the process of selecting our expired domains with high DA & PA.

1. Find Expired Domains with High Page Rank

Remember that we do this to get domains that were from other owners, who have been working for years the backlinks, positioning and strength of their website, but for whatever reason they have abandoned it. This will serve us to save the whole process of giving strength and get PR to our Web, since its former owner already did, and therefore, that domain in question already has a positioning, a strength and a high Page Rank . Put another way … if I have this blog where I talk about Online Marketing and other tricks and there is no way to position some of my articles in the first results of Google, if by chance I encounter a domain: http://Marketingonline.com with PR: 5, with a lot of authority and I take it because it is free, I will simply have to start generating content and sending links to the articles I want to position, soon they will be in the top positions of Google. That easy!


The first thing we have to do is enter the first tool I mentioned earlier (expireddomains.net). Here it is best to register, simply mail and password, confirmation email and ready. We can now use the Expired Domains tool to Full, with all filters and features.

Once inside this tool we should see a screen like the one below and we must select the type of domain we want (.com, .net, .org, etc), remember that it is good that we vary the type of domain. For this example I have used a .com.

Once we have selected the type of domain, we must apply filters as I marked in the image below, to display the filters we must click on “Show Filters”. These filters will help us to better choose the type of domain we want. There are many ways to search expired domains but I usually look for domains with:

  • At least 100 backlinks
  • With a Citation Flow of at least 15
  • Related with the niche
  • With copies in https://web.archive.org

Now we just have to choose the domains that we like the most and follow the next steps in this guide.

2. Check if these data are real

Do not get used to relying on the first result you get. The tool that we are working with sometimes fails and it is always advisable to check both the Page Rank (if there is any confusion) and other relevant factors in a Web so that we consider it ideal for our Link Building strategy.

First we will go to http://calcularpagerank.net and we will write the name of the domain that we liked. This website will tell us the actual Page Rank of that domain today.

Secondly we will open http://opensiteexplorer.com and write the domain name to calculate the Domain Authority (DA), a domain authority over 30 is something reasonable and can be considered a domain with some strength.

Once we have these 2 checks and the Page Rank matches the one that has given us ExpiredDomains and the Domain Authority is greater than 20 we can continue with the next step.

3. Look how was this domain in the past

This step may seem unnecessary to you… ERROR! This step is very important, not only to see that there was in that domain, but also to know if from what used to me something. Maybe your previous owner had 15 high quality post, we just have to copy them and put them in our new project.

For this we are going to use this web: http://archive.org, a web well known and highly recommended. We simply put the domain that we are checking and we give it to search, we can filter for months, years, etc. And we will see that there was before in that web and if we can rescue some type of data or content for our new project.

When we finish this step, we only have to check that the domain is still available and start hiring it immediately.

4. Check the backlink quality

The key now is check the quality of the backlinks. Sometimes the tools used can provide us some valuable information but not the most important. At the end, we are looking for the links so we need to check if the PA and DA are real and if the links are good.

You will find a lot of domains with Spam links on it. A lot of Pharma sites and Porn sites are using spam bots to generate backlinks in order to increase their ranking. Maybe a domain related with marketing has 2k links but all of them are with anchors related with pharma. This domain is not relevant for us.

I usually use Ahref in order to check the backlinks. As you can see on the image bellow, you can check everys single link referring to a domain and which is the anchor text.

Once you have confirmed that the domain is relevant and has good backlinks, you can start to adding the domain to your collection.

5. Hiring My New Domain

For this, as I commented at the beginning of this post, one of the best hosting sites and that also has a good price in the Domains is: http://godaddy.com. If we are clear that we want the domain that we have chosen and we have been analyzing, click on the link, buy the domain and you can do a redirection.

With this trick we will get Domains that have already been worked with a High PR and with strength for our Link Building strategy.


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