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Market Samurai Review – Read This Before You Buy

written by Walter Ponce January 30, 2018
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Market Samurai is one of the hundreds of keyword research tools that let you search and target rewarding niches for your site. Market Samurai makes easy to pull tons of information on keywords that apply to your site or blog article and figure out where to best use your energy. In this Market Samurai review I look at the functionalities, pros and cons, price and my final conclusion.

Market Samurai Review: The Competitors

There are a lot of software you can use to do similar things to Market Samurai. In this Market Samurai review I’m just looking on what Market Samurai does for you, before doing this review I have used a lot of these tools (Moz, Raven SEMrush, etc). Actually, my favorite tool is Moz (for sure you have heard about it), and I really recommend it if you’re making a lot of money from your blogs/sites or have company dollars to spend. Then why I choose Market Samurai? Easy, it gave me the features I needed for $149.00 (only once) instead of $99/mo for Moz. It is a great deal. Maybe in the future I will switch to Moz, but for now the extra cost doesn’t make sense for me.

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What is Market Samurai

Market Samurai is a interesting market analysis suite with the following modules in:

  • Keyword Research: Using the Google Keyword Tool allows you to have a list of other relevant keywords. Having the list, you can analysis of those keywords in order to have an idea of the competition of the keywords.
  • Rank Tracker: Allows you to track your website and specific pages to track your position in google for specific keywords. It’s a great way of quickly keeping eye on where your site ranks in the search results in Yahoo, Bing and Google.
  • SEO Competitors: This module gives you a list of the top ten ranked competitors (top 10 ranking in Google). It gives you a bunch of information about each of the top sites giving you details on how difficult it is to compete with them in the rankings.
  • Monetization: This option allows you find different affiliate products to promote. A interesting feature is that you can connect your affiliate account on Clickbank, Amazon, Commission Junction and Paydotcom and use it to automatically generate affiliate links for you.
  • There are some other interesting tools included that can help you:
    • Seek for domain names
    • Generate ideas for content writing
    • Promote your site by finding relevant backlink to post your link
    • Publish articles or content directly to your website

Once you start a new project in Market Samurai, it will open a welcome menu where you can choose from any of the modules mentioned above (See screenshot below). I usually use really often (when doing my research) the Keyword Research and SEO Competition tool. These two modules give me quite a lot of the information for my research.

Market Samurai Review

1. Rank Tracker

Very useful module when you want to look for your ranking in search engines (Google, Yahoo & Bing) for multiple keywords.

Tracking your rank in Google, Yahoo, and Bing its very easy, all up to the first 1,500 positions, both in broad and phrase match.

Apart of having the possibility of observing your current positions on Google, the module also record all historical data which can be showed on a graph for visual representation of your progress.

The module allows you to track multiple domains, also multiple URLs from external domains (blogger articles, for example).

A really interesting feature is that you can export all data to a CSV format and then process it in Excel.

2. Keyword Research

This module of Market Samurai remains free even after your trial period ends.

The feature gets the keywords from Google Keyword Tool (Adwords), so at first it seems like there’s no reason for even bothering with it, but that’s not the case.

Actually this module is a lot more easier to use than Google Keyword Tool and much friendly when going through extensive lists of keywords research.

The feature consists of two main parts. The first part takes care of generation lists of keywords. It also allows you do some manual changes to the list, like specify good keywords, throw out negative keywords, and add some of your own keywords manually.

After you have your keyword list prepared you can click the “Keyword Analysis” option and access to the second part of the feature.

Here is where the actual keyword research is done. Each keyword comes with a number of factors.

  • SEO Comp – Number of competitors sites for a given keyword. You can get an indication whether or not getting a good rank for this keyword is able or not.
  • Total Searches – volume of searches performed on Google for a specific keyword in an average day/week/month.
  • SEO Traffic – How many clicks you could you get if you were the #1 ranking site for a specific keyword.

3. SEO Competition

Having the SEO Competitors from the previous feature is usually not enough to choose whether a phrase is competitive or not. It all depends on the power of the competition.

Usually ranking for a phrase that has 200,000 not optimized competing websites is much easier than being 1st for a phrase with 50,000 highly optimized competing sites. This SEO Competitors module can get you this kind of information.

Basically, what it does is very simple. It looks at the first spots on Google (10 spots) and drags out a number of information about these websites.

First of all it seek at the on page optimization of the website for a given keyword. Then it check the off-page factors, like: number of backlinks (including  .gov and .edu backlinks), domain age, number of sub-pages (the size of the site), PageRank, and whether the site is listed in DMOZ or Yahoo directories.

With these information you can make an deductive guess whether to continue for this keyword or not. Of course, everything can be exported as a CSV file.

4. Domains

Once you have a  new shiny list keyword for your site you can proceed to the Domains module to get an shiny new domain.

The feature can suggest you a good number of different options of your keyword to be registered as a new domain. You can choose your own list of prefixes and suffixes (like: news,blog, tutorial, howto etc.), choose what TLDs are you looking for the most (.com, .org, .net…), and specify some other filters.

