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SEMRush Review: How to Easily Beat Competitors in SEO

written by Walter Ponce December 5, 2018
SEMRush review 2017

Search Engine Optimisation is a crazy  game and always keeps changing with the time.

SEO techniques that used to work good 5 years back are not working anymore. With everyone doing digital marketing, thousands of new sites are getting emerged daily.

With the increase of blogging, spread of spamming of also growing. Google has taken actions to beat those spammers to make this online world a better place to surf.

The result is dramatic– ranking for keywords in Google is becoming tough every day.

With the advance of internet marketing, it has become super important to do the right steps to conquer the search results.

There are thousands of digital tools tools which offers SEO studies about the website and let you do a research of your favourite keywords as well. I usually use Market Samurai  and Long Tail Pro for my keyword research, but SEMRush is the tool that I always use for more advanced research about my competitors.

So today I am going to talk about SEMRush Review 2017, an online platform to help you do your SEO and make your blog search engines friendly.

What is SEMRush?

SEMRush is an digital SEO tool that allows you to do extensive exploration about any website. It’s very simple, put URL in the search box and you will get all the valuable information.

With this useful weapon you can do in-depth research about any URL (your own website or competitor’s). You can see his keyword ranking in different countries and the amount of traffic for those keyword. In this moment you can track the keywords for USA, UK, Australia and 23 other countries.

SEMRush use Google Keyword search API data to analyze your website to find keyword and anchor texts. Don’t forget that after the Google Keyword Planner Update, the results of volume of searches can be tricky.

I am using this tool for more than 10 months now, and all I can say after using it….is CRAZY!.

In April, 2015 I started using it when I was working in Singapore and on the way it become my biggest friend to make the backlinks strategy for my sites, by analyzing the backlinks of my competitors.

Right now, I don’t use any other tool to study my competitor’s ranking, keywords and backlinks.

I always say:

Everything have been done before, just do the same and improve it.

This is the tool that made me more smarter in terms of analyzing, spying and taking proper steps for my niche sites.

In this SEMRush review 2017 I am going to explain each feature in details, so that you can understand more about this amazing service and give it a try.

Note: I have requested a special SEMRush promo code for WalterPonce.com readers which you can grab here (Coupon will be added automatically).

Let’s start reviewing this tool and see what can offer you.

#1. Positions

With this feature you can check the keywords rankings of your competitors and see the exact position in the search engines (Google, Bing, & Yahoo).


How you can use these metrics?

  1. Find easy to see which keyword rank depending on the number of searches.
  2. Track the keywords for which your competitor is ranking and getting traffic.
  3. Track his ranking URL and then see what he/she has done in the site.
  4. CPC to see high paying keywords.

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#2. Competitors

SEMRush is very useful and is able to go more deep in the niche of your site and seek related websites for you. Then you can consider your competitors or your friends ;). Why friends?  you can get backlinks from the same niche websites very easily and strengthen the SEO of your own website or blog. You can see in this SEMRush review 2017 some info of my site:


#3. Backlinks

Now comes the interesting thing feature. ?

The option Backlinks is  a great way to find good quality backlinks for your blog.


This feature will find all the backlinks of your competitors and gives you option to export the file to excel for later use.

Also, you can see the anchor texts used by your “friends”, exact time when this backlink was indexed, dofollow, nofollow and external links on that particular site.

You can analyse:

  1. Backlinks
  2. Referring Domains
  3. Referring IPs
  4. Indexed Pages
  5. Backlinks Comparison

#4. Keyword Research

This feature is one of the keys of SEMRush.

You can do an awesome advanced keyword research super easily by typing your keywords in the search box.


SEMRush will give you complete information about your keyword by giving number of searches, related keywords, CPC etc.

You can get the information for all the websites and ranking for your main keyword.

You can study:

  1. Keywords Overview
  2. Full Search
  3. Related Keywords
  4. Ads History

This feature gives you an amazing freedom to know more about your “friends” and see what they are doing to rank their keywords.

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#5. Some other top features

  1. Position Tracking
  2. Domain vs Domain
  3. Keyword Difficulty
  4. Site Audit

a)  Position Tracking

You can choose a campaign for your blog and add all the important keywords that you want to measure daily. This option will allow you to follow your daily progress super easily.

b) Domain vs Domain

You can compare the information of one website with another site.

c) Keyword Difficulty

This is a quite new feature which allows you find the difficulty to rank a keyword.

This option compares your keyword with all top 10 ranking websites and blogs and calculate the ranking factor.

d) Site Audit

This gives you a complete report about the errors, warnings and notices which helps to take the proper action for making SEO of any website much stronger.

Plan and Pricing


If you are a beginner, go with the Pro package that begins at $69.95 monthly. It’s not only an excellent pricing choise, is enough for small blogs or sites but it will help you to crush your competitors by providing all the features.

I also highly recommend you to try the 14 days free trial before choosing whether the tool is right for you or not.

Final Words!

All I can say in my last words in this SEMRush Review 2017:  is one of the top SEO research tool. If you are serious about your website particularly in Money making (Affiliate or other methods) and digital marketing then you should give it a try anyway. Use the coupon to get access to SEMrush Pro trial for 14 days for Free!

I hope this SEMRush Review 2017 have been useful for you. Have you ever tried SEMrush? Did it help you in beating down your competitors? How was your experience? Do share your experience with me ?

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Reta Kumar February 23, 2017 at 8:11 am

It’s hard to come by knowledgeable people on this topic, however, you sound like you know what you’re talking about! Thanks

seogroupbuy July 11, 2017 at 4:09 am

thank you so much for this great review.
i am planning to buy the pro version and to test it for a month to check the full features for my fitness blog.

best regards!

Rhondaharris October 18, 2018 at 11:52 am

Marvelous offer decent to peruse this extremely supportive data for me I am exceptionally cheerful to part of this network continue sharing


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