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Web Positioning Without Investing Time in Creating Links

written by Walter Ponce November 28, 2018

Today we publish a series of techniques that allow you to position a website without having to invest time in creating links. These tips do not always work, but they have been useful to us on many occasions when we do not want to invest time in manually building links.

Above all, we must take into account the niche or market to which the website is directed. In very competitive markets, making this work will cost us much more effort than in niches with little competition.

How to position a website without creating links

Use reliable sources and mention similar information

Write using reliable sources as a basis and always mentioning similar information. If on a page you target two different topics (for example: cats + sweaters) try to find information that covers both. For example, if you want to position an SEO company in a certain area of the USA, you can talk about the elections in that area and its influence on web positioning.

Contents for local SEO

For the writing of content focused on local SEO we will use a similar technique, except that the two themes combined will be (cats + geographic area). The more you mention the area in which you want to position yourself, the better it will do it.

Use SEMrush (or a similar tool)

Write content based on averages. You can use a tool like SEMrush (or Bench Marketer) to determine how many words we need in a text by analyzing the competition positioned by certain terms.

Use Cognitive SEO content analyzer (or a similar tool)

Use Cognitive SEO content analyzer to help you figure out what you need to write based on your level of content.

Use headers

Use headings to highlight the different sections.

Use lists

Use lists in the text as they will help you position yourself in voice searches. And if you use questions and answer them, you will still have more possibilities to position yourself in voice searches.

Mockup information

You do not have to write to write. You have to look at what type of content and design is the one that is positioned. Not everything is text and more text, but it is necessary to offer attractive information to the user.

Write correct

Although grammar and spelling is not directly a positioning factor, we must watch it because for the user who comes to a web page and we want it to be converted if it is important.

Create anchor links

Create anchor links within the content so that the user can easily jump to different sections.

Includes optimized multimedia files

It includes images and videos optimized in the contents because they help to obtain a better positioning and can seriously increase the “engagement”.

Do not forget to add a CTA

Do not forget to add a CTA. If you neglect this step, your visitors may not see your message again. Promote a group on Facebook, electronic newsletter, Youtube channel, it does not matter. But give away something extra for free.

Reuse your content

Reuse your content: Everything you have published on a web page can then be republished with another format and extension on social networks. We try to reach as many channels as possible with the highest quality and minimum effort.

Index your content with Google Search Console

Just publish a content, index it with Google Search Console to avoid that someone can scrape it and publish it on another website.

Use non-indexable resources to create content

Use free, non-indexable resources such as Facebook groups to create content.

Ask for content ideas from experts

Ask other experts to help you contribute content ideas by using, for example, Pitchbox.

Remove content that does not work

Get rid of content that does not work and merge it to create new posts.

Refresh the content and promote it again

Refresh content by adding new content and re-promote it. This will help you to position yourself better.

Hire a designer who knows how to improve the UX of your posts

Hire a designer to help you improve the UX of your posts.

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