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2017 The Year Of The Micro-Influencers

written by Walter Ponce April 7, 2017

In all fields of expertise there are opinion leaders, that is a reality and online marketing is no exception. It is also a “reality” that the “majority” of online people seeks to “learn” from those who have a lot of followers, that is undeniable, but that apparently has already changed or will change.

Personally I learn from those who do not have many followers, I learn from that one will teach with 1 or 1,000, I do not value professionals because of the number of followers.

Apparently the time gave me the reason when after a long time I published on LinkedIn the article: How to Start an Online Career and Earn Your Way As an Affiliate Marketer, in which I explain what is to be an affiliate, besides listing them according to each subject of expertise.

An article posted on LinkedIn last December, Ingeborg Van Beusekom, Senior Marketing Communications Manager in SAP points out in first position: The Increase of Micro Influencers & video marketing, and shares some results where there are some interesting results of a survey conducted by an agency specialised in Influencers. It is highlighted that a post on Instagram depending on the number of followers, have different engagement:

  • Fewer than 1,000 followers have a ratio of 8%
  • Between 1,000 and 10,000 followers have a ratio of 4%
  • Between 10,000 and 100,000 followers a ratio of 2.4%
  • Between 1 million to 10 million followers or more the ratio is 1.7%

Something interesting is that the agencies will prefer to work with the same budget they have for the “big”, but distribute it with those “micro influencers”, perhaps 20 to 40 of these, in search of a niche market or demographic for example.

The search for Influencers will become increasingly democratic and horizontal that will give much more voice to Micro Influencers. Now having marketing ideas for small business is more easy thanks to the influencers and all the social media.

What is a Micro Influencer?

I always like to add some sources to support some articles, I just read and analyze the Edelman Digital 2017 Trends Report, which also reinforces the theme of Micro Influencers, in which we find points, such as that the issue of Influencers will be quite complex, but in this report Edelman emphasizes the following:

The Micro-Influencer: “They often have greater commitment and influence over their communities than mass influencers. Micro-influencers have “involved audiences” tend to act with more passion because they feel more connected with the influential and its content. ”

Small business marketing and brands will have great work in developing special programs aimed at capturing or developing much more Micro Influencers.

5 Tips for Your Influencers-Based Online Marketing Strategy

Tip # 1: Define the objective of your campaign

As always, you need to have a goal. What we want to achieve with our influencers-based marketing campaign or strategy. If we do not have a clear objective, we will not be able to measure, compare the result or know if it has succeeded or not.

So, before selecting whom to contact, we have to set the target and define the strategy.

Tip # 2: Define an influencer type you’d like to represent your brand

It is good to think about who we would like to represent our brand and define a person canvas for it. If we analyze what characteristics the person who will be who represents our brand should have, it is important that it has a number of characteristics.

Once the influencer is characterized, it is easier to identify those people who fulfill the profile that we have in mind.

Tip # 3: Contact us in a personalized way with each influencer

The contact must be personal. It can not be the same mail sent to 10 different contacts because although all or all, they fulfill the profile of influencer that you have defined will have its characteristics and peculiarities that makes them different.

Therefore, you should contact them individually or using websites like Tuberdeal. We all like to feel special, but keep in mind that people with influence and positioning receive hundreds of emails. Yours must be more attractive than those of others.

Tip # 4: The influencer should know your brand and engage in some way

If you want to follow a marketing strategy with a pillar based on influencers, you have to think that person is going to represent your brand. Surely you have heard of cases where brands worked with influencers and after some incident have stopped working with them, so that the brand is not affected.

Tip # 5: The influential person should identify with your brand and product

It is fundamental in your influencers strategy to be someone who identifies with your product, empathizes with it and has a lot of credibility in that sector; Otherwise, forget all of the above, because your campaign with an influencer will not serve you at all.

Can you imagine someone who does not show the slightest interest in their own aesthetics talking about fashion? Or that announces a shampoo and shaves the hair to zero? What credibility could it have?

Well that, you have to take into account the confidence that you put in the influencer, and to be able to be, to look for someone who enjoys the products of your sector, because that is the image that will project in your target audience.

Another issue to take into account is segmentation; Thinks that in choosing your ambassador you are already segmenting your audience, so it is imperative to plan well before contacting the influencer.

The sector, the country, the channel, the tone, the age, the sex … are many factors that will influence the segmentation, so sharpen your aim in defining your receivers, choose the indicated emitter as a weapon, and shoot your message.


This puts the Influencers market, as in “equal conditions”, and will give opportunity, as I always say, to great professionals with excellent personal and academic qualities.

More and more professionals will have “voice and vote” in this cake, when considered by the brand and companies to be Micro-Influencers even for promote business.

Always the expertise, ethics, previous experience, some innate or learned skills will be taken into account to capture the Micro Influencers.

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