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Serpstat Review 2018: Is it Better Than SEMrush?

written by Walter Ponce September 21, 2017

Serpstat is one of the best affordable tools I have come across when it comes to competitor research. In this post, I will be reviewing the Serpstat tool.

If you are considering to get a good competitor research tool that does not break the bank, I firmly believe you need to read this Serpstat review. I will be listing all the features, advantages and disadvantages of the product. I will also be comparing this tool with several other research tools like competitor SEMrush and Ahrefs.

If you are not using any competitor research tool for growing your blog, you are wasting a great deal of time. Making use of these tools, early in his career as a blogger saves you a lot of time and maybe years struggling to make decent money from blogging.

If you are in a highly competitive niche, the tools to spy on your competitors is par excellence to gain a competitive advantage.

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Serpstat review: Is the best competitive research tool and SEO?

It is rapidly growing as one of the best competing research tools on the market. It is gaining a lot of attention in the SEO industry because of the features offered by it at an affordable price.

Today, I was given the opportunity to review this awesome tool. I’m sure you love this later review.

Features of Serpstat & Explanation

The tool is very similar to SEMrush, and even better when it comes to some of the features. In this section, I will be presenting the important features that come with Serpstat, and how the features run when compared to other competitors like SEMrush and Ahrefs.

Like just like most similar tools, Serpstat also comes loaded with dozens of features that help you carry out your SEO strategies faster and effectively dozens.

Let me review some of the key features of Serpstat and how well they perform compared to other tools in the market.

Domain Analysis – Shows the general status of the domain

Similar to SEMrush, with Serpstat, you can do competitor keyword research. Once you enter the URL of the domain, the tool will return all keywords that the blog / site is ranking for.

In the following example, I entered the URL of my site in the search engine below.

You may notice that the tool has managed to pull out some very good amount of keywords that I am ranking for in Google.

It also shows that I’m getting about 2k page views a day. This is far from accurate. As you know, no other Google Analytics tool is able to accurately determine how much traffic you are getting. Even the popular tools like Ahrefs and lag SEMrush in this regard. All automated tools struggle to get accurate site search traffic figures.

In this information section, it shows the number of backlinks and referrals a domain has. It also shows the organic traffic trend graph and also the main competitors for the site in SERPs.

After viewing the site overview, you can click on these individual modules and dig the data further.

Site Audit – Ensure that the SEO on the page is correct

This feature allows you to audit your site for on-page SEO errors and suggests corrections.

We analyze some aspects of on-page SEO of the site such as page errors, use of header tag, description of the goal, above problems of folding content, page speed, duplicate content, duplicate title , redirects, accessibility, and much more.

Based on these factors, Serpstat assigns an SDO score for your site. To ensure a good SEO page on your site, you need to try to get the SDO score above 80 or maybe 90.

The tool will also give you suggestions for improving the site’s SEO and usability.

In case you are doing the site audit for your clients, you can export the site audit in the form of reports in PDF format and send them by mail.

SEO Research – Keyword Research Competition

With SEO research, you will get to know which keywords are a site is ranking for. Along with the keywords, the Serpstat tool also displays the volume of keywords, position, CPC and other data. This is very useful in case of data theft of your competitors’ keywords and get an initial advantage to your new blog.

Google keywords from United States, UK, CA, AU, and more are available. Serpstat is periodically adding more country-specific Google databases to its tool.

Keywords returned by the tool can also be sorted and filtered based on the following aspects as you can see in the previous image.

  • The volume of searches according to Google Adwords
  • Domain position for a keyword
  • CPC
  • Number of results
  • level of competition
  • Number of words in a keyword
  • Special elements in SERP
  • uplicate positions
  • Keywords
  • URL

You can add filters, specify the conditions of use of the AND and OR. The filter function in case of Serpstat is very powerful than any competitive research tool in the market.

Added to this, you can add as many conditions as you want, to display the desired keyword results to use in your blog content. The keyword filter feature is a powerful feature.

Once you master this art of drilling up the keywords that use these keyword filters, no one can stop at a higher rank.

Along with the competitor keyword research feature, this SEO tool also comes with domain vs. domain function. By using this feature, you can compare multiple domains with respect to your keywords and the traffic they will get.