You can also use this feature to find aged, expired, and dropped domain names. But you need a DomainFace logon for that.

Also, if you are looking for domains you can go ahead and check out a different tool from Noble Samurai – Domain Samurai – this one is completely free.

5. Monetization

This module will help you to find good products that you can promote related to your keywords.

It searches the marketplaces of ClickBank, Amazon, Commission Junction, or PayDotCom.

Once you have chosen the product, the module also provides you an ad creation tool.

There’s also another feature in this module. You can create great targeted contextual ads (via Google Adsense) and have them immediately added on your blog.

It can be very handy if you don’t want to leave the software to perform all these options individually on their respective websites.

6. Find Content

If you’re not interested on creating content by yourself, or simply you are seeking for some inspiration by having a look at what’s already on other sites, you can use this module to find some interesting content.

Whatever this feature finds, later you can use (as in republish) on your site as long as you don’t forget to mention the author.

This is not a particularly useful technique for growing your blog or website, but nevertheless it can help you fight against writer’s block.

7. Publish Content

This is actually an offline blog editor for WordPress.

What this feature provides is basically a text processing software, in some way similar to Microsoft Word, only prepared towards WordPress, so you don’t have to manually look for the format issues that often occur when you paste an article from Word to WordPress.

When you have your blog post written, you can easily export it to your WordPress blog.

This module is useful, but it’s more easy to just go directly to your site and copy paste the content there.

8. Promotion

Maybe Promotion is not the best name for this feature. What it really does is searches for some backlinking opportunities in all over the internet for your given keyword.

It looks on different sources and comes up with a list of websites. Each website/blog can be analyzed to find out whether it uses dofollow links, or supports pingbacks/trackbacks. You can also choose a some of these sites and create some links to them with a pingback link that the feature also provides, and then have them published on your site.

Unfortunately, the auto pingback lists don’t perform really good. However, you can still use this feature to seek many relevant sites and then go out and try to get a link from them manually.

Click here to get your FREE Trial copy of Market Samurai

Now, since we have detailed all the features covered let’s switch to the disadvantages of Market Samurai.

Market Samurai Review: Disadvantages

Market Samurai is good for what it does, but is not perfect. There are a few things where I do see room for improvement:

  • More speed. When you are running an initial search for a keyword, usually can take as much as 30 seconds to a 1 minute to give you the results, of course depends also on your connection speed. Then it will take another minute or more to give you all of the competitor’s information. Of course we are not talking about hours, but I tend to be a little impatient while the system is running and I’m just looking at my screen for a minute. However, if you want to use the alternative – doing it manually at multiple different sites – it will save you a ton of time.
  • Project Management needs an improvement. Using Market Samurai, you can set up individual projects. Within these projects, you can do a research for a number of keywords, which normally are displayed at the top of the screen. However, if your project gets considerable (which mine tend to do), it can be a little crazy when you run out of space at the top.

Market Samurai Review: Summary

If you are into SEO and your day by day is doing keyword research, I think that after doing the Market Samurai review, my conclusion is that is a must have. I’ve used a good number of Keyword research software in the past and this is by far the most useful.

If you are not into keyword research, but you can see the value of high search rankings, this is a good way to do in depth seeking without having to spend a lot of time doing it.

You MUST have Market Samurai in order to do a good Keyword research? No, not actually. You can use the most well known tool, the Google Keyword Tool and start your SEO keyword research and get a good quantity of keyword suggestions. Then you use Google again and start looking for each term between quotes to get an idea of how much competition there is. Then a good way to see the Backlinks is going into Yahoo Site Explorer and analyze the top 10 sites individually. How much is need to do this research? Only you need to spend a few hours doing all of this, is free!

Otherwise, you can also use one of the other good market analysis software out there and spend hundreds of dollars on a monthly basis.

Market Samurai Free Trial

As many software in the market, Market Samurai offers a free 12 day trial for their tool, which I highly recommend taking advantage of. They provide good tutorials on how to use it properly. Also if you are convinced with the tool they also give a discount after that. Click the link below to sign up and start using this great tool and improve your targeting.


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Walter Ponce February 13, 2017 at 9:56 am

Thanks Vito! I’m happy that you can read perfectly my blog on your new Iphone! Cheers!

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Walter Ponce February 13, 2017 at 9:58 am

Thanks Subanal! It will be great to colaborate with you!

Luther Hector January 21, 2017 at 10:27 pm

Is Market Samurai still a viable tool now that Google has restricted use of it’s Keyword Planner?

Walter Ponce February 13, 2017 at 10:03 am

Hello Luther! This is a good question… I think Market Samurari is still relevant and every tool like Market Samurai has its own priorities, options, and methodologies. None of them claim to be “The solution” and totally accurate or always the most reliable.

I think the smart to do is to not rely on any one tool exclusively. When you’re doing keyword research, get results from different sources and you will begin to see trends and patterns with each one over time.


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