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Why Instagram wants to be like Snapchat?

written by Walter Ponce November 27, 2016

Within the life cycle of social networks, there is no choice and open the hand to change if you want to survive. If a social network, no matter how domineering and no matter how long it might have been the market, does not want to end up being eclipsed by competition and does not want to see how its functionalities are eclipsed by the power of the newcomer arrival on duty, you have no choice but to change what you do and how you do to always be up to the changes. This happens, especially, when a newcomer is eating ground to his natural market or creating functionalities that go well beyond what it does or offers. If you do not want to perish against this new competition, there is no choice but to launch or create new features that even beat that competitor.

This is why the latest movements in the social networks universe are not so surprising and can quickly find what works as a guide (or as an element to beat) in this avalanche of new changes. Instagram has just announced new features, functionalities that have not been very imaginative in orde to quickly join Snapchat, the social network that is trying to dominate the social networking market and that has become the enemy to Beat in this universe.

What exactly has Instagram released?

The first of their features has been live video, a feature that has many social networks. As in other social networks, the user simply has to give the button ‘start live video’ and launch their images in the air. Your contacts are notified that they have started broadcasting that content.

The other new feature that has been used for combat in the battle is the content that disappear (and here is where Snapchat’s footprint is seen): social network users send to their friends and groups, photos and videos privately that at the end disappears after 24h. And while you are broadcasting these content you can see the feed they are generating.

Everything is a nod to the Generation Z

All these launches have an intention, of course, reach a certain audience. What does Instagram want to achieve with these movements? Analyzing the videos that Instagram itself has used to announce these launches can give a very clear track of what they want and what they are looking for. No brand images sharing joyfully content with their followers, no families trying to keep in touch and nothing of a video in which all demographic groups are present so everyone is happy and happy. Instagram has not played with those references: the videos in which they announced the release are played by teenagers who use to get in touch with their friends. It is an absolute nod to Generation Z.

After all, Generation Z is the generation that is taking Snapchat off the street and consumers that social networks want to be loyal in a moment, as consumers of the future. Teenagers are also the audience that Facebook (the owner of Instagram) is losing, as they have begun to stop seeing that social network as relevant and fun. So, it is not surprising that Facebook wants to use the other tools it has available to be able to connect with them.

But they managed to connect with these teens and steal the growing audiences to Snapchat? This is not the first or last (possibly) movement that Instagram has made in this area…

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