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How to use Social SEO to appear on Google on the first page

written by Walter Ponce April 30, 2017

Although it may seem incredible, a phrase that we use to hear every time is “I want to appear on Google at the first position. How long it can take me? Can I see the improvement in 1 month?”

Neither the best online marketing strategy, even the Social SEO that I will detail in this post, can achieve such a thing. It is possible to ensure that we are going to make a customer’s website appear on Google on the first page, that we will improve their SEO, their keywords ..

….But nobody can assure you the first position in the search engines. No one.

“If they promise you that you will be on Google ranking at the first position, they are lying. It is impossible to be able to ensure a specific position in SEO “

To be able to appear in Google you need time and a job well done. And this is neither free nor easy.

In this post, I am going to tell you an online marketing strategy,  the Social SEO that can greatly help companies to improve their positioning in search engines and to be able to appear in Google and thus generate business on the internet. But this, as I advance, requires time, constancy and investment.

What is Social SEO and how can it help me appear on Google?

Social SEO is a multi-channel online marketing strategy that will allow us to go out in Google in the top positions because well done, it allows to adequately combine the main channels of internet marketing.

Social SEO is based on coordinating the activity in these channels always starting from the content as the basis of the strategy. It is a very similar strategy to Inbound Marketing but they are the Leads qualification and marketing automation part, which makes it much more economical in terms of investment and just as effective.

By working very specifically on these channels, especially SEO positioning will cost relatively little time getting out on Google, though, as I always say, neither is easy, nor is it a matter of two days, nor is it cheap.

What Type of Business Can a Social SEO Strategy Work?

The goal of any company on the internet is to get on Google in the top positions, so under this perspective any company can work the Social SEO. Many agencies that do digital marketing like Guy Galboiz marketing looks for the best results and working the most effective strategies.

However, it is important to take into account two fundamental factors:

  • SEO Social is a multi-channel strategy, which means that it involves time, dedication and strategy and consequently an economic investment that even a small company can not assume.
  • Social SEO requires experts in internet strategy. If in your company you try to do it for yourself, or you have a profile of this type, or you will work hard but you will not get results.

In any case, it is also true that I have found companies that working a similar strategy themselves, have achieved results, that is, appear in Google with their products. Fewer and longer term, but well worked.

“Social SEO requires online marketing experts with a global vision of strategy and previous experience to achieve success”

For this reason, it is essential if you want to get out on Google, constantly measure and analyze results to see how we are doing. Google Analytics is a very powerful tool with which you can start working.

Positioning Strategy for Social SEO

Social SEO is mainly based on content marketing as the core of the strategy, but with one caveat. It is not worth writing for writing, every single content that are written must be well optimized to the positioning.

And that optimization consists mainly in knowing how to find the best keywords for our industry, our company and our products. If we do not work the right keywords, the result will be that no matter how much effort we make, we will not be able to appear on Google.

“Keywords form the basis of the SEO positioning strategy. If you work the right ones, you’ll get out on Google quickly “

To find the best keywords, you will always need to work with specific SEO tools. Of all, I highly recommend two.

How to choose the best keywords for your website and improve your SEO positioning

#Google Keyword Planner
The Google Keyword Planner is a professional and free SEO tool, which will allow you to find the best keywords for your web, online store or content.

That way, if you fill all your content and website with those keywords, it will be much easier to go out on Google and be more visible to your potential customers, which almost always means getting more sales.

SEMRush is a professional, paid SEO tool that will allow you to do a 100% professional job.

Content Marketing Strategy in Social SEO

Content marketing is the fundamental element of Social SEO, although it should complement perfectly with the SEO you have just seen to get results.

“A post that is not optimized for web positioning, never gets out on Google”

Content marketing has changed a lot in recent years. While before writing for our users according to their tastes and needs, we must now write for Google.