This tool is also very beneficial in case you want to rank for keywords that your competitors are ranking or targeting, but they are not. This can be done as the tool that suggests the most common keywords that comparison sites are lining up for. This is a great powerful feature in knowing the topics you need to cover to compete with your competitors.

This is one of the most unique features found only in Serpstat. The tree view function shows all the main pages of the domain according to the organic traffic they are receiving. Following the URLs of the most popular blog posts, the tool also shows the main keywords that the content is ranking.

Other tools like Ahrefs only show the main pages, and to know the keywords of these top pages, you have to dig through them individually.

But in the case of Serpstat, the main pages, and their keywords are displayed on a single page in a tree view.

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Backlink Analysis – Backlink Analysis of a Competitor

Serpstat also displays the backlink data for a domain. Along with that, as you can see in the previous image, the Serpstat also has its own metrics called Serpstat page rank and rank confidence. It is very similar to the Majestic flow metric. It points the web pages based on the quality of the backlinks they have.

In the left sidebar, when you click on the new backlinks section, the tool will display all the last backlinks that the site has acquired.

You can also export the backlinks in the form of a spreadsheet to the computer by clicking the export button.

The tool also displays the first few pages of a domain with respect to the backlinks that point to them. This helps you to know the ideas of the subject of your competition that were tested to get backlinks if you write about them. This also helps a lot in applying the skyscraper technique by building backlink on your blog.

Serpstat’s backlink function does not include proper filtering and sorting options. For a great tool like this, the lack of filtering options while showing backlinks is a big drawback. I hope the filter option for the backlinks will be implemented soon.

Pricing and support

The price structure of the tool is incredible. There are four plans. The plan to start planning comes from as little as $ 19 / month. This is a pretty affordable plan and is cheaper than any of the other similar tools like SEMrush or Ahrefs.

Plan A ($ 19/ m): This plan comes with support for 300 queries per day, 100 results per report and 200 keywords tracked. It will not come with access to any premium features like missing keywords and others. You can audit up to 20,000 pages with this plan that is more essential to the price. This plan is suitable for novice bloggers.

Plan B ($ 69 / m): This is the plan that I prefer. This plan comes with 4000 queries per day, 15,000 results per report, all the premium features like cluster and missing keyword research, access to the API, and 700 keywords tracked. This plan is more essential for a blogger growth that would like to take your blogging career to the next level.

There are also plans like Plan C and D.

Honestly, the popular B price plan is low compared to other tools like Ahrefs and SEMrush whose Pro plan comes in at around $ 100 / month.

Support provided by Serpstat is exceptional. Even though they do not have toll free numbers like SEMrush to help you out, they are pretty big on that email support and desktop support.

You can go to your contacts page, and ask for your query. They will contact you as soon as possible.

The Serpstat tool is very easy to use. Therefore, I personally believe that there would be no problem while using the tool.

Conclusion about SERPstat Review and its Comparison with SEMrush

Serpstat is almost comparable to SEMrush.

Although SEMrush comes back with good keyword ideas, but it lacks in reporting backlink. The SEMrush is quite slow in terms of indexing new backlinks.

On the other hand, Serpstat reports a good number of keywords (along with great keyword filtering options), and also crawls to sites on the web for very fast backlinks. It has a high backlink rate compared to SEMrush.

If you are going to get a special tool for backlink research, then I recommend that you go to Serpstat without doing more due. You also need to keep in mind that the Serpstat backlink reporting feature does not come with filtering options.

Both of the above tools come with their own advantages and disadvantages. Finally, it’s up to you whether to choose SEMrush or Serpstat.

Added to this, Serpstat also comes at a very affordable price compared to SEMrush.

At first, buying these tools can feel like costly. But if you learn to take advantage of these tools for your online success, these tools give back the money you have invested in a matter of months.

Instead of direct contacts all the blogs on the ground by backlinks, with these tools, you can just spread those blogs out of which your competitors are getting backlinks.

Once you get to know the strategies of your competitors, you can easily carry out your strategies better than them, a higher rank and good money bank than them.

Serpstat is a great affordable tool to spy on your competitive strategies making way for successful blogs.

Try Serpstat for FREE today

I hope you loved my opinion Serpstat. Should you have any questions or comments about this SEO tool, please share in the comments section.

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