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How to Increase Retweets on Twitter

written by Walter Ponce August 27, 2016

Did you realize that getting “retweets” can multiply your content engagement by 40%? One of the best thing about this is that the 40% can depend on the type of content being tweeted. You should look for writing and sharing content that your target audience likes on social networks. For example, recently I saw and article talking about which kind of content engages more in LinkedIn…definitely is content that  involves career based content. On Facebook and Twitter, any content that can help to answer a solution to a common problem will outperform. Anyway, once you have narrowed down the type of content that produces a buzz, you want to ensure you gain the highest amount of retweets.

how to increase retweetsHow to Multiply Your Retweets Rate? I heard this question many times so I decided to do research in order to find a solution. I collected the data and packed everything into this post. Here you will find all the elements to create a GREAT Twitter sharing campaign that is perfect for multiply RT’s (retweets).

Tweet Length

Use long or short Tweets, what’s the best? The length on Twitter has been part of various case studies. Definitely it’s been proven that different characters within a tweet will generate different engagement. But, how can this be applied to Increase Retweets?

Statistically, it’s been demonstrate that tweets between 70-100 characters collect the highest Retweet number. Why? Well, this number of characters allows you to add the precise information while leaving space to add “RT” and @username. You are looking for ReTweets from your tweet, then you have to ensure that you write enough content to grab the attention as well as add the perfect elements. Asking your followers to ReTweet engaging the content helps. Also having the right usernames connected to the content will increase ReTweets as well. The cool thing is you can add new “usernames” so if you are tweeting content about marketing, then adding @waltermitas7 is an awesome way to add some credibility 😉 .


Tweet Links

I found a lot of information that correlated the fact you always should “tweet” links as they get the most ReTweets. The content itself and information it provides to the people is the main reason. For example, I’ve realize that whenever I tweet links with high value content, I usually increase ReTweets than just using quotes, messages, etc.

The great thing is a lot of sites and tools allow you to easily shorten URL’s so they can be attached to tweets without using too much space. Bitly.com is an good tool to shorten URL’s, and also you can keep track the performance of it. Even though the difference between tweets with no links and links isn’t too big, your goal is to get the most ReTweets from every single tweet.

Time and Day to Tweet

Reports have shown that doing a Tweet on Friday between 12PM-2PM will give you the highest ReTweets. Much of the information has shown that users are about to start the weekend and have much more time to use on recreational activities at the office. This means they will log into Twitter at the office and ReTweet content they find useful and relevant. However, every subject or niche is different so spend some time looking when you get more RT’s during the entire week and select the top 2-3 days that provides you the highest engagement. At the end, you will feel great that you have tested every way and are getting the most out of your social activity.


# of Hashtags

How many #hastags do you use in every tweet? More than “1” #hastag per tweet can increase ReTweets by 10%. There is no rocket science to see that getting your tweet in front of trending topics will increase your overall engagement. If  I’m blogging about “link building”, I should use the following to get it in front of my target audience: #SEO, #link building, #content marketing, #Google, etc. These are some of the most popular #hashtags and are searched several times by users  on Twitter. Your tweet needs the following: Comment>Bitly.com Link>#hastags>RT

If you use the correct tools, you will have no issue fitting all into an engaging tweet. Use the site hashtagify.me to find trending tags within your niche. I use this tool very often because it also provides other relevant #hashtags that can be added to the tweets to increase engagement.

Packing It Up…

Twitter, used correctly, can be a really effective tool for generating traffic and user engagement. Just like with other marketing strategy, you have to improve and optimize it to find what is useful for your niche. Thanks to FREE platforms and tools available, the optimization can be easily streamlined to give you faster results. When using Twitter, implement the tips above to increase ReTweets and engagement.


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