It may seem like a paradox, but if your website does not appear on Google, your users and potential users will never find you as good as your content. Of course, to go out in Google it takes much more so that the SEO Social combination perfectly strategy.

# How do we write for Google today?

The standard says that what you have to do is find valid keywords for your SEO positioning with a low search volume, a conclusion that you are with less competition and are easier to position in Google.

Both the Google Keyword Planner and SEMRush search the volume for each word. For a correct content marketing and Social SEO strategy, your goal is to appear on Google quickly, which means determining with best interest and competence.

As SEO is global, a medium term, when Google sees that you have many pages or post of your domain in the top positions, automatically all the positioning of your website will go up.

If you want to appear in Google in the top positions thanks to your content and Social SEO, start by following the steps below.

  • It determines first that keywords are positioned in the message that is written. A maximum of 2 or 3 is recommended.
  • Always work a coherent, well spun and always forward story, from the most general to the most specific. If users do not like your content, you will have a low CTR, few visits and do not make appear on Google.
  • Structure the content of your publication. Make it easy to read. A good structuring involves short paragraphs, titles and subtitles, bold, indentations and well-ordered text. The easier it is to read, the better
  • Incorporate keywords into sites recommended by Google. URL, Title of the message, H1 and its header, first and last paragraph, rest of the content .. but without passing.
  • Optimizes, but not overpriced. Google does not like you to skip keywords in your content. Never more than 2% if you want to appear in Google naturally.
  • Incorporates social networks. While this is the next gadget, Social SEO should allow all channels to be well combined, so they suggest an add-on to share content on social networks.
  • Planning, scheduling and constancy. By planning and scheduling content, never go crazy and hope it does not appear on Google.

As it works, content marketing underpins the entire Social SEO strategy, but they combine and perfectly mesh with web positioning and social networking.

Social Media Strategy in Social SEO

The social media or strategy in social networks is a fundamental factor to publicize your content (and website) on the internet and will help you appear on Google, as all social networks already appear in Google Snippets.

In addition, they are a very relevant aspect as they greatly support SEO positioning when generating Backlinks natural (Linkbaiting) and help increase relevance and influence of your company on the internet.

“Social networks are part of the dissemination within Social SEO and are consolidated as a very important channel within the communication strategy of any company”

Thanks to the social networks we can be in direct contact with our customers, potential clients and users. But we can also analyze the community’s feeling or feedback about our products, services and content.

Each social network in its own way should allow you to grow in followers periodically (yes, followers are very important), and be able to become known.

How to get quality followers in your social networks

The latter is mainly achieved through two metrics such as influence and relevance and tell you how important you are in social networks:

  • The more RTs, the more content sharing you have, the better
  • The more interaction you have with your community, the better.
  • If you want a good result of your Social SEO strategy, be sure to move the content in those social networks more conducive to it. Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest, Linkedin, etc. …

Use only those social networks where your target audience is and control the best days and times to publish, because this way you will get better results and you can appear in Google in social network results.

#Advertising on social networks

Social networks are a channel for disseminating information (and content) perfect, especially for Social SEO, but you can find yourself in moments when you need something more.

All social networks already incorporate payment advertising options, but without a doubt Facebook Ads is one that works best, both by results and cost.

With Facebook Ads you will perfectly complement the Social SEO, being able to establish advertising of payment for the purchase or contracting of your products and services, and improving your results as a company.

Some of the types of advertising on Facebook that I recommend you do are:

  • Promoted publications. Very useful for your content as they will give you a boost and you will get more readers. Eye, they help to improve the scope, but they do not guarantee that nobody will read them.
  • Click on the website. It’s kind of advertising on Facebook is very effective when you want to perform actions focused on direct selling.
  • Promote your web page. Important if you want to grow your Facebook fan base.

What do you think about Social SEO?

Do you see how it is a global and coordinated strategy that will allow you to appear in Google much earlier? ….

Well now you only need to put it into practice, for anything you need, I am at your disposal !!!

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