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How To Schedule Videos On Instagram

written by Walter Ponce January 14, 2019

Good news for all instagramers with brand profiles to start this 2019: companies can now schedule videos on Instagram.

The expected video schedule comes to Instagram

So far, the API has been limited to allowing publications with a single fixed image, and publications and publications with multiple images have not been updated, but their API has been silently updated. Instagram

After the update, tools like Hootsuite and other social networking applications that adapt the programs on Instagram and that alternative programs are used. directly in the social network.

As with photo programming, the video programming API is only available to Instagram marketing partners through the beta program of Content Publishing API.

But do not worry, since most social network administrators (Buffer, Hootsuite, Social Report, among others) are part of this program, so you can wait for this new feature soon.

How to schedule videos on Instagram

While Instagram often announces the release of these features and the fact is a function of the functions most requested by agencies and community administrators, the ability to schedule the videos on Instagram was published just before Christmas, or the few Social networking applications have implemented so far.

It is certain that a large part of the social network administration tools integrate this feature very soon, but none of them has announced formal launch dates, so we just have to wait.

As with photo programming, only business profiles are used to track videos on Instagram through social media applications. However, the process of creating a business profile is very easy, and you only need a Facebook page to your Instagram profile.

Video limitations

There are some guidelines so that you can program your video on Instagram, such as marching a MOV or MP4 file type, a maximum radio aspect of 16: 9 and a minimum of 4: 5, that the file size does not exceed 100 MB, have a maximum of 60 seconds in length and at least 3 seconds, among other restrictions that can be found directly on the Facebook website.

This is the only work that can be used to program the text and stop worrying about publication times or uploading videos older than 24 hours

Undoubtedly, this is great news for all social network managers, this new tool to perform an almost impossible task to carry out at unusual times or to have a presence in the fastest growing social network on weekends, but automation will soon will change this task.

